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Eyelash adds to the beauty of every woman who knows the beauty it adds to their look. Besides, everyone loves to have a full fringe of an eyelash. But as we engage in our everyday make-up routine, we lose our eyelashes either from aging, and excessive make-up application like mascara, and other factors.

However, this should not hinder our fashion life as companies have put effort into producing eyelash growth serum.


Product Image & Name


RapidLash Eyelash Serum

Makes Thicker, stronger and longer looking eyelash

EssyNaturals Eyelash Serum

Irritation Free Formula, Dermatologist Certified

Angel Beauty Eyelash Serum

Cruelty-Free - Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum Treatment

Silksence Eyelash Serum

Irritation Free Formula for Lash and Brow

Superfood Eyelash Serum

3 Layers vitamin C & E. Extra strong for 40+ people

Eyelash growth serums are conditions that help preserve your lashes and stop them from breaking and falling out and amounting to fuller and healthier lashes. So, whether you desire to give your sparse, stubby lash a boost, we are here to help you with the search.

But before you run off to the beauty shop, we will be reviewing some of the best eyelash growth serum you can get. We will also be sharing other relevant information you will need for promising and successful lash growth.

Are Eyelash Serums Safe?

Eyelash growth serums are safe, but if you desire to try eyelash serums for enhancing your looks, then you have to be careful while applying it. Also, make sure you look out for the product's instructions.

Although some products will instruct you to apply serum close to the root, one has to be careful not to use them on the tear gland as it may result in discomfort, styles, and infections.

However, the safest way is to apply serum by using the product's applicator. Also, due to the sensitivity of the product, it is advised to always confirm from your doctor for a prescription of the best eyelash growth serum for you.

Does Lash Serum Work?

Eyelash growth serums are very active and contain ingredients like vitamins, plant extracts, oils, etc. which work by directly stimulating the hair follicles by creating a conducive environment for them to grow. Lash serums also help volumize the hair follicles as well as condition it to avoid breakage.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

The time duration for the most effective eyelash growth serum varies. However, it may take some time to start seeing the impacts, but a change in the length can be observed after several weeks.

It takes an average of 2 weeks or thereabout to start viewing the result. However, you have to give diligence to applying the serum as instructed by the manufacturer.

best eyelash growth serum review

Lavish Lash

If you love to have a longer, fuller, and thicker eyelash, then this natural eyelash enhancer is what you need. Most people will be delighted to buy a product that offers top quality for a lower price; and this is what Proxena brings. Pronexa is made from high-quality materials like biotin and peptides to give you natural, thick and long-looking eyelashes and brows. It is built for fast growth to leave you with no reason to go for mascara or eye extension. It has also been tested and certified by the FDA, so your safety is assured.

This hypoallergenic and non-irritating serum that will not only enhance the growth of your lash but also conditions it to reduce any hair loss. It's versatile nature also makes it compatible for every skin type. Its dual-purpose serum is suitable for both eyelash and eyebrow growth and development, giving them the lushness and beauty they deserve and more use for your money. However, for the best result, you have to apply consistently.

Its pin-point included applicator also makes it easy to apply on the root of your eyelash for more significant impacts.

Pros & cons of Lavish Lash Enhancing Serum


  • Can be used for both eyelash and brows
  • It is affordable
  • Extra protection from hair fall-of


  • It can cause irritation if in contact with eyes, so ensure excess fluids are wiped out to avoid contacting the eye
Rapid Lash

Have you been looking for a way to enhance the beauty and potentials of your eyelash? Then, RapidLash is the key! This 3ml eyelash growth serum offers a more lasting result by giving you both a long and healthy eyelash. With its use of top-quality ingredients for its production, you are certified to completely moisturize and condition your lash, adding more beauty and volume to your look. It also assures you comfort and convenience of use with its non-irritant features. In other words, when it doesn't cause skin irritation when it touches your skin. It's also suitable for all skin types as it doesn't have any skin color preference.

Rapidlash also has a classy and handy design making it easy to tuck into a purse. Beyond that, it unlocks the potential of your lash with its pin applicator for more convenient, direct and effective contact of fluid with the roots of your lash for a more luxurious finish.

