In 1916, Movie director D.W. Griffiths tried to make the leading ladies lovelier by using eyelash extensions. You are not able to fully remove the eyelash extensions. You may do some other cleaning routine to aid rid yourself of inconstant strips and would stay semi-constant lashes.

Fake eyelashes develop the thickness and length of the natural eyelashes. Personal eyelash makes the most usual look, particularly when used on the outer corners of the eyes with an eyelash adhesive glue. If you like to remove the false eyelashes, you have to soften the adhesive glue. Though many eyelashes kits come with adhesive remover, you may use a lot of household products to remove the glue surely.

  • Take a little amount of eye makeup remover on the cotton swab. Since this is an alternative to eye makeup remover, you may apply extra virgin coconut oil, baby oil, and olive oil.
  • Softly dab the remover to your upper eyelash line in the place where you keep the fake eyelashes with eyelash adhesive glue. Soak it for a minute.
  • Keep a clean cotton ball under your upper eyelashes since you like to remove and soak it to resist it from dripping with your eyes.
  • When the glue has been softened, pull off the fake eyelashes with tweezers. As you are just removing available glue, soak a cotton ball with water and then clean away any glue residue.
  • With care wash the eye area with lukewarm water to be sure your natural eyelashes are free from residue and completely clean.
  • Do steps 1 to 5, again and again, to remove the eyelash adhesive glue from other eyes.

How to Remove Eyelashes Extensions

As the glue is waterproof and designed to remain for a longer period, we suggest using lash extension experts for removal. As you have one or two stragglers, you need not push the roots of the lash.

how to remove eyelashes

The procedure is painful and not suggested, you like to remove the glue from the lash and extension, and you have to use the right materials to remove them.

Luckily you have no harsh chemicals or special products to use. Coconut oil or olive oil will remove the glue and make your hair moisture. Here is the way to do it.

  • Wash your face and then begin. If you like to use makeup, remove the makeup with the soft makeup remover and make a face in an open state.
  • Take a bowl of water then put your whole face, cover the head, and bowl with the towel as if you were trying to clear up the head cold. Wait for 15 minutes. The stream will open up your pores and encourage the loose lashes to remove.
  • Dip a cotton pad or ball in olive or coconut oil and softly swipe the ball across the lash line of the closed eyes. You can do the repeat strokes if you need. The oil may dissolve the glue and permit the extension to fall off

If you are satisfied, Wash your face with water to remove oil residue and use moisturizer to ensure the skin is somewhat boosted. The lashes will not reach their natural position and if you think it is essential, ready for more extensions for the next time.

Removing individual lashes

how to remove eyelashes

The glue that is applied to the individual lashes is stronger than the used strip as it is made to stay on longer which means to be reused. Do not pull the lashes, as it will pull the real lashes. You can use oil-based remover or steam. Here is the way…..

  • Do your business by removing eyeliner, mascara, and makeup on your face. At the time of doing this boil the kettle and make it cool. It does not require more heat for steaming.
  • The kettle is boiled, and makeup is off, keep the steaming water within the bowl, the hold the face over it. If you like to trap the steam you may use or put a towel over your head. Wait for ten minutes and permit the steam to loosen the glue.
  • If you have steamed your face, soak the cotton wool pad on the oil-based eye makeup remover and softly wipe a downward location on the eye as long as the false lashes start to fall out.
  • When there are no lashes, wash your face, with lashes to remove oil residue.

Glue Remover

how to remove eyelashes

Purchase lash glue remover. This is impossible to get back to the salon, try to remove the lashes with the glue remover. The glue remover is available in all the drugstores.

  • When you have done the job professionally, ask the technician to see if you have bought the right one.
  • The Glue remover is just the scent of the nail polish remover.
  • Get a good look at your lashes. The process is a dedicated one, and you can see what you are doing. Ready to remove the extension by following the under steps:
  • Stand before the mirror where there is light enough. For more light, you can add extra light to save shadow cast on your face for ensuring to see the face well.
  • Remove the eye makeup. Use soft eye makeup to wipe out the eyeliner or mascara. You can see the end of the lashes and the extensions start.

Apply the glue remover. Do the following steps to use the glue remover or loosen the extensions:

  • Dip a cotton swab with the glue remover and be sure it is damp well.
  • Pull out the outer corner of the upper eyelids. Then close your eyes, use the soft pad with your fingers, and softly angle the eyelid downward of the outer corner. The upper lashes would be pointing downward, ensuring a better view of the extensions.
  • Drag the cotton swab on the line of the lashes. From the outside corner to the inner corner, gentle motions and the remover will eliminate the glue.

Pull out the loosened extensions. Over the lash line for 15 minutes and a wet cotton swab, with the thumb or fingers grip the end of the extension. This will easily fall out of the eye.

Rinse your eyelashes. Splash some warm water on your face to rinse the glue from your eye area or eyelashes.

Other useful tips

how to remove eyelashes


Vaseline is a product based on water and aids to strip adhesive of the eyelash. The false eyelashes adhesives are usually waterproof and will last longer than any other water exposure over the eyes.

Vaseline will help the glue break down, and may dissolve the glue simply. Hold a small amount and massage well over your eyelid and be sure as softly as you can. The procedure will soften your natural lashes and nourish them to grow more lashes’ hair.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a great and real product to remove eye makeup or lash adhesive. It merely softens the eyelash glue using a cotton ball with a generous amount and applies it to the eyelid.

The oil method will strip the natural lashes from great wearing makeup as conditioning the eyelash.

Caring for Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extension will make your eyelashes more voluminous and longer and thicker than your natural lashes for sultry eyes.

how to remove eyelashes

The process of application is very simple and easy. The lashes extension will follow the lashes’ natural growth cycle and within 30 to 45 days shed the natural lash. The lashes will remain for the projected time.

  • This is not the suggestion to use the mascara; you do not use it. But as you are thinking about the extra volume, you may use oil-free mascara from over the tips once to grow out a little bit.
  • After using eyelash extension do not wash your face within 24 hours as it will be destroyed.
  • Never try the product that is oil-based on hydration, cleansers, and makeup remover as they may break down the adhesive rapidly.
  • This is best to sleep on the back if you can as this will help not to hit the pillow as well as not wear the eye mask. Anything that touches your lashes may irritate them or use them in the wrong direction.
  • Do not pluck, pull, fuss or twist with the extensions.
  • Do not use the eyelash curler


A woman does not like to use false lashes as she is thinking about the pain of removing the false lashes. False lashes are a great accessory for everyday use or special occasions.

A woman can go a lot of ways like single lashes, cluster lashes, or strips of the lashes to get the style best for her. There are some false lashes of bright colors for parties or some special occasions.

It is a tough task to remove a false eyelash from the eye if it is adjusted correctly. Cold cream or oil-free makeup remover can be used to eliminate the lashes. Besides she has to remove glue residue from the lashes, besides mascara, before putting the lashes away.

They are storing false eyelashes to aid the lashes to remain for a long time. Some women are much worried to lose their original lashes for using false lashes. The danger is not much if the lashes are removed properly.

False lashes are the hottest trend, as celebrities are using them mostly. A woman should not miss out on the chance to glam up her appearance as she is much worried about the damage or pain of using false eyelashes. If you use the false lashes properly, they are a glamorous and excellent beauty accessories.