ArtNaturals is a combination of vitamin B5, Swiss apple stem cells, amino acids, and some other constituents to develop health and the growth of eyelashes. The ArtNaturals promises to give all-natural and irritant-free serum for thicker, fuller and stronger brows and eyelashes what you like to get.

The serum is exclusively made in the cooperation with Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 and Swiss Apple Stem cells that are believed to develop the thickness and fullness of brows and eyelashes.

The myristoyl pentapeptide-17 gives nutrients required by the tresses to remain strong and able to grow quickly and longer. On the contrary, the Swiss Apple Stem Cell retains healthy follicle cells and has uncommon characteristics that aid hair growth.

ArtNaturals Eyelash Growth Serum

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The serum resists breakage as well as thinning; besides it enhances eyelash length, color, and density. This is not all; the botanical extracts save and hydrate the delicate skin around your eyes. Normally brush it on your lashes.

Owing fuller lashes will quickly cease to be a mere dream. Is the sound really good? Do the ArtNaturals truly live up to the hype? The serum works like a miracle and demands to be? Now try to find it out.

Features of ArtNaturals Eyelash Serum

  • Art naturals’ lush eyelash growth serum excites the re-growth of brows and eyelashes with an uncommon, non-irritating formula.
  • Myristoyl pent peptide 17 has proven to develop the fullness and thickness of brows and lashes.
  • Swiss apple stem cells aid in maintaining healthy follicles and the hair growth
  • Develops color, length, and density
  • Paraben-free, irritant-free and cruelty-free


  • Fresh bottle so that you can see the amount inside it
  • The brush along with the bottle makes it simple to use properly
  • Wonderful size


•    If it enters the eyes, it gets burnt

Clinically Demonstrated Results

The study shows that on ArtNaturals 96% of women got increased eyelashes within 14 days by using this serum. 97% have got the fuller lashes, 100% have given the consent that the serum improves the lashes, 98% of users do not use mascara, and 100% will suggest the serum to their friends. To avoid the tiny brittle lashes and welcome to the new, thick, full, and longer lashes. You will see the instant result by using the eyelash serum.

ArtNaturals Growth Serum is a confidential serum for Eyelashes. There is no irritating effect of it on the eyes.  Apply the serum to your eyes and make your lashes longer, thicker and fuller. The serum will increase the beauty of your eyes.

We are always thinking about the best result and overall health of the eyes. The product is hundred percent safe, and anyone can use the serum for broken lashes to see a good result.

ArtNatural is the best serum for lashes; there is no irritation from using the serum. The serum will offer you a quick result. Use Swiss Apple Stem Cell&Myristoyl Pentapeptide -17 to get the best lashes.

You will get thicker, longer, and more gorgeous lashes. It will enhance your inner beauty. The product is fit for all users as there are no irritating elements in it. The users will get maximum satisfaction by using this serum.

The serum is hundred percent pure and made by applying the effective formula. If you like to have healthy, youthful lashes and eyebrows, there is no alternative to Art Naturals LUSH Brow and Eyelash Growth Serum.

There is no irritating or allergic response to these elements. The products are proved very effective. Someone will ask you what the secret of your fine-looking lashes is. You will tell them about ArtNatural lashes.

We are giving you a hundred percent pure and truthful elements. We like to increase your inner beauty and would like to see you have full, thick, and long lashes. The package is made of recycled elements, and all elements are vegan certified. There is no paraben and cruelty in the product.

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How To Use ArtNaturals Eyelash

The serum will prevent the breaking and thinning of the lashes. ArtNaturals will strengthen your eyelashes. Your lash’s length will be more colorful, and density will be developed. The serum saves moisture and protects lash and brow follicles.

You will get wonderful skin around your eyes. It will remove all makeup and contact lenses. You can use an applicator brush every night to the base of your upper lashes.

An Eyelash Growth Serum That functions

An Eyelash Serum uses cutting-edge methods. The serum is clinically proven, and there is no side effect of irritation. Within a couple of weeks, your lashes will be increased up to thirty percent. If you regularly use the serum, lashes will increase up to 75%.

Your lashes will be thicker, and longer and add some beauty to you.  Natural elements Swiss Apple  & Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 ensures rapid result.

No remains/No annoyance

ArtNatural is tested in the lab, and there are no irritating elements or allergenic elements in it. The serum will make the overall health and ensures the best result to give maximum satisfaction. The formula is hundred percent safe and effective for the eyelash.

Beauty and Youth

There is no alternative to getting youthful look lashes except Art Naturals LUSH Brow and Eyelash Growth Serum. No reaction or irritation of eyes for using it. There are lots of studies and tests on it. If you ask anyone, then you will be able to know the secret of beautiful lashes.

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User review – art naturals eyelash growth serum before and after

The product is very helpful for me. I have used it for two weeks, after that I have stopped using it as my eyelashes started getting very long as well as fake looking.

A lot of people like it very much, but I am none of them. I have had a small bottle for about eight months using, and it does not come to an end. Even if it is not half. Surely, I apply it on special occasions now.

The only drawback of the product is that when it comes in contact with the eyes closed, it irritates my eyes. I suggest using it on one eye and waiting until it completely dries up before opening the eyes to use for the other eyes

What do People Say About ArtNaturals EyeLash Growth Serum?

ArtNaturals EyeLash Growth Serum


The product helps the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. The ingredients are all-natural mentioned on the box and tested clinically. So there is no risk of using it.

The gel is transparent so you may use it any time of the day and would not be visible. It can dry up quickly. There is a brush with it and simple to use. If you use it for two weeks, you will see a great result; it is my personal experience.

