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Best False Eyelashes Review

Mascara aside, false eyelashes will go a long way in giving you that boost in confidence and boldness. Whether you want to glam in galas, events, or simply want to enhance your beauty, a pair of false eyelashes will do just fine.There are still some of us out there who have never worn a false […]

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Babe Lash Eyelash Serum Review

Babe Lash Pertains to the eyelash product line for Babe things, LLC. The product comes with a promise that it will develop the appearance of the lashes, make them longer and thicker. The product lines have liquid eyeliner, eyelash serum; a volumizing mascara and a fiber extend mascara.Originally Babe Things, LLC is a hair extension […]

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The best castor oil for eyelashes review

The eyelashes are the hairs that grow on the tip of the eyelid. These eyelashes grow in three layers. They protect the eyes of dust, debris, and fine particles.Eyelashes are sensitive to touch, thus warning us when an insect or an object wants to harm the eyes. They stopped growing and fall off when they […]

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Very essential natural eyelashes

Clinically Proven Eyelash Conditioner for Eyelash Growth by Lora Vay. 100% women tested the serum, and they reported that the serum increases the fullness as well as the length of the lashes. You will get thicker, fuller, longer, darker and stronger lashes by using this serum. Within four weeks, it will increase density up to […]

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Where To Find The Organic Best Castor Oil

You will get natural growth of your hair, good eyebrow and eyelashes by using the best castor oil. The oil strengthens hair root, moisture and shines the lashes. The oil has Vitamin E, which is very useful not only for lashes but also for nails and skin as well. Why Mariposa. Hexane-Free,  USDA Organic, Cold-Pressed and […]

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Vena Beauty Eyelash Growth Serum Review

Vena Beauty Eyelash Serum gives you extended lashes and lush of your brows. It seems to other that you have come to the earth with it. You shouldn’t rely on levels of mascara to get beautiful and nice brows and lashes. The formula will help you much to get long and beautiful lashes for regular […]

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