This lash enhancer has also been successfully tested and verified for use by ophthalmologists and dermatologists for safety purposes and assurance.

To find individual reviews, you may visit here.

Pros & cons of RapidLash Enhancing Serum


  • It features high quality formula
  • It is advantageous and reliable
  • It moisturizes and conditions


  • Applicator brings little portion, but that's not a problem as you only need to apply a small amount of serum

It is not a coincidence that this eyelash serum features among the best lash growth serum reviews. It works fine for both eyelash and brow, and the result is fabulous.

Having been certified and approved by Dermatologist, this natural eyelash growth serum will give you a longer, thicker and fuller lash. It is formulated with the finest natural beauty ingredients to give a more beautiful you.  Aside from that, it will strengthen and magnify as well as primes your lashes. So, you need not worry about getting a primer, helping you save more. This lash enhancer is also suitable for both men and women and made from top quality products like pentane and peptides to boost the length and thickness of your lash in a short time.

This serum also has an applicator that is similar to that of an eyeliner, giving you more ease and convenience when applying. This natural lash enhancer is non-irritating and suitable for every skin type. It also revitalizes and primes your eyelash, thus enhancing your appearance and redefining your looks.

Pros & cons of EssyNaturals Eyelash Serum


  • It is great for protection against hair fall-off
  • It is suitable for all skin types
  • Serves as a primer


  • It irritates when in contact with the eyes
Angel Beauty

This is one of the most effective eyelash growth serums in the market. It features organic and healthy ingredients such as amino acid and copper to give you a lasting and lengthy lash. This eyelash growth serum also contains jojoba oil, for enhancing hair growth; aloe vera, for cell protection. Beyond that, it also contains one of the most highly effective growth factors, Keratinocyte, for stimulating hair growth. Now you have a lasting remedy for age reversal and ensuring a more youthful look.

Angel serum is also useful for rejuvenating damaged or hair loss due to old age. The results are seen in the shortest possible time as the product is made with ingredients needed for effective results.

It both primes and conditions your eyelash and avoids hair fall off which results from dryness. The formula is also irritant-free, Gluten-free, Sulfate-free and prostaglandin-free

Pros & cons of Angel Beauty Eyelash Serum


  • It is suitable for both male and female usage
  • It has a pin-point applicator to ensure safety during usage
  • It contains Keratinocyte growth factor for hair stimulation


  • It may result in itching or allergic reactions
Silksence Eyelash

This eyelash serum is suitable to grow both your eyelash and brow. It is made from unique ingredients, especially vitamins, plant extracts, and advanced polypeptide for a fuller, longer, and thicker lashes.

This natural eyelash serum will start showing results in as little as 12 to 28 days. However, to give you the perfect look and transformation to your beauty, use it for 2 to 3 months.

There's more; this serum doesn't just boost the growth of your eyelash; it also functions as a primer and conditioner for a lasting effect. It also contains extracts of polygonum Multiflorum and Panax Ginseng for strengthening weak and short brows and lashes to become longer.

Pros & cons of Silksence Eyelash Growth Serum


  • It provides extra protection from hair breakage or fall out
  • It is relatively inexpensive
  • Reliable and competent option


  • Could cause irritation, so avoid any form of eye contact and wipe excess fluid with a cloth

Plantifique ranks high in producing one of the best eyelash growth serums, and superfood is one of its unique products. Superfood is a 100% vegan lash enhancer made with vitamins, peptides, biotin, and other twenty blends of superfood extracts for longer, thicker and voluminous lash growth.

Beyond that, this 4ml eyelash growth serum will work correctly for your eyelash and brow in the space of two weeks and gives you more content than other products. Also, the serum is non-irritant.

However, the company has a reliable customer service line that offers return service for users who are not happy with the result. Also, products are approved and tested by dermatologists. Plus, it is safe to use an extension with it.

Pros & cons of Superfood Eyelash Growth Serum


  • Its content is relatively bigger than other products
  • It is suitable for all skin types; irritation-free
  • Made of top-quality ingredients


  • It is 100% vegan but can also be used by anyone

If you're a lover of natural healthy ingredients for eyelash growth, then you would love this eyelash growth serum.

