If you use Volum’ Express Collection, your lashes will be very thick, full. A pro-keratin formula is applied to make the product. Your lashes will be 300% more by using the product. There will remain no gaps between the lashes.


Contact lens users also can easily use the product. Waterproof formula is applied to produce the product. The article of the best drugstore fiber mascara will be useful to choose the best one for you.

Features of Drugstore Fiber Mascara

  • Color will remain for 24 hours and waterproof. Found in a variety of shades
  • 24 HR wear shadow is very powerful; color will remain for a long time
  • Air-liquid gives exact coverage for 100% poreless skin. If you bend your fingertips, you will get airbrushed look
  • Unadulterated pigments make crunchy color. Honey nectar will offer creamier feel. Lipcolor is very rich and stunning. The product is sensational, found in all varieties of shades

Pros & Cons of Drugstore Fiber Maskara


  • The Pro-Keratin formula ensures voluminous eyelashes very quickly
  • Coat offers stunning and rich look to the eyes. The black color is very black
  • Does not remove easily.So it will remain for a long time
  • The moisture is in the exact amount, it never dries and makes the lashes supple, curlier, longer and beautiful
  • You can remove makeup by using cotton dipped in water
  • There is no redness on eyes. If you are contact lens user, there will be no effect
  • Tested by an ophthalmologist


  • The product is the best, and there are no cons

Most excellent use of the best drugstore fiber mascara

Hold your brush against the lashes applying the product by the spoon. Does the same thing until you get the desired result? Do not give time to dry in the middle of coats. Before that, remove all kinds of makeup by using soap, Expert Eyes 100% oil-free eye makeup or water.

Best Drugstore Option:

When it comes to finding a good eyelash growth serum, the options can be overwhelming. It seems like every other day, a new product is hitting the shelves, all promising amazing results. How do you know which one to choose?
We've done the research for you and found that the Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum is a great drugstore option. It contains many more of the same ingredients as more expensive serums, such as peptides and castor oil. And it's easy to find–you can buy it online or at your local drugstore.
Plus, it seems to work! We found tons of positive reviews from people who have tried it.
At just $10, this serum is also very affordable compared to other products on the market. So if you're interested for an easy way to get longer and fuller lashes, give the Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum a try!

Safety Warning

Caution: To protect purity, book this merchandise for your private use. See to the applicator with the care you provide your eyes. Don’t dilute with water, spit, or another material. In case a change in appearance or odor occurs, stop the usage. Consult a doctor immediately.

What others says about the Mascara

That is it. Here is the one you desire. As somebody who fosters a wholesome obsession for cosmetics, I do not say this lightly. What exactly makes this specific product spectacular? So many reasons, but I will restrict this review to my favorite ones.

  • This is the latest evident one, but the price point is fantastic. Mascara is possibly the essential product in my everyday beauty regimen, and over the years I have spent dollars on costly brands such as Dior and Benefit. This Maybelline formulation is pharmacy priced but in high quality. This usually means you could manage to acquire a fresh bottle each month or 2 to maintain your lashes seem new without breaking the source. The simple fact that this item is $6 is entirely absurd – that I wish I were buying it years back!!
  • I adore the programming wand. It’s curved in the end, which gives your lashes a great deal of curve, perfect for men and women that prefer to bypass the eyelash curler during the daytime. The shape makes it ideal for getting into these tiny corners and spaces of the lash line which are occasionally overlooked using a needle that is straight.
  • It’s black- the authentic black which produces such intensity and drama in the lashes. It goes on smoothly- a couple of swipes of the batter and your lashes, such as the title asserts, WILL look nearly like falsies. It charges the eyelash lashes without feeling any thick or heavy, and it’s shockingly difficult to make clumps (together with the quantity of volume you purchase with the item, you’d anticipate MUCH more clumping). I love to utilize the curved end of the batter to tease out the endings of my lashes to make a gorgeous fringe look. The span is like nothing I’ve experienced with new mascara brands- once I use this, my lashes brush my browbone.

Where could I purchase Maybelline New York the Falsies mascara?

So Maybelline New York the Falsies mascara is the grand choice product for the people of the buyers. The price of the product is affordable. There are lots of stores that are selling the same product. The price of the product is pretty high. Sometimes they take two or three times more than the real product. If the customers are still unhappy, you will get all the cash back.

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Product details

  • Product Dimensions:8 x 2.8 x 5.6 inches ; 1 ounces
  • delivery Weight:8 ounces
  • ASIN: B003I6TIEM
  • Item model number: The Falsies
  • UPC:041554217971 787461828304

FAQ On Best Drugstore Fiber Mascara

Question: Which one is the darkest color?

Answer: The second one, it is Blackest Black, the best darkest one. Black Drama is the second one.

Question: How much stain the product under the mascara?

Answer: If you use very rapidly, it will smudge. I take a long time to use mascara as the brush as well as the wand is very cheap. It separates your lashes very much if you use very quickly.

Question: How much black is differing from blackest black?

Answer: I think a black product has charcoal gray if it dries… it is a nice shade too. I use it when I do not get the blackest black. I apply the blackest black.

Question: If it is in the box, what is the size of the box?

Answer: The product will be intact in an envelope. The cover is with plastic wrap, have no fracture.

Question: How is the weight?

Answer: The weight is very light.

Final thoughts

Maybelline New York the Falsies mascara is a product for which people aspire for a long time. There is a spoon-shaped brush which makes a voluminous and thick curl. It does not stain easily and will remain for a long time.

The black is very black, and even one coat will ensure stunning and wonderful look. You can buy the product to offer someone as a gift. Maybelline is the best drugstore fiber mascara that will be fit for you.

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