If you’re like me, you probably love getting eyelash extensions. They make your eyes look so pretty and feminine. However, I recently learned that there are some things you need to know in order to keep them looking good and lasting as long as possible. In this article, we’ll discuss the do’s and don’ts of taking care of your extensions, as well as what can happen if they get wet. So read on to find out everything you need to know!

Eyeliner and mascara for eyelash extensions

When you have eyelash extensions, it is important to use the right type of makeup. Mascara and eyeliner can cause premature lash loss and eye health problems, so it is best to avoid them. The best mascara for eyelash extensions is water-based, contains vitamin B5 and is easy to remove.

Lash extensions are a great way to ditch the need for mascara, eyeliner and lash curlers. If you do want to wear mascara with your extensions, make sure it is water-based and easy to remove. You should also avoid using heavy mascaras or those that are difficult to take off.

The Eyeliner & Mascara for Eyelash Extensions kit comes with a water-based mascara that promises volume and length setting as well as an easy-to-remove formula. It is available in six shades, including black, brown, platinum blonde and more.

Can You Get Eyelash Extensions Wet?

False eyelashes have been a popular beauty trend for years, and with the advent of eyelash extensions, that popularity has only grown. Extensions give you thicker, longer lashes without the hassle of daily application. And if you’re like most women, you probably want to know can you get eyelash extensions wet?

The answer is yes – but with some caveats. You should avoid getting your lash extensions wet during the first 24 hours after application, as this is when they are most vulnerable to infection. After that point, however, it’s generally safe to shower and swim as normal. Just be sure to avoid contact with water in the first few hours after getting your extensions applied – otherwise you may risk loosening or damaging them.

Why should you clean your lash extensions?

Maintaining your lash extensions is important for two reasons: your health and the life of your extensions. If you don’t keep them clean, they can cause inflammation, irritation, redness, and other symptoms. In addition, dirty extensions can lead to premature shedding.

Washing your lash extensions daily prevents them from multiplying and causing irritation to the eye and eyelid. It also helps keep the bond between the extension and your natural lash strong. Excessive oil buildup is another reason why your extensions might fall out prematurely. When left unclean, the bond is weakened and eventually breaks apart.

The Eyelash Emporium has kits you can purchase to help keep your extensions clean, and avoid premature shedding.

Cleaning eyelash extensions at home

Just like your regular eyelashes, eyelash extensions need to be cleaned regularly in order to look their best. This is especially important if you’re using waterproof mascara, as the oil and dirt from the mascara can build up on the extensions and make them look greasy or dirty.

luckily, it’s easy to clean your lash extensions at home using a few simple tools. All you need is a soft brush and some specialist eyelash extension cleaner – both of which are available from most beauty stores.

To clean your lashes, simply follow these steps:

1) Pour some of the cleaner into a small bowl or cup.

2) Dip the brush into the cleaner, then sweep it across each lash extension.

3) Rinse the brush in warm water, then repeat steps 2 & 3 until all of the cleaner has been used up.

4) Dry off both the brush and lashes with a paper towel or cloth.

Make sure you clean your lashes every 3 days for best results!

6 more ways to make your extensions last longer

Just like with anything else in life, there are ways to make your eyelash extensions last longer. Here are six tips:

1) Avoid oil-based products, including foundation, eyeliner, and face wash. Oil will break down the adhesive that holds your extensions in place and can cause them to fall out prematurely.

2) Ask for lighter lashes. The heavier the lashes, the more likely they are to fall out over time.

3) Mascara is not necessary when wearing eyelash extensions. In fact, it can actually shorten their lifespan by clumping them together or weighing them down.

4) Waterproof mascara should be avoided because it is harder to remove than other mascaras and can cause damage to your eyes as well as extension life span.

5) Make sure you keep up with proper hygiene – washing your face daily and avoiding contact with oils and dirt – in order to prevent bacteria from building up on your lashes.

6) Finally, sign up for a newsletter that updates you on the latest articles related to eyelash extensions so you can stay informed about how to best take care of them!

What happens if my lash extensions get wet?

If water gets on the lashes or they get wet, it will probably not affect them too much. However, if your lash extensions get wet, you should dry them with a tissue and remove the tears without ruining your makeup. If you get water on your lashes, they will not fall properly and make it difficult to remove them from their holders.

Water will cause the glue to break down immediately and make the lashes feel heavy. Lash extensions are very susceptible to water during the curing process; that is why it is important to tell your lash technician that you’ve had a mishap and they need to be careful when curing the lashes with water – since this can damage them permanently.

Can You Shower With Eyelash Extensions?

Yes, you can shower with eyelash extensions as long as the adhesive is waterproof. However, there are some precautions you should take to make sure they stay in good condition.

After 24-48 hours, you should be able to shower without goggles on as long as you’re careful. Turn the shower head pressure to the lowest setting possible and use lukewarm water so that there’s no excess humidity. If you have to shower after getting lash extensions, then face away from the spray and keep your head above it so that you don’t get sprayed with water when washing your eyes.

Avoid tilting your head back and forth to keep water from dripping down your forehead and eyes. Dry the outside of your eyelashes carefully with a towel – do not rub them around!

Avoid getting your lash extensions wet

There are a lot of myths out there when it comes to eyelash extensions. One of the most common ones is that you should never get them wet after getting them done. This, however, is not true! Most places will recommend waiting 24-48 hours before getting your lash extensions wet – but after that, you’re good to go.

If you just need some strategies to keep your lash extensions dry, use two methods: either avoid showering altogether or turn the water off while you’re in the shower. If you MUST shower within 48 hours of getting new lash extensions, then avoid doing so with the water turned on – this will help minimize the amount of contact your lashes have with water.

How to clean fake eyelashes

If you’re using fake eyelashes, it’s important to clean them properly after each use. This will help keep them looking good and prevent any bacteria from building up. Here are a few tips on how to clean fake lashes:

– Use a gentle soap and water solution to clean your eyelashes. Make sure to avoid getting the glue too wet, as this can cause them to lose their shape.

– Gently wipe down the lashes with a cloth or cotton swab. Be careful not to scrub too hard, as this can damage the lashes.

– Let the lashes dry completely before storing them away.

Final Thoughts

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