As you like the beauty perfections, the size of your eyebrows is considered as the frame of your eyes must be well designed to increase the flattering facial shape or to balance out your features.

Arched, thin, thick, wide, narrow, the significant thing is the shape of your eyebrows needs to make a balance and harmony.

However, many women make a mistake to shape their eyebrows in their ways. Normally there are three mistakes. You must know them and should avoid them.

At first, you need to know that eyebrow is the most important facial feature. The attractiveness of the face is determined by the brows- they may lift narrow, widen the face.

Normally, the size of your eyes may change your appearance. If you possess, full or thick eyebrows, you may need to tweeze them.

Or, if you possess unruly or naturally thick eyebrows, it is the best to preserve them fully.

If the eyebrows are very thin or very small, they seem tacky and unnatural, so you must fill them with the pencil.

Mistake #1

Trying to make them identical

If you obsess over making the eyebrows look similar, you may wind up them by plucking.

Very thin brows are worse rather than a tad different. The eyebrows seemed to be sisters, not the twins.

How to fix it

If you go overboard, you must keep them alone for a while and permit them to grow back.

As they are fuller, you may shape them to confirm that the angle, the length, and the thickness are near to the same, but may not nitpick very much.

Mistake #2

Going too dark with your brow filler

Think you like to fill the brows with the similar color as the natural hair. Think more again. Using the same shade of your brows is the way too harsh.

How to fix it

Most people prefer the medium taupe shade of the eyebrow filler, like Defining Kit, the Too Faced Brow Envy Brow Shaping.

The reason is it blends with the dark hair colors and is not very deep for the lighter hair. Get naturally red brows. Use a reddish-brown pencil to fill the brows to make more beautiful.

Mistake #3

Over-plucking them

How To Fix My Eyebrows

Overplucking for a long time may prevent the brows from framing the face properly.

It makes very difficult to get a natural-looking result as using the brow definers such as powder or pencils.

How to fix it

Drop the tweezers and step away out of the bathroom mirror. Let the brow grow well to fix them. It seems awkward, very rapidly you will get a lush and full eyebrow and indicates which location you like to go them with. Worst-case scenario, you may give the brow extensions an attempt.

Mistake #4

Using the wrong brush

Apply powder filler or cream; you may use an old makeup brush to fill the brows in. If this is very flat or wide, it may offer you unnatural or messy like lines.

How to fix it

Use an angled and thin brush to be sure the strokes look more natural. Some brow products have a perfect applicator, such as Clinique’s Brow Shaper, you may buy them separately- Bobbi Brown Eye Definer Brush is a good choice for the user.

Mistake #5

Plucking them into a tadpole (or other unflattering) shape

How To Fix My Eyebrows

Tadpole-shaped brows may look surprised though some unnatural shapes may distract people from the eyes.

How to fix it

Spend some time without plucking or waxing the brows. Let them grow as usual. If they get the normal shape, meet with the professional and ask them from where you need to start.

Mistake #6

Not blending

Blending isn’t just for your blush — Use the process for your brow filler to resist harsh looking or overdrawn.

How to fix it

When you finish using pencil, powder brow filler, or cream, move a spool brush to comb your brows to the place, and then blend it to the natural brow. If you see the performance in great, it is budget-friendly.

Mistake #7

Skipping the brow gel

Spending more time to take care of your brows is useless, as you need to go to last. Besides, brown hairs which are set in the same direction look more polished and groomed.

How to fix it

If you use the blended or filler, use a clear brow get on your eyebrows, just like Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel. It is up to the applicator; you may combine the step with the blending one.

Mistake #8

Coloring them in too dark

The issue is with the many makeup products; comparatively less is thought more if the question is eyebrows.

Obtaining dark and thick eyebrow filler may not indicate the definition- it seems harsh and more handed.

How to fix it

At the time of using any color on your eyes, stick to feathery or short strokes. Every time step back to the mirror after using to be sure you must not move overboard.

Mistake #9

Starting your arch in the opposite spotHow To Fix My Eyebrows

A suitable type of brow arch is great for many women. But keep it near to the center of your face to make the eyes more angrily than accentuated.

How to fix it

Let the eyebrow grow as a natural way, and then consult with the brow professionals. Confirm to DIY? Get your exact arch like this: draw a pencil to the bridge of your nose beyond your pupil.

Mistake #10

The determination in front of a magnifying mirror

You have to keep a magnifying mirror in your bathroom. As you are conscious, you may able to point it out. If you apply one, you can wind up over-plucking as you notice tiny hair after hair and hair which needs to be removed.

How to fix it

Be sure there is a lighter in the room before being stick to the regular mirror. Go back from the mirror for few tweeze to be sure you would not be over jealous with the lock removal.

Mistake #11

Using too much from the center

Fear of getting many unborn, some women pluck more brows from the center of the brows, like to keep the big gap.

How to fix it

Keep the place for the center portion of the eyebrow for some time and let them have a breath. If they are back, grasp them with a pencil vertically to the nose. The eyebrow must align along the bridge of the nose, therefore clear of removing or plucking the past which mark.

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