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Clinically Proven Eyelash Conditioner for Eyelash Growth by Lora Vay. 100% women tested the serum, and they reported that the serum increases the fullness as well as the length of the lashes. You will get thicker, fuller, longer, darker and stronger lashes by using this serum. Within four weeks, it will increase density up to 82% of the lashes. It will increase about 52% lashes for the overall users.

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  • 100% Organic – Made with natural & safe ingredients which have been utilized for several years in beauty solutions.
  • Most Healthy & Powerful – The formula that is most healthful & effective for the increase of beautiful fuller & longer lashes.
  • Easy to Use – Apply Piero Lorenzo 100% Natural Extract Eyelash Growth Serum daily 1 hour Before Going to Bed, like draw your own vase.
  • Rapid Development – Development could be understood in seven days after beginning to use it, important advancement by two weeks.


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  • Requires awhile but may add fullness and length
  • Improves without discomforts
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Durable


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  • None

Merits of Lashove’e Eyelash Growth Serum

The natural elements of the product will nourish your lashes well. It will prevent fall out and makes the lashes long and thick. If you use the lashes for ten days, you will get the superb result. Your lashes will be more beautiful and healthier.

I used the lashes for three days and got the nice effect. There is no fall out seen. The product is helping me greatly, and my lashes are now thicker and fuller. Therefore, I am happy with the great result.

Why do you like Lashove?

how buy the best natural eyelashes 2016

There is no irritating elements or smell in this product. The product is very simple to use. The brush is small so take the little amount of it to use on your eyes. One user takes the high amount and lets it drop into eyes. But there is no adverse effect. The size of the bottle is small so that you can keep it in your vanity bag.

You can use it before going to bed or in the morning before applying the makeup. If you use the serum one week, you will get fuller, darker and longer lashes. It is easy to use. The serum is very smooth also. There are no irritating elements in it.

Merits of Eyelash Serum

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  • Appears in classy looking box
  • Simple to use
  • Have no foul smell
  • Develops eyelashes

Eyelash Serum – Eyelash Enhancer NEW Formula

best natural false eyelashes

Please save you money and time. You need not pay a good amount at the salon for your false eyelash.

Use serum at your home and feel comfortable. The manufacturers have applied the newest formula and produced the product.

The elements are all natural. The product is chemical free; there is no preservative or additives. You will see good result only using one month.

If not, take back of your cash. So order the product with confidence with cash back warranty within a month.

It is very natural. The vegan formula is beautiful. My eyes are full, but with age, I would like to use plumbing or thickening mascara. I decided to use this for a month to see the result whether my lashes are natural lash a boost. The ingredients are all free from chemicals. Irritation free.  At the time of using the product, there is no irritation.

There is a real brush with the product. Use the excellent brush to apply the product to the lashes line. Please keep in mind, that the product has no magical power. It is just a product. You need to wait to see the result. You will not get result overnight.

I have been using the product for a long. Now I am looking that my lashes are thicker and voluminous. The end of the lashes is now soft where the lashes were rough and broken. I will suggest the product for the people who would like to boost the lashes. The product is very simple as well as easy to use.

Great serum at all

I thought one of my friends got fake lashes, but she has been using the product. I used the serum on my upper and lower lashes. Then my lashes are fuller, longer and thicker. I have got the best result.

I have used it for two months, and now my lashes are fuller and thicker as well as healthier. I had very sensitive skin and faced no problem to use it. There is no irritation for using it.

I am happy with the result, and I have found a great difference. The price is very reasonable. I suggest the product for my dear and near one. If you are happy with the review, you may just click the button. I have got it with a discount offer and for the unbiased review.

Lashove’s eyelash growth serum

Lashove’s eyelash growth Serum came with an excellent package for prime shipping.

I have got the very thin product. I have no hopes that I will get the proper result from the product. I have seen all the reviews and have started to use it every day by the instruction.

I have enough sensitive eyes, and I cannot use mascara. The eye serum is very simple to use. There is no adverse effect or irritation on my eyes for using it.

I have tried it for two weeks and saw new growth of lashes. I have no faith that the product will help me. Many of my lashes started to become thicker. This is a miracle for me. My eyes are opening to pop.

Description of the best natural eyelashes product

Lashove’e Eyelash Growth Serum is clinically verified and a right kind of tested Eyelash Conditioner. It is tested by Lora Vay Paris – Free Shipping!  The serum can make the lashes up to 52% longer.

It will increase density up to 82%. 100% women have tested the product and found that their lashes have been increased significantly. There is nothing equal to this serum, so buy the serum without hesitation. You can enjoy the free shipping of the serum.

How to select the best eyelash serum?

You should use natural products of advanced technologies for your natural eyelashes. There is no side effect of it. The testimonials and reviews will help you to understand the product. Read them well to see the ingredients are very effective.

Where to purchase

When you finish reading this review, you can buy the product from the link. We are Amazon certified seller, and you can choose this for your eyelashes.

Product information

  • Transport Weight: 0.8 ounces
  • UPC: 731236297659
  • ASIN: B0146YD5A2

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Could I use it together with eyelash extensions?

Answer: Yes you can, the serum is just to be implemented in the daytime and during the night so throughout the day you are able to use extensions.

Question: Can this have color to it?

Answer: No color, liquid.

Question: Can it operate on lower lashes

Answer: Yes the pigment serum functions efficiently on either top and bottom sets of lashes

Question: How long can one tube continue?

Answer: I’ve been using it for 2 months and it has some interior tube.

Final Verdict

Natural products indeed always perfect if the question of health comes. The same thing is for the eyelash enhancers. There are many products on the market now. You need to select the natural one. Nothing can do as the natural product.

Chemicals can offer good and quick result. But you do not know the side effects of using chemicals. Instead of the beautiful eyelash, you may face some unexpected problem. So, natural growth serum is the best option. It is irritation free and has no side effect. You will get desired and unrelenting result though it works slowly.

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