Arishine offers a blend of quality ingredients to enhance the length and volume of your eyelash and enhance your looks. Also, this growth serum contains irritant-free ingredients and is suitable for all skin types. It also features fashionable design and a handy pack for traveling plus an easy to use pin-point brush applicator.

The serum is also rich in polypeptides, which is a crucial ingredient for new hair growth regeneration as well as strengthening and thickens it. The serum works in a short time, giving you a nourished and healthier brow

Pros & cons of Arishine Eyelash Growth Serum


  • Produces results in a short time
  • Dual usage options; can be used for both eyelash and eyebrow
  • Handy and easily accessible


  • It could be harmful to some parts of the body. So, follow the right process of application

Have you been looking for the right product to give you the eyelash and brow you've been longing for? Then this eyelash growth serum is for you. LUXROS eyelash growth serum will give you a thick and healthy lash in as little as four weeks. It is the perfect fit for you whether you decide to give your sparse, short or brittle lash a face lift. This lash enhancer also offers a rapid growth with its scientifically advanced technology and ingredients to condition your eyes leaving it healthy and strong. It adds to your beauty and looks with its natural botanicals that help give a fuller and longer lash brow.

Luxros eyelash growth serum also stops lash breakage and brittleness as well as moisturizes them. It is so effective that you are advised to use it once a day, helping you use little and save more.

However, the combination of its gentle ingredients and make also make it perfect for eyebrow growth. It is also easy to apply. So, all you need is a little application on your desired area, and you will have for yourself a flexy, moisturized, and shiny eyelash and brow.

Pros & cons of LUXROS Eyelash Growth Serum


  • Highly reliable and effective ingredients formation
  • Serves both eyelash and brow
  • Perfect for all skin types


  • Eyelash may return to normal size after if stopped. However, you have to continue using it for lasting effects
Babe Lash

This eyelash will save you from the stress of layers of cosmetics and mascara, as it will increase your eyelash from the inside out.

Babe eyelash serum is made from the best quality and natural ingredients to give you a classy and beautiful look. Although other products may not last after you stop using the product, this is different as babe lash will provide you with easy and natural lashes that will stay with you forever. Beyond lengthening your eyelash, babe lash will also condition and hydrate your lash, leaving it looking healthy and beautiful.

As expected from the brand, this serum will effortlessly give you a longer and thicker brow, that you will almost doubt if they are your. There's also the easy to use applicator included in the package, and with just one dip that you can use for both eyes.

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Pros & cons of Babe Lash Eyelash Growth Serum


  • Doesn't irritate the skin
  • It is a very effective option for eyelash and brow growth
  • It gives the value for money


  • The applicator may produce excess fluid, but you can wipe it to your desired quantity

If you play the game to gain luxurious, healthy looking and longer eyelashes, there is no alternative of eyelash serum. The serum saves and conditions your valuable lashes from breakage or brittleness.

The serum is made with high-effective botanicals as well as peptides to make the lashes healthy and growing.

More than 90% of users have got longer and fuller lashes. Are you an over- plucker? Use RevitaBrow Eyebrow Conditioner; then you will able to reshape, revitalize and boost your lashes.

If you get fuller and healthier lashes, save and enhance the lashes with Revitalash Volumizing Mascara and Revitalash Hi-Def Tinted Brow Gel.

To find individual reiews on Revitalash Advance Eyelash Conditioner, you may visit here.

Pros & cons of RevitaLash Eyelash Growth Serum


  • Efficiently promotes lash growth
  • May aid thicken brows
  • Has no effect on eye color, nourishes and beautify the eyelashes


  • The product a bit expensive

Organic Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum increases proliferation by stimulating or strengthening the cellular foundation to grow more plants.

The compound is a botanically derived peptide which affects keratin genes. It also moderates the size and the length of lashes. These genes act to stimulate hair growth.

The serum holds stem cells from purple colored Gamay variety. There are particular metabolites or epigenetic factors that save the human skin from the UV radiation.

