After 14 days, you will get a 30% increase in your lashes by using Swiss Apple Stem Cells & Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17. Everyone will see that your lashes are longer and thicker as you used the product.

The product is certified by GMP from the US. The product is absolutely cruelty-free and has never been tested on any animal. The product is the perfect solution for artificial lashes and eyebrows. To ensure quality, the product is tested by the dermatologist in the lab.

The serum is not- irritating and free from allergies. The manufacturer is confident that they have produced the best serum for your eyelashes and eyebrow.

You can buy the product without any hesitation. The product is very simple to use as manufactured in an upgraded eyeliner style. You can take the decision to buy the product after reading the article on eyelash serum reviews

Skinology Cosmeceuticals eyelash serum reviews

If you have thin, small size lashes, you can use Skinology Cosmeceuticals serum. It will make your lashes full, thick, and beautiful. The serum is affordable for all users.

  • The product is very wonderful for eyelashes and eyebrows, 30% will increase the lashes within two
  • Contains Apple Swiss Stem Cells, Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, and Tricholastyl has the very magical power to strengthen the lashes and brows. You will get strong, thick, and beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • Free from allergenic and irritation- tested by the dermatologists and lab

Product Details

  • Item Dimensions:8 x 0.8 x 3.5 inches ; 0.3 ounces
  • ASIN: B01EZ8F2QY
  • transport Weight:3 ounces
  • UPC:637230887530

Utilize and indication:

eyelash serum reviews

If you use the product properly for two weeks, you will get 30% more lashes than before. It is proof of our clinical studies.

Myristoylpentapeptide 17 and Apple Steam Cells will ensure you longer lashes.

The product will increase the length of your lashes. At the same time, this will save from breaking the lashes and increase the density of the lashes.

The product will protect, nourish and moisturize the lashes. The serum will offer you delicate skin around your eyes.

Remove all contact lenses and makeup.  Use the product with an applicator brush every night on the root of the upper lashes.

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Buying suggestion

How to purchase Skinology Cosmeceuticals eyelash serum?

Lots of products on the market, and you need to select the best quality before purchasing any product. Keep in mind that you are buying the product for your eye. So be serious to select the best product.  You just need to know the quality of Skinology Cosmeceuticals eyelash serum.

There are many overseas stores that are selling the same enhancing serum at the same price. But you should know the quality of the product as all the products are not the same and do not have satisfactory results. You should be serious to select the product. You need to know whether the products are authentic or original or fake.

You can observe the reviews Online; you can watch reviews of the different products, and you can watch the YouTube videos online to know details about Skinology Cosmeceuticals eyelash serum

Where could I purchase the Skinology Cosmeceuticals eyelash serum?

So Skinology Cosmeceuticals eyelash serum is a common and very useful product for users. It is very popular for its best result and effectiveness. The price is very affordable. There are many stores that are selling the same product for the same price. Sometimes they demand two or three times more than the real price. The service they offer is not satisfactory. People like to buy the product as the product has honesty and frankness.


For a good result and an effective report, people have a hundred percent satisfaction with using the product. If you are not satisfied with the result, you will get back all your money without asking any questions. You need not return the product to them. The product is totally risk-free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Eyelash Serum review

Question: Why do you suggest using only upper lashes and eyebrows? Does it work on the lower lashes?

Answer: Only some people use it on the upper lashes. I use it on both. I have got a wonderful change.

Question: Will the bottle ensure the original lashes when it will finish?

Answer: I used the bottle for a long time though I have to use the product 2 times a day.

Question: Why do I use contact lenses? I use it only at night.

Answer: It is very safe and danger free.

Question: can you apply it with eyelash extension except for loosening glue?

Answer: It may not release the extension. It will help well. I think for a better result, you can leftover any glue. Then use the serum on your lashes to absorb all scrums you used.

Question: Can I use it on my eyebrows?

Answer: I throw light on the thickness. I see a change on my eyebrow from a great deal of waxing.

Final words

If you order eyelash serum, the product will reach you in a small cardboard box. The scent of the product is very pretty. There is a screw-top to the lid, and a brush is attached to it. When you untie the lid, the brush will come out through a small hole.

The product is very awesome and beautiful. It is effective and useful for you. You can take it where you like. So have a try the product as you learned about the product after reading eyelash serum reviews.