The product is tested clinically, and more than 97% of ladies saw a great result, and they have got the thickness of hair. I feel the hair is growing well and you may have used more than one bottle. The result is very pleasing. I have got that the product is excellent.

Grow new lashes

I love to use cuticle oil for hoping of growing my nails. So why do you not use a serum to make eyelashes thicker and fluttery?

I like the full natural lashes but do not like to apply the false lashes as it is uncomfortable on the line of the lashes, and the glue is just yuck.

I have used the lash extension, and it attracts me, and I took them out within 24 hours. The solution is excellent, and I was looking for it.

My thoughts upfront

ArtNaturals EyeLash Growth Serum

It seems to me that the product is very brilliant. It seems to me that the product will remain for a long time and is simple to use on the skin after cleaning.

The time takes small, and I use it twice a day. My lashes are fuller and longer and are not falling out. I may see one or two of the cotton wool frequently in a week.

… and on the packaging

The packing of this is like a little bit mascara wand and comes with a small brush on the end. The wand will help you to paint your lashes. It is discrete and minimal, and I put it on my skincare shelf. I suggest it use in the morning or at night by cleaning the face well.

Long term use

I use it twice daily for a week, and I have the rest of 80% of the product. It seems to be the product has great value. I got a discount at the time of buying the eyelash growth serum. Honestly saying the product is great and l like it much.

Buying Guide of ArtNaturals EyeLash Growth Serum

Why will I use ArtNaturals EyeLash Growth Serum?

The benefits of eyelash serum are that this will help to grow your lashes and make the lashes thick. Only use a month and you will see the result. The lash is very simple to use. There are other lashes on the market today. You should not think about your eye darkening or changing eyesight. There is no reaction in your sensitive eyes.

How to purchase ArtNaturals EyeLash Growth Serum?

Many stores are selling the products. But all the products are not very good. You need to know the best product. You have to be serious to choose the product. For this you can see the web pages, you can read the details about the product.

You have the option to see the YouTube Videos. Some products are full of fake, and some are original. You should choose the original one. Many products are now produced overseas, and all are not original.

Where Could I Purchase ArtNaturals Serum?

artnaturals eyelash growth serum

The ArtNatural Growth Serum is popular among the people of its high quality. The price of the product is very affordable for the customers.

There are many stores that are also selling the same product with the same value. But the reality is that they are taking two or three times more than the real price.

The service is not good enough for them. But people like to buy the product as the product has straightforwardness and honesty.

It will only take 24 hours to reach the product on your hand. There are some attractive slogans on the package of The ArtNatural Growth Serum. To deliver the product, they will take no extra charge.

If the customers are still not satisfied, the manufacturer is ready to refund all your cash. Besides, the products have some assurances.

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Artnaturals eyelash growth serum side effects

Some people get benefits from using the product whereas others don’t get it. The ArtNaturals Company claims that you will get a noticeable change in your lashes after using the product for two weeks.

This isn’t a hundred percent true in the sense that many customers haven’t got a satisfactory result. They used it for a long time.

There are lots of positive and negative reviews on Amazon. Finally, the product isn’t perfect for everyone. The result varies from person to person.

The manufacturers claim that all the elements are completely natural. There is no side effect of it.

Moreover, it would not irritate your skin. Some complained that they used the product. But the problem is users faced irritating or burning sensations on their skin.

One user has said that he has lost his/ her eyelashes after applying the product. This is completely a wrong idea.

Do you think the product that promotes the growth of the lashes can be the cause of falling off?

Warranty of ArtNaturals Eyelash Growth Serum

Customers’ satisfaction is the main target of manufacturing. They produce a product only considering the customers’ views. If you are not satisfied with the result, you will get all the cashback. Make your life more beautiful by using LUSH Brow and Eyelash Growth Serum Today at No Risk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On ArtNaturals EyeLash Growth Serum

Question: Does the product make the iris darker like Latisse does?

Answer: There will be no change in your iris color by using this product.

Question: Is there any possibility of eye color change and skin darkening if I use the serum on upper and lower lashes?

Answer:  So far I have already used three tubes, but did not see any change. I have blue eyes and fair skin, no problem at all.

Question: I shaved my eyebrow when I was ten. I have suffered a lot to grow them back. Will the serum help my eyebrow? I am now late forties.

Answer: I have read a review and found that it helps him. I never try, but I think the product will help me. Latisse does better, but the product is full of chemicals. It is also very expensive.

Question: Does it make my eyesight unclear?

Answer: It has no power to make your eyesight fuzzy. It does not make my eyes smart. I do not remove makeup. It is water, so mascara enters my eyes.

Question: Can I apply at the time of nursing?

Answer: You should take advice from a doctor. Pregnancy is an important issue. One dose is enough to get a good result.

Question: How long have I waited to use mascara?

Answer: I use it every night by the suggestion of the product. I am not sure how much you have to wait to apply mascara.

ArtNaturals EyeLash Growth Serum

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Product Info –  ArtNaturals EyeLash Growth Serum

  • Item Dimensions: 8 x 0.8 x 3.5 inches ; 0.3 ounces
  • UPC:636160197337
  • Origin: USA
  • transport Weight:3 ounces

Final Verdict

Art Natural Growth Serum has great power to strengthen the eyelashes and eyebrows. The serum helps to break down or thinning of the lashes. The serum moisturizes follicles and ensures a healthier brow and lash. It will also increase the density of the brow and its color of it.

The result will be visible after 14 days. But some people do not wait for that long time to see the result. I confidently say that the ArtNaturals EyeLash Growth Serum is the best product nowadays on the market.

It will also increase the density of the brow and its color of it. The result will be visible after 14 days. But some people do not wait for that long time to see the result.

I confidently say that the ArtNaturals EyeLash Growth Serum is the best product nowadays on the market.