Ardell’s best-selling lashes are now found in an easy value pack. Don’t run after the favorite lash once again. You will get those lashes when you have 4 lash value packs. Cleaning these lashes and proper care you can use the lashes multiple times.

Move your eyes with flirty and fun to the Ardell Medium Black lashes. You will get the lashes are weightless, knot-free, simple to apply, and waterproof.

Ardell Multipack Individual Lashes

Ardell Multipack

The new individual pack contains twice as a regular individual lash pack or many individual lashes. This is much beneficial for the makeup artists who use lashes on many clients and enthusiastic individual lash wearers

Features of Ardell Multipack Individual Lashes

  • Free from knot
  • Gorgeous and natural-looking
  • 112 individual flares available with the pack
  • Value pack available

Pros & cons of ​Adress Multipack Lashes


  •  Secure for eyelashes and eyes
  • Comparatively cheaper than other products
  • Various sizes available
  •  Simple and user-friendly. Very easy to learn the process


  • None

How to use Ardell Multipack Individual Lashes

  • Dispense a few drops of adhesive on a piece of foil
  • Act toward the outside corner
  • Support the lashes softly with the help of the fingertips as long as the adhesive sets well
  • Applying tweezers softly raise an individual flare from the tray and plunge the end into the adhesive
  • Start using from the middle of the eyelid. Use lashes at a time by placing the lash flare on the top of the natural lashes by the last close to. Don’t touch your eyelid.
  • Go back to the center point and act inward as long as the lashes bend. Use ten to fifteen flares per eye.
  • Care: Use clean water to take care of the lashes. Don’t rub it. You should not use oil-based cleansers that soften the adhesive.
  • Removal: To remove easily, you can use lash remover. Do not attempt to pull off after the adhesive sets well.

Using Tips of Ardell Multipack Individual Lashes

  • Care and Cleaning: Don’t rub your eyes with the harsh towel. Make the lashes completely dry. Better not to use oil-based makeup remover.
  • Removal: Removing the lashes is not very difficult. Moisten 2 cotton swabs with baby oil or specially lash remover oil. Use one over and below the lashes. Softly massage the 2 swabs forth and back as long as the lashes fall off.
  • Warning: Don’t tug or pull the lashes since it can be the reason for the loss of lashes.

User Review on Ardell Multipack Individual Lashes

I used these lashes many times. I do media, brides, editorial, and everything. They may be supernatural or layered and flimsy. All the packs are portable and affordable for my kit.

FAQs on Ardell Multipack Individual Lashes

Do the lashes come with glue?

No. you have to buy glue separately.

Can you use water-based mascara on the lashes? Does it lose when washing with water or soap?

I apply hair glue; water only takes off the lashes.

May I apply it to the bottom lashes?

This isn’t perfect for the bottom lashes.

What is the measurement of the medium versus short?

There is no exact measurement of the length difference. I use the short lashes to the corner of my eyes. The medium size is perfect for the rest.

Final thoughts

I like these lashes very much. I am using flares or individuals for the first time. Even I have never used proper eyelash extensions. For a new user, it seems to me that it is quite easy.

These lashes flow pretty seamlessly on my brown, natural lashes. I think the knotted type may be more noticeable than these. I am happy that the knot is free.

What finally by a user

I like to use Duo lash glue for my lashes. I applied about 15 lashes to each eye. Moreover, I trimmed the three innermost to have a graded appearance. Really I like to follow some online videos. I used it on the underside of the lash-line instead of the top.

In such a way it blends seamlessly. If you look at the top, do not make a lumpy lash line. Don’t use water on the waterline or eyes shut.

The attached photos are taken on the first day of use just after a shower. You may see me without makeup. The black lashes remain standing out a bit as my lower lashes are different in color.

If you see me below, you will see individual clusters along with gaps inside. You can use some eyeliner or some black mascara to fill the gaps. Finally, it looks beautiful and seamless.