Best Ardell Eyelashes Review

It is nothing but a practice that ensures you to have long, thick, full and long natural lashes. You will get mink, silk or synthetic hair in the extension. The method of using the extension contains individual. The false eyelash extension is not the same as the real one.


Product Image & Name


Ardell Fashion Lashes Pair

100% taken from Natural human hair

​Red Cherry False Eye Lashes

Handmade pure false eyelashes

3D Mink False Eyelashes

Reusable Arimika handmade Eyelashes 

Kiss Ever EZ Lashes

Top-quality natural hair with Lightweight and reusable 

Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes

Colours Magnetic Eyelashes Kit with Tweezers 

​Arishine Magnetic Eyelashes

No Glue needed Magnetic Eyelash Kit

One must use the eyelash extension one by one to escape them stick together. Ardell eyelashes review article will assist you to choose the best one for you

What are the common types of lash extensions?

There are three different types of eyelash extensions are available in the market today such as silk, synthetic, and mink. The size of the product is from 6mm to 17 mm. You can use the product with one when you are using specially formulated or semi-permanent glue.

It will not irritate the eyes or do not affect the original lash. There are different types of glues, so some can irritate the eyes that are up to the sensitive skin.

Select your shape

If you possess smaller eyes, if you want to elongate, you need to select the lashes which are thicker to the exterior corner. In this way, you will get length or lift. If you have a comprehensive set of lashes, you can use the lashes to the center of the eyes.

It will help to open the eye up. For a deep set of eyes, you can use the long strips for the lengthening of the eyes. The best way regarding false lashes is that you need to control the shape. You may find other best false eyelashes to compare with Ardell. 

Make the size of your Lashes

If you like to use the strip, make the size of your eye and trim with cuticle scissors. Long strips are very difficult to maneuver.

Ardell eyelashes review

Remember to exercise—No one gets the good result for the first time. Keep a drop of Due adhesive on your palm and take a cuticle stick to drab on glue for the lashes. After 15 minutes the glue will get tacky, after that lay strip to the exterior edge of your eyes.

Use it very close to the lash line as you can. The angle of the lash is the angle of the eyes. You can use one to two coats or mascara for blending.

If you like to use the single lash, you can apply the same rule for the adhesive and use it from the outer corner of your lashes. If someone looks it from an odd angle, remove it and try again. If the glue is hard or dried, you can use the black eyeliner to hide any adhesive.

Top best eyelash extension review

Ardell Wispies

Ardell is so natural that everybody will think that you have got the natural lashes. It is made from 100% human hair. It is feathered and knotted by the hand to have the best quality.

Ardell is very simple to use; you can feel comfortable, feel secure until move to the next step. You can use each pair up to 3 weeks. You will get proper instruction about the product over the package.

Features of Ardell Fashion Lashes Pair – Wispies

  • 100% taken from Human Hair
  • Easy to use and user firendly
  • Luxurious to wear
  • Remain for a long time until you put off
  • Reuse for the two weeks

Pros & cons of Ardell Fashion Lashes


  • Weight is light and remains for a long time
  • Have a good shape and length
  • Have many designs
  • Very natural and no itchy feeling after wearing
  • Very thin and blends with the eyelash


  • None

How to use Ardell’s eyelashes

Wash the eyelashes and the eyelid well to remove all makeups

  • Wash your eyelids and eyelashes well to remove oil and makeup
  • You may set lay lash over the natural lash. If it goes over the line, trim it with the scissors
  • Squeeze a line of Lash Grip adhesive toward the lash band. You may use a toothpick to spread smoothly. Just wait for thirty seconds to set the adhesive well
  • Set the lash on the line of the natural lashes as you can
  • You can use fingertips to secure it to the exact place

Why do you like Ardell’s eyelashes?

The quality of the lashes is excellent; the style is sturdy enough. You may reuse it several times. The lash is soft enough and very comfortable. There are various types of lashes.

Red Cherry

Red Cherry Lashes are very dear to the users. This is not hard to wear, you can see it in the picture left, the lashes are stunning if you use it.

The Cherry lashes are like the natural human hair. So the lashes are easy to use and very comfortable.

There is one pair of rich Cherry in every box; the adhesive is sold solely. Have the Red Cherry Lashes for you and give us the order to have it.

