The good cat eyeliner is fashionable, well flattering for eye shapes, and gives a mysterious, sultry look as the remaining makeup remains low key.

You may use gel eyeliner or colored pencil to get this appearance. Below there are six steps to get the cat-eye. I like to have an easy, black eye pencil.

Cat Eye

The cat-eye could be tracked all of the way back to ancient Egypt, where Cleopatra would wear a thick, thick wrap-around liner around her eyes.

Produced using an assortment of minerals, such as copper ore and malachite, girls attracted black, thick, and black flecks that radically styled the eyes. Eyeliner was a type of protection against the evil eye only as far as it had been a wonderful statement.

Bedouin people initially wore kohl that’s basically crushed-up direct sulfides as a way to safeguard the sensitive eye area from the harsh desert climate, even before finally turning to the modern-day wing simultaneous with Arabian beauties.

But, it was only branded such as Maybelline’s and Max Factor’s creation of liquid shovel in the 1950s the cat-eye turned into a global phenomenon. Whether neatly tracked over their lash lines or lengthy beyond their shrines, eyeliner acted as a gorgeous decoration in their shadowy eyes.

Meanwhile, over in French, Europe, actress Brigitte Bardot almost made humid eyeliner a great deal of beautiful touch because her fluffy bombshell hair, along with others immediately followed suit.

A decade after, supermodel Twiggy promoted picture lining paired using greatly covered lashes, which reigned supreme until the’70’s kohl-rimmed eyes were earmarked typically for goths and punks.

How to Do Cat Eye Makeup

Step 1

Line the Upper Lash Line

Line the upper lash with slow strokes. Begin with little strokes as you would not like to rush very rapidly and mess it up. If you do a little stroke, it will increase the thickness of your eyes.

Step 2

Find the Right Angle

It is a great thing. Follow the normal shape of the eyes to guide you to the place where the flick may go.

Think the lashes of your eyes are extended. It is the angle that makes a flick. You may use eyeshadow and an angled brush to roughly map out the size.

Step 3

Create the Flick

If you get the angle figured for the first time, apply dotted motions with the eyeliner to make a flick. Applying small dots can determine what the flick’s final shape may be.

If you are happy with it, join the dots, and fill it to connect with the line you have drawn above the lash line.

Step 4

Clean Up

As the size is a little wonky, it is better to use a concealer or a cotton swab to correct it. One well cat-eye is ready to see the whole world.

Using Tape Method

Use some eye shadow. Begin your lash line and move all the way up to the crease.

The powder makes the lid smooth and goes on smoother. The reason is the cat eyes are dramatic and uses a color matching the skin tone rather than the darker color that may look overdone.

how to do cat eye eyeliner

Do not use cream based eye shadow. The eyeliner may not stick to it very well and may slide right off.

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  • Do not use eye concealer. The tape may take off. The tape can remove any eye shadow in the area.


Hold a short piece of clear tape; tap it around your hand. It may make the tap less gentle and tacky on the even skin around your eyes.

Keep the tape outer side of the eyes. Put it on the lower lashes. After that, angle the upper portion to the top temple. To have a dramatic look, angle the tape to the end of the eyebrow. It may cause a thicker line.

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  • Confirm to keep the tape against the skin. It may ensure that the eyeliner may not bleed through.
  • As the eyelids are hooded, keep tapeless of the upward angle and shut off the straight line.


Use the eyeliner, make the line thick since it goes to the outer line of the corner of the eyes. Do not draw past the corner or to the tape just yet. Do not tug the outer section if you face any trouble applying the liner smoothly. You can do any one of the following.

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  • Brace the pinkie finger forward to the cheekbone and keep the eyeliner to the middle.
  • Tilt the head back slightly and lower the gaze. It aids to see the lash line well.


Expand the line past to the corner of the eyes. To get the instruction, you may use the tape. Do not be afraid if you get some eyeliner with the tape. Be sure the lines get thinner to the end.

how to do cat eye eyeliner

You have the freedom to make the flick as short or as long as you desire. If it is longer the cat eye will be more dramatic.