The ingredients help to keep the eyelashes and make it healthy and remain for a long time.

Pros & cons of Organys Eyelash Growth Serum


  • Has no side effect and perfect for all skin types
  • Excellent eyelash growth enhancer within a short time
  • The best and original formula for long lashes


  • Make sure, apply the lashes to upper lash line, at the base of the eyelashes

What Ingredients contain Eyelash Growth Serum?

The ingredients in eyelash growth serums vary from one product to the other. However, here are some of the main ingredients.

  • Peptides for promoting healthier hair.
  • Biotin(vitamin B7) to strengthen the lash.
  • Arginine
  • Plant extracts like pumpkin seed, castor oil, etc. which prevents hair from falling off.
  • Panthenol, etc.

Others may include:

  • Butylene Glycol
  • Collagen
  • Sodium Hyaluronate
  • HydroxyethylcelLulose
  • Citric Acid
  • Ethyl Acetate, etc.

How to Find the Right Eyelash Serum?

Check the ingredients again and again. All serums are not created with the same theory. The price and the formula are different.

The company should show all the ingredients on online so that the people can see it. Some ingredients may cause side effects like the prostaglandins, parabens or allergic.

You should choose the best one for you. You should not keep the product besides any chemicals that may damage them down the line though it is human-made or natural.

Read the reviews again and again. If you try any cosmetic product, the best way is to read the reviews as there are lots of opinions of the customers there.

Look the review of your dear beauty forum or precious beauty store websites surely- Instagram. The present modern consumers are not fearful to cheer for what they like.

Pricing. There are lots of brands. This is a significant factor as the prices are different. They are competing with one another. You will see the varieties of prices. So research is a must to buy any product.

How to Choose the Right Eyelash Growth Serum?

To pick the best lash enhancer, there are some factors to pay attention to when buying for adequate function and usage.

1.  Easy Application

When buying eyelash growth serums, it is better to go for serums with a smooth and effective application. Although there are various applicators available on the market, it is best to go with a pointed brush because, when drawn, they penetrate the roots. Mascara-like brush applicators are also productive, but serums will not get to the lash roots, which is the main point for adequate nourishment and moisturizing of the eyelash follicle.

2. Ingredients

The make-up of serum is another essential factor to consider. According to studies, the best eyelash growth serums are those made with natural, plant-based ingredients since they are effective growth enhancers. Also, look out for those with essential oils and vitamins.

3. Must be Approved

When buying lash enhancers, always look out for those that are approved by the federal drug agency or other medical societies to avoid any casualty. Although most lash serums are approved, it is vital to stay on the safe side. You can check the pack for the logo and approval or consult your doctor for a better prescription.

Is there any Side Effect?

Although eyelash growth serums are safe to use across the board, some users have experienced some adverse reactions during usage because of the delicate nature and sensitivity of the eyes and the skin around them. Some side effects include itchy red eyes, lower eye pressure, darkening of eyelids, and change in the iris color.

However, to avoid these reactions, clean out excess products after application to ensure that serum touches your eyelashes only

How to Use Eyelash Growth Serum?

Although there are various eyelash growth serums, the methods of use are the same. However, there are some factors to engage in before using a serum. They include:

Wash your face and ensure it is clean from any make-up. If not adequately cleaned, make-up or cream may interfere with the function and ingredient of the cream. Also, ensure to wash your hands alongside to avoid any form of eye contamination, which may result from the bacteria from your hands.

This is important whether you need to apply any beauty product. After washing, dry your face and eyelid with a soft dry towel. 

When applying on your brow, insert the serum applicator into the bottle and collect and brush out excess liquid. Avoid applying a large amount of serum on your eyebrow. The application of excess serum is not what gives you the active growth or result but consistent use of it.

Using the applicator, apply a thin layer of growth serum on the lash line. Avoid applying the serum on the lower lash line to avoid it from circulating during blinking. Work it out from the base of your lash from the outer to the inner area of your lash line.

Doing this will make the serum sink into your skin and incite your hair follicles. After applying the serum, allow it to sit for about two minutes before applying make-up or going to bed.