Features of Red Cherry False Eye Lashes

  • Brand New and Authentic Red Cherry False Eye Lashes
  • The brand of the lash is very authentic and obviously new
  • Hu Ardell Fashion Lashes are handmade and 100% pure, have short hair to be set at the corner of the eyes, the lashes are very short
  • Apply the eyelash adhesive sparingly to the band of the lash and wait for 30 seconds to become the adhesive sticky
  • Use the lashes as close to the natural lashes as possible. They press softly across the entire lash and pointing it to the upward instead of downward to have a fixed effect. If the glues are dried, you can use black eyeshadow or eyeliner over the lashes to cover it up

Pros & cons of Red Cherry False Eyelashes


  • Handmade and have high quality
  • Simple to remove or use
  • Wight is light and easy to remove


  • None

Why Do You Choose Red Cherry

Red Cherry is great and affordable. The quality is very much better than it comes from Asia. There has a clear band of the lashes which makes it distinctive. Have no popping up at the corner. You can use Duo glue to attach it. Those are versatile enough.


They are Handmade from mink fur by specially trained in the craft fluffy as well as soft and most authentic looking lashes in the market. If you are realistic, server little volume for your lashes, then the product is just for you.

The band strip is somewhat thicker than other lashes in the market; it is a must for bountiful lashes. We are speaking 20 or 30 lashes; we mean 100% strip. Take away with soft cleanser, rinse it well and store in the specially designed box.


  • Full Strip Eyelash with 3D Double Layer for makeup
  • 100 % pure Mink Eyelash
  • Simple to use, comfortable and can reuse if takes proper care
  • Free from Chemical treatment, cruelty, and Hypoallergenic
  • Good for daily use or professional application

Pros & cons of Arimika Long 3D Mink False Eyelashes


  • You can use the lashes instantly with the specialized eyelash glue
  • Simple to remove with the help of eye makeup remover or tools
  • There is no chemical treatment and hypoallergenic and cruelty-free
  • Possible to use for many occasions if the eyelashes are removed and used properly


  • None

How to use Ardell eyelashes

With the help of tweezers remove all makeup from eyelash. Then measure your eyelash with the false eyelash, if need, can trip the length or width. With the help of cotton bud add glue with the false eyelashes. The hold it on your natural lashes by applying pressure. You can use eyeliner or eyeshadow to make your eye line more natural.

Why do you like Ardell eyelashes?

The Eyelash will trim to adjust the contour of your eyes very easily. The most advantage is the professional eyelash glue; you can quickly add the lashes except any help. It is very simple to remove with the tools or makeup remover. You can use it many times it is moved properly.

Where to buy false eyelashes

Now you may get all kinds of product in the online market or shopping stores. You can easily get the product from the store at your home. These three kinds of lashes are the same and have a good quality. So you can grab it now from us. You can go forward to choose the best one from the many alternatives.

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User Experience with Ardell Natural Lashes

The lashes come with a transparent plastic band. I like it most because the using procedure is very simple. At the begging, it seems to me that my eyes are looking smaller. I used it with patience.

Finally, I have discovered the way and found the natural looking appearance. Girls who like a little drama every day would find that the lashes are very wonderful.

All are very beautiful to look at. It helps you to make your eyes bigger. Moreover, it ensures a wide open look for your eyes. The uses will get longer and thicker lashes by using it.

All are made from completely natural hair, so they are very soft. Moreover, they have a nice curve which is very attractive.

You have great opportunity to use the lashes several times. But you have to take proper care of it. Nevertheless, you need to use oil-free makeup remover with them. This will expand the life of the lashes.

Besides, you must keep the lashes inside the box after every use. Before doing so, you need to be sure that the shape of the lashes is regained.

These lashes blend in such a way that it looks completely natural. This is far from artificial, cheap plastic lashes. It is suggested only for the large eyes. One can use it by cutting some extra amount of the lashes.

FAQs on Ardell Eyelash Reviews

Question. Is it fit for the sensitive eyes?
Answer. For this case, you can use the free adhesive. You can select such kind of glue that does not affect your sensitive eyes.

Question. is it possible to reuse?
 Answer. If you do not use any mascara, you have the chance to reuse the product again and again. You can use tweezers to draw the used lashes and keep it to the original case for further use.

Final words & recommendation

By using false lashes, your eyes will be bigger, brighter and more awake. You need to select the best kind of lashes for your eyes. In this regard, your natural lashes are a very important factor.

We can help you to have the best lash flare for facial anatomy. In the market, there are many Red Cherry False Eyelashes. You can select anyone from them. You can have a try to get it.

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