Cherry Blooms Eyelash Extensions Brush On Fiber Lashes is a spa and salon-quality fiber eyelash extension on the market. We are making a professional-grade lash. The serum is totally natural. It does not need any glue.

It also does not require any clump. It will take only sixty seconds. It will develop your lashes. The Cherry Blooms mascara is half a size longer than the normal mascara tube.

So the product will last longer, you can use it for 90 days. It does not flake when you properly use it. You can use warm water, a cotton ball, or soap to remove the cherry lashes blooms.

There is no need to use makeup remover. Do not miss reading the cherry blooms mascara review to know all secrets.

Cherry Blooms

Features of Cherry Blooms Eyelash Extensions

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  • Cherry Blooms Fiber Lash Extensions confirm you 300% long, thick and natural lashes.
  • Two tubes of one product use only a simple step
  • It won’t fake and remain fresh for the whole day
  • It is water-resistant and proof of laugh, sweat, and cry.
  • Black fiber or high-grade beeswax are used to make the Blooms lash
  • The brand has sixty days’ cash back guarantee



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  • Moisture-like conditioner makes the lashes strong and saves them from brittleness as well as falling out.
  • Helps to regenerate the cells faster and beeswax stimulates the growth of the lashes.
  • Have antibacterial properties which prevent to grow of any bacteria
  • Cherry Blooms Fiber Lash Extension is not general mascara. You can make the desired volume and length
  • Made from the mixture of fibers and minerals in a powder form
  • It May not fade during daytime



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How to Use Cherry Blooms Eyelash Extensions

Step 1: Use a layer of ‘Transplanting Mascara Gel’ on your clean and dry eyelashes.

Step 2: Apply the fiber before the mascara gel dries well, put it in the middle of the lash, and brush towards the end. Do not use the fibers very close to your eyeballs.

Step 3: Then use another coat of Transplanting mascara gel in the place. You are doing it to escape the falling off. For a more dramatic look you can do steps one to three again and again.

Why choose cherry blooms mascara

Why choose cherry blooms mascara

Cherry Blooms Brush on Fiber Lash Extensions has no effect on false lashes without having a harsh glue effect. There are no sensitive effects of the lash extension as it is made from natural elements and nontoxic ingredients. It is water-resistant.

The extension is smudge, laugh, cry and sweatproof. It will not remove from your face until you wash it with warm water or wash it off. Warm water melts the beeswax gel easily.

It is possible to remove from hair with a cotton wool ball. You need no oil-based makeup remover.

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Before and after use of cherry blooms mascara

Cherry Blooms is a 2 step fiber mascara. The fibers and the mascara come in 2 individual bottles. There is some transference of fibers to the mascara bottle after applying it for a period of time.

The mascara is made of top-grade beeswax. It is not a thick or clumpy formula rather it’s very thin.

You may softly brush on the fibers if you use it for the first time. I don’t find the fiber fell off with the applicator onto my face.

It stays with the wand as long as it touches the lashes. No one desire to wind up with fibers in their eyes.

Suggestion indicates to use 15 strokes to use the fibers. But I don’t think it is very much essential. I use 5 strokes. After that, I apply the Transplanting mascara gel for the second time.

Finally, seal it with one final coat of the gel. You may avoid the second coat of fiber. I desire to get a voluminous appearance of my lashes, not for the length.

Where to buy cherry blooms mascara

Women can avoid the bad effect of using Cherry Blooms Fiber Extension as all the elements are natural and nontoxic. So the Cherry Blooms Extension is very much useful for sensitive eyes. Even the contact lens users can use it.

The extension will remain for a long time and is very easy to remove from the eyes. Most women report that the cherry blooms extension lasts the whole day. So it is very good to use. At the time of reading the review, you have the scope to buy it from our online.

Cherry blooms mascara vs Younique

The first thing is that Cherry Bloom is not an MLM. I have not complained about multi-level marketing generally.

But the problem is that you don’t get a license to sell it professionally. It seems to me that mailman’s sister’s bosom friend’s daughter maybe your competitor. Who desires this?

The next thing is Younique. It is advised you use it as your personal mascara like a primer. What! It seems to me ridiculous for some reasons.

When you mix it with a cocktail, you will see a wonderful result. You can spend ten to twenty dollars for a decent mascara. Cherry Blooms doesn’t require separate mascara.

Moreover, it is not suggested for you prime your lashes at all. If you aren’t interested to buy quality mascara, the price must not be significant.

The following ingredients…. This is the list of the ingredients from Younique’s website.

Transplanting Gel Ingredients: Beeswax (Natural Propolis), Water, Carnauba (Brazilian palm glue), Collagen, Iron Oxide Cl 77499 (Black), Acrylates Copolymer, Stearic Acid, Nylon, Propylene Glycol. .23 FL OZ / 7 ml

Natural Fibers Ingredients: 100% Natural fiber is chosen from Green Tea. Net weight .02 OZ/ .5g.

The Cherry blooms are made of some natural ingredients. All the ingredients are mentioned below. These are black iron oxide, Carnauba wax, Beeswax, water, natural Emulsify agent lanolin, Stearic, and natural Cellulose fibers.

It is sure that Cherry Blooms is hundred percent natural. All the elements are completely free from any side effects. Cherry Blooms are even fit for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes.

The Cellulose fibers are all hypoallergenic. Besides that, these wouldn’t create any irritation for the eyes.

The Cherry Blooms have helped me a lot. I found my lashes are full and nice with additional length. It doesn’t seem to me that tarantula attracted my eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Cherry Blooms Mascara

Q. All women can use it safely?

A. yes all can use it. But the new user should remain alert.

Q. Do I use it over my eyelash extension?

A. The product aids you to enhance your eyelash. Hope one day you need not use false lashes.

Product info – cherry blooms mascara review

Product Dimensions:      5 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches; 1.6 ounces

ASIN:                                 B00I624YRY

Shipping Weight:            2.4 ounces

Final Word

These are the Cherry blooms lashes that have got the most popular in the world market for thousands of users. It has helped lots of people to get the desired result. All the elements of the Cherry blooms are taken from the natural elements and made from the high-grade beeswax of the mascara.

It helps to create a beautiful effect on the lashes. The demand for lashes is increasing day by day, and so everyone chooses to have these blooms for their near and dear ones.