For effective results, ensure to apply daily and consistently. Do not skip any day as it may alter the growth cycle of the eyelash.

 Useful Tips on the best lash growth serum:

Best Eyelashes Growth Serum
  • Do not use a serum when you are wearing contact lenses.
  • Avoid serums if you have eye-related issues like styles, macular edema except advised by your doctor
  • Do not keep makeup on your face. Remove it totally.
  • Take your vitamines. Vitamins help to improve your eyelash. So you need to eat a balanced diet where you will get enough vitamins.
  • Do not keep the mascara over the lashes for all the night. As it may cause irritation, dryness or increases the possibility of infection.

Eyelash Growth Serums: How They Work?

The founder of the eyelashes enhancers has done a lot of research for many years and detect some factors that are responsible for the growth or lashes. The have got the freedom to counter conditions and hormones that limit the growth of the valuable lashes.

The eyelash enhancers become active in two ways one the eyelash follicles enhancing phase remain for a long time to make beautiful lashes. It strengthens the growth of hair and saves from premature breakage or falling out of the hair.

Most of the products found on the market may include lots of nutrients, hormones and some other ingredients that make the lashes healthy and lengthens the growth of follicles and supplies nutrients for the hair.

You may get the eyelash enhancer with a tube and wand applicator. Wash the faces well and remove the contact lenses. Drag the wand applicator as close as possible to the base of the eyelashes.

You may apply this twice a day. Use it for a week, and you will see the result. Undoubtedly, the result will be appreciating.

Best Eyelash Growth Serum - FAQs

Can I apply the serum on my lower lashes?

It is okay to use growth serum on your lower lashes. However, ensure to apply it on clean and dry skin for about 1 to 3mm just below the lash line. And ensure to allow it dry for about 2 to 3 minutes before applying make-up or cream. In addition, the serum that comes with the applicator is sufficient enough for both the upper and lower lash.

How long does one serum last?

The duration of serum depends on the amount of usage and application. However, a bottle should last for about 2 to three months during the first usage. This is because you tend to use it more, 3 to 4 times daily, for fast growth. In subsequent months, bottles may last longer because the rate of application reduces.

When will I see results?

The rate of the result is dependent on the product you are using. Some products may take a shorter time, and some may be longer. Also, this reaction may vary from one person to another because of the individual level of response and sensitivity to the product. However, you may start seeing results from about 2 to 4 weeks of usage.

What happens if I stop using the serum?

The effect of using growth serum varies with different products. While some products' results are permanent, others are not. Eyelashes have a growth cycle that lasts for about three months before they fall off and grow back again.

When you stop using the serum, the lash will induce by the serum remaining until the growth cycle elapses, whereby it will fall out and grow back to the regular length.

Who should use a lash serum?

Anybody can benefit from using eyelash serum but is exceptionally useful to those who have short, weak, and soft natural lashes. It can also be used by people who have experienced breakage or loss due to aging or premature loss. It can also be used by people whose lashes have become weak with time.

How often should I use eyelash serum?

While every lash serum is different from how effective they are, to get the best result, use lash serums regularly for about 3 to 6 weeks. Although some serums have been known to start showing results in as little as 2 to 3 weeks of use, it is best to make use of serum for about 2 to three times daily.

After the desired result has been seen, you can now reduce it to about 3 to 4 times every month to maintain results.

Can eyelash serum be used with lash extensions?

Of course. Eyelash serum is compatible with extensions but ensures to check the instruction of the product you have before using. However, most eyelash serums are reliable whether you intend to take a break from extensions, lengthening, and increasing the growth for your lash extension to last longer.

Final Words & Recommendation

Eyelash growth serums are an efficient product for not just those who wish to strengthen their weak lash, increase their length, or add to giving you a lovely look.

However, I am thrilled with the features of these eyelash growth sera and decision making about the one you should get. However, I will recommend the Silksence, but if you are a strict vegan, then you can opt for superfood plantifique.

Also, learn to adjust your expectations when using a serum as they will not change the kind of eyelash you have. But, will serve as an enhancer by broadening the one you already have.

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