Do you often find that your mascara is making your eyelashes fall out? If so, you’re not alone. Mascara is often blamed for causing this problem, and it’s not hard to see why. Mascara is a thick, sticky substance that is applied to the lashes to make them look longer and thicker.

When you wear mascara every day, it can build up on the lashes over time. As a result of this sticky consistency, your lashes become brittle and fall out. If you’re concerned that your mascara is causing your eyelashes to fall out, here are a few tips that may help.

What are some of the reasons why mascara might make your eyelashes fall out?

There are many reasons why mascara might make your eyelashes fall out. Some of the more common ones include:

  • Using too much mascara – Too much mascara can clump and dry out your lashes, leading to them falling out. Use less mascara if your mascara is wearing off faster than usual.
  • Using the wrong type of mascara – Many types of mascaras contain oil or other ingredients that can contribute to lash loss. Try using a water-based formula instead or opting for an option that’s specifically designed for long lashes.
  • Wearing your makeup too tight – Makeup can also cause irritation and inflammation in the eye area, which may, in turn, cause your lashes to fall out. Try wearing softer or fewer irritant formulations when applying makeup to your eyes.

How can you make your eyelashes thrive despite using mascara?

You may be wondering if mascara is actually causing your eyelashes to fall out if you use it often. 

The answer is yes, and mascara can lead to losing your lashes. The reason for this is because it contains Sodium Polyacrylate, or SPF, which binds to the natural oil in your lashes. . However, over time, this process can lead to the loss of your eyelashes.

There are a few ways that you can prevent this from happening: 

  • Make sure your mascara contains SPF to protect your lashes. 
  • Don’t apply too much mascara: only use enough to coat your lashes evenly and extend beyond the tips. 
  • Avoid putting mascara on overnight: this will cause it to dry out and clump together, leading to lash loss.

What are some of the ingredients in mascara that might cause your eyelashes to fall out?

There are many ingredients in mascara that might cause your eyelashes to fall out. The most common ones are alcohol, benzyl benzoate, and dibutyl phthalate. These ingredients can damage the lashes and lead to them growing slowly or not at all.

Mascara also contains polyethene glycol (PEG), which can be a skin irritant and an allergen. PEG is also known to cause cell growth problems in the lash follicle, which can eventually lead to lash loss. Some mascaras contain coal tar, a carcinogen linked to upper respiratory tract cancer. 

Are there mascaras that don’t fall out of your eyelashes? 

 It would help if you researched before buying a mascara that claims to prevent your eyelashes from falling out. 

Some of the best mascaras for preventing your eyelashes from falling out include Maybelline New York Master Precise Mascara, which is known for its high-quality formulation and long-lasting results.

You can also use L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara, which adds length, thickness, and volume to your lashes. 

However, it’s important to note that not all mascaras are created equal. Some may be more effective than others at preventing your lashes from falling out, but you still need to use caution when selecting one. Always read the ingredients list carefully and ensure that your product is safe for your skin.

How often should you be using mascara to avoid damaging your eyelashes?

People should wear mascara depending on their skin type and lashes. 

To keep your lashes healthy and protected, apply mascara every day. 

Suppose you’re concerned about potential damage to your eyelashes. In that case, it’s also a good idea to start using a low mascara concentration (like 0.07%). This way, you can gradually increase the concentration over time if needed. And, always make sure to shake the tube before use to mix up the ingredients.

What are some of the signs that your mascara is damaging your eyelashes?

There are a few signs that your mascara is damaging your eyelashes. The first sign is that your eyelashes become brittle and dry. This makes them easier to break, which in turn causes them to fall out more often. 

You may also have difficulty applying mascara evenly as your lashes become stiff. And finally, you may notice that the color of your lashes starts to change over time — from black to brown or even grey.

Consider switching to a different type of mascara if you notice any of these symptoms. Avoid using mascara in heavy-duty situations and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Mascara can be very damaging to your eyelashes if not used properly. 

Is there anything you can do to repair damage caused by mascara to your eyelashes?

If you’re concerned that your mascara is causing damage to your eyelashes, there are a few things you can do to try and repair the damage.

First, you can try using a lash primer before applying mascara. This will help to hold the mascara in place and prevent it from clumping together and causing damage to your lashes. 

Second, you can use a lash conditioner after applying mascara to help restore lost moisture and keep them healthy. 

Finally, you can also use an eyelash curler before applying mascara to help curl your lashes and protect them from further damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my lashes falling out even when I’m not wearing any makeup?

Eyelash loss can be caused by several factors, including genetics, medication, environmental exposure, and also age.

What is the best type of mascara to use if I want my eyelashes to stay long?

Several types of mascara are available on the market. The waterproof mascara keeps lashes dry and protected from oil and water. Other people prefer conventional mascara because it increases the length and volume of eyelashes.

Can using waterproof mascara cause your lashes to fall out?

Waterproof mascara does not cause lashes to fall out, according to science. However, it is possible that if the mascara is too thick or if it is applied, it could lead to lash loss.

Can you avoid wearing mascara if you have sensitive eyes?

Eye makeup remover removes mascara from people with sensitive eyes, says The Eye Doctor. If you are using waterproof mascara, you should remove it with eye makeup remover and a water-based cleanser.” For more information, please see the source cited: The Eye Doctor.

Are waterproof mascaras better for keeping your lashes healthy and strong?

Waterproof mascaras can be a great way to keep your lashes healthy and strong. They work by sealing the lash follicle, preventing water and oil from entering and causing damage. By doing so, waterproof mascaras help to prevent your lashes from becoming brittle, weak, or dry. They can also help prevent mascara from smudging or migrating during wear.

How can you ensure you use the right mascara for your eyelashes?

You can choose the right mascara for your eyelashes by checking the ingredients list. Some mascaras may contain oil, making your lashes look heavy and clumpy. A mascara may also contain waxes, which can cause irritation and flaking.

Can mascara harm my lashes?

The type, amount, and skin tone of the user can affect how mascara affects lashes. So, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. That being said, some common side effects of mascara use include dryness, irritation, and even lash loss. To avoid damaging your lashes, it is always best to test a new mascara before using it.


In case you’re still using mascara and your eyelashes are falling out, it’s time to go without the product. Not only does it cause irritation, but it also leads to longer lashes. Now that we have shared everything about how bad mascaras can be for your lashes, there is no need to continue using one. Instead, try some drugstore masks or DIY remedies such as honey and coconut oil mask for nourishing and fixing the problem in the long run.