Eyelash Growth Serum for Lash and Brow Irritation

Essy Beauty Eyelash Serum offers you long lash as well as lush brows. You shouldn’t pile on levels of mascara to get more brows and lashes. The manufacturer’s effective formula helps you to get natural lashes and thick brows securely and healthily.

Eyelash Growth Serum for Lash and Brow Irritation Free Formula

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This substance is nice. I have been suffering from allergies in my eyes. When I wear any mascara, I feel the problem.

My friend suggested me to use this brand. She also said that this brand would help my lashes to become longer.

Thanks a lot. It helped me much. I have purchased it and used it. Lastly, I have got a result within a week.

Features of Eyelash Growth Serum

  • Efficient
  • Completely secured
  • Irritation free formula


  • Good for my brows and lashes
  • Works well like the advertisement
  • The lashes look very fine


  • None

Why You Choose Eyelash Growth Serum for Lash and Brow Irritation

Advanced Formula for Longer and Thicker Lashes: Easy Eyelash serum is only made to magnify, strengthen and lengthen your usual eyebrows, eyelashes etc.

Clinically Proven – The formula has proven that it makes thicker and longer eyelashes by regularly using for two weeks. If one uses it regularly for six weeks, the thickness of the lashes increase.

Nourishing and Natural Ingredients – The beauty’s formula is soft, non-irritating and safe for all kinds of skin. This is a nourishing serum. The serum helps fragile brows and lashes to become healthier and stronger.

Easy to Use – Use the serum to the root of your upper brows or eyelashes just like the eyeliner application. Apply it regularly and let it works like magic.

Money Back Guarantee – The Essy Beauty Eyelash Serum has undergone lots of tests. We think that you will love this product same as ours.

If you aren’t happy with the result for any reason, you will get hundred percent cash back. There is no risk of using this product. You can use it without any confusion.

How to Use Eyelash Growth Serum for Lash and Brow Irritation

How to Use Eyelash Growth Serum for Lash and Brow Irritation

Use on the base of the upper lashes by the help of the applicator brush. Prior to that, you have to make your eyebrow completely clean by using eye creams or makeup.

Begin from the inner corner of the eye outward, towards the base of the eyelashes. Use it daily before going to bed.

What Others Say About This Lash and Brow Irritation

At the beginning of using it, the product ensures me fuller and lengthy eyelashes. But now I feel itchiness and redness in my eyes.

The organic brow serum and lash give me a better result. I feel no redness or itchiness in my eyes. It is a very cool product for the sensitive eyes.

Why Is This Eyelash Growth Serum For You?

I have been used it for four weeks. But I haven’t seen any noticeable change or difference. Still, I am happy with the product. The reason is that my friend asked me what product I am using for the growth of my lashes.

The customer service of the product is very amazing for having a fast transaction. I am still using this product, and I suggest others to use this product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Eyelash Growth Serum for Lash and Brow Irritation

Question: How quickly will you see the noticeable change of your lashes?

Answer: It may take up to 4 months to see the noticeable change of your lashes. You will feel the difference of your lashes before that. After using one week, I got my lashes are softer and stronger. It began looking thicker after using 3 weeks. I also got the bare spots are going to filling in.

Question: How long does a serum or tube last?

Answer: I used the serum both my eyebrows and lashes. Still, I have used it for one and half a month. I used it once daily. If you use it two times a day, it will last about half of my use. Keep in mind, don’t layer it on thick. It requires only single swipe for ensuring good results.

Question: Can I use it when I wear contacts?

Answer: Yes, I use contacts and this serum for a year. I face no problem. There is no irritation of my hair. One can use this serum without any problem though he or she uses contacts. Don’t use your contacts after the serum has been used at least 15 minutes.

What Finally

It seems to me that after having child, it is impossible to grow my lashes with the product. I have lost my lashes completely. To revive them, I have used many products. But the result isn’t very satisfactory. I was much worried about it.

Finally, I have used organic liquid by which I totally changed my track. There are many demerits of using this product. I have heard many things about this product.

Then I decided to use it continuously. There is no discoloration of my lashes which I found in other products of the market.