The size of the Asana is seven ml. you can buy two tubes if you like to get 3.5 ml. It is the report of 96% of women that they have got a good result. You will get long lashes if you use the product for only one week. The product is 100% better than the other eyelash enhancers product.

Eyelash Enhancing Serum HUGE 7ml will help the eyelashes and eyebrows to make them thicker, longer, and fuller. It is also a confidential growth stimulator.

ffomo Eyelash Growth Serum for Longer Fuller Thicker Looking Lashes & Brows

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Beauty Products spent a long time finding the best way to produce the best eyelash and eye growth elements. So enhances the beauty of your eyes by using an eyelash enhancer.

If you suffer from short lashes or brows, you can take help from this eyelash serum. The serum is the best product in the industry.


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  • Enormous 7.5 ml! Outcomes: neuceutica
  • Easy program
  • Scientifically examined created a formula
  • Suffer from thinning brows or lashes
  • Complete asana assurance: neuceutica



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  • Easy to use and take few seconds
  • Instant result
  • The product is not sticky enough and fits for wearing mascara.
  • Very reasonable
  • Free from redness and irritation



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  • If you use too much, it will enter your eyes. Q-tip wipes it well, and there will be no stinging
  • The serum also works when you are using the product. Do the job continuously


How Do You Use Asana Beauty Products?

Wash your face well and removes all makeup and contact lenses. Then use the product from the root of your lashes to the eyebrow. If you use mascara, there will be no effect on it.

Buying Guide of Eyelash Enhancers

Why you select the lash serum

The eyelash serum is amazing. I use different brands which are easily found on the market today. None of them give me a very good result. All the serums have some negative effects and do not suit instantly. HUGE 7ml is the best one for the upper and lower eyelashes as it has a good tip brush.

The tips work well for the bottom eyelashes as mine have short and delicate lashes. So it seems that the lash serum is the best serum.

How to purchase Lash Serum

Eyelash Enhancers

There are lots of products in the marketplace. You need to be serious about choosing the best product. You need to take help from the web pages of the product, you can read the review online, and you can see the YouTube video.

There are some overseas companies that are producing the same product; some are original, and some are fake. You should choose the best product for them.

You must be aware of buying the product. There are some overseas countries that are producing the same product, and they are taking two or three times more prices than the original prices. Keep in mind that you have eyes to choose the best product after all.

Where could I purchase Lash Serum?

So Lash Enhance Serum is the top eyelash product on the market. The price of the product is affordable. There are many stores and options which are selling the same product for two or three times more than the real prices. The amount is indeed much. But people like to get Enhance serum as the product has truthfulness and frankness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Eyelash Enhancers

Question: Does it function like Latisse?

Answer: Some say no, and some say yes. It does not cause any discoloration.

Question: Does it turn the pigment of the eyes? Does it turn my blue eyes into the dark?

Answer: I used two weeks, and I have not seen any change in my lashes. It makes my lashes fuller.

Question: Does it change the color of the eyes? So I do not use Latisse as I have light eyes and do not like to chance Brown.

Answer: I am not sure whether it will affect the color of the eyes? I have dark brown eyes, and I have seen some evolution. Not mentionable enough.

Question: Can you use it after using mascara?

Answer: I only use the product at night. If you dry mascara, it is fine. If you like to use it after using mascara, you need to wash the mascara.

Question: Is this well-matched with mink?

Answer: There are many products on the market. If you are compatible with the product with milk, I hope you will get a better result.

Final Verdict

The eyelash serum is very beautiful. Most of the girls as well as women like long lashes. So I can say that this is the reason why we use mascara or false lashes. I do not use mascara regularly as I have to wake up very early in the morning.

I am very busy with my computer work. Only on occasion or on weekends do I use false lashes. I love the natural look very much. The product does much like the mascara lengthen the hair of my lids without any texture.

There are the elements in the serum that stimulate my hair and make it thick and long. The best time to use the product is at night, and it works well at night. It is the best solution for enhancing brow or lashes naturally.