Come to an end with false lashes or mascara. Use some coat on your upper lashes and a single coat on the bottom lashes.

To have more or even look, curl the lashes and pop on a pair of false lashes.

Different Types of Cat Eye Makeup Looks

how to do cat eye eyeliner

The traditional cat eye is a wonderful thing, but you may play around with the eye once if you feel comfortable.

Look the different styles and choose from them: Smokey Cat Eye

Smokey Cat Eye

Why do not love well smokey? I like the fair share of the black liners this is my favorite one. The other wonderful thing is easy to create.

Step 1

Make a cat eye with the pencil which may be smudged.

Step 2

To smudge it totally use a brush or smuggler and make a soft look by preserving the shape of the flick.

Step 3

Use the pencil on the lower lash line and smudge.

Step 4

Add a concealer beneath the flick to confirm it stands out or more. It is all.


Use little more or extra. Cover some miles and use the same eye shadow.

Step 1

Use some blend and eye shadow well.

Step 2

Make the cat eye. It is very simple.

Bright Semi Smokey

As you desire to have the cat eye black but play with the colors, this one is for you.

Step 1

Make cat eye according to your desire.

Step 2

Apply a fun bright color according to your choice. Something same as bright-blue.

Step 3

Move it towards the bottom lash line for getting a smokey effect.

Glitter Cat Eye

how to do cat eye eyeliner

Pop a few glitters beneath the eyes to keep it stand out.

Step 1

Make a cat eye.

Step 2

Make a smokey effect on the eyes by using brown eyeshadow close to the lash line to make a base. Quail.

Step 3

Select a glitter liner. If you have no, you may use glitter pigment and use it with a fine brush.

Step 4

Use beneath the eyelashes to make a sparkly and bright look.

It looks extremely simple and good fun to make. You know the way to make the master cat eye, notice the tips to make it further perfect.

Eyeliner hacks you need to try

Know the distinction between pen, liquid, and gel

There are 3 Chief Kinds of eyeliner:

  1. Pencil – matte and simple to use, this is a fantastic eyeliner for newbies. Doesn’t propagate as easily as liquid or gel, but errors can be readily combined to get a smokey eye effect.
  2. Gel – largely arrive in matte impact, they employ quite easily. Can be utilized for both thicker and thin lines.
  3. Liquid – produce precision lines. Produce an extremely thin line but may be utilized to get a milder effect, also.

Or fill in the dashes for the perfect gel line

It is also possible to attempt dashes rather than dots, as shown at The Gloss. This technique works superbly well with a level edged gel liner like benefits They are a Real push-up lining.

  1. Stamp 3 dashes across the top lash line
  2. Join the dashes with little strokes
  3. Thicken the lineup by crossing it over in 1 stroke
  4. You are done!

Use a pencil eyeliner as a guide for liquid eyeliner

If you fight to use liquid eyeliner or possess a shaky hands, line your eyes with a pencil eyeliner then follow it over with liquid. It makes the ideal template.

Make your own gel eyeliner

The gel could be a lot easier to use than liquid if you would like to produce an extremely thick coating. Create your own model by massaging your kohl eyeliner pencil using a lighter and employing it using a little brush.

Avoid pulling your skin when you’re applying eyeliner

When you are applying your eyeliner, especially liquid, prevent pulling the skin around the eye back. If your line is not ideal, catch a cotton swab soaking in cosmetics remover or even petroleum jelly and clean up any errors. It is much less trying to fix a mistake instead of trying to find perfection the very first time.

Use concealer to camouflage mistakes

Sometimes attempting to eliminate smudges can ruin the remainder of your perfectly employed eyeliner. When it’s just a little error, catch the concealer. You can hide any smudges, and no one is going to probably be none the wiser.

Try the eye-opening ombre eyeliner effect

Ensure that your eyes look larger with this magnificent ombre effect. It is a whole lot simpler to reach than it seems, only begins by lining the first 3 quarters of the upper lash line using a mild eyeliner. White and gold both operate superbly. Then catch a darker complexion and line in the outer corner of the eye at the middle then catch a spoonful brush or eyeshadow brush and then lightly combine the center so the colors overlap.

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