Mascara is a kind of cosmetic use to enrich or enhance eyelashes. It uses to define or thicken the eyelashes and may lengthen, color or curl them rely on the type. It is sold in tacked with a small tube.

A round brush is used to apply the mascara. However, the cake and cream version is found. The wand type was introduced before coming to tube type in 1957. Sometimes it is sold in a little tube, or the beginning is was sold in the form of cake.

From the very beginning of the culture or civilization, cosmetic had been using to darken the eyebrows or eyelashes. The Kama Sutra is a 4th century CE Sanskrit text about love making and love contains eye makeup recipe. The ancient Romans and Egyptians use the eye cosmetics.

In the 1830s, a famous French perfume magnate named Eugene Rimmel commercially brought mascara to the market. His name was co-opted for the word mascara in various languages.

Some people made their mascara, and some were locally marketed. In 1913, some famous industries tried to produce the same thing. T. L. Williams who is the founder of Maybelline combined petroleum jelly as well as dust to make cake mascara.

The product is applied with the help of a moistened brush over the lashes. The next version came from colorant or wax. In the year 1957, the omnipresent tube and stick version was made by the Helena Rubenstein.

Common Ingredients

There are some formulas to produce mascara. There are pigments in all the products. In the USA, federal regulations forbid the utility of pigments taken from tar or coal in eye cosmetics, so mascara uses artificial or natural colors pigments.

The carbon black is the black pigment for most of the mascara recipes, and the iron oxide gives brown colors.

Some formulas use other colors like ultramarine blue. Only one type of mascara that applied waxes, oils, and water. For this kind of mascara, sometimes beeswax is used like paraffin or carnauba.

Oil may be lanolin, mineral, castor oil, linseed oil, eucalyptus, oil of turpentine or sesame oil. In some formulas there is alcohol.

The lotion based formula uses a general ingredient like Stearic acid like ceresin as well as gums such as gum tragacanth and methylcellulose. In some mascara, there is the ophthalmologist also tests the product rayon fibers that make the product more glutinous.

04 Top Mascara – Quick Answers for you

01. L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara
02. COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume Mascara
03. Maybelline Falsies Volum Washable Mascara
04. Bella Eleganze Mascara

Water and Mascara

best clear mascara

Water is a common ingredient to make mascara, but you may hope, the product has H2O that is waterproof. The mascara that is without water, or has the original very small amount, they are also waterproof and should not use if your eyes are wet.

Best clear mascara 2020

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara

L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara

The formula of making Voluminous Original Mascara is great. It is used to resist clumping and extended the lashes up to 5X natural thickness.

The volume strengthens Brush thickness lashes and smoothly or evenly, ensures softness without flaking for a dramatic or full look. It is fragrance-free or clump-resistant. The product is also tested by the ophthalmologist.

Allergy tested. The contact lens users and the sensitive skin holders face no problem. You will get your skin to the targeted level illumination by applying the Magic Lumi Highlighter.

The unique formula extends your complexion or boosts radiance for the subtle luminosity. The velvety and rich formula sashays on squarely or easily and adjusts rapid diminish proof color.

Features of L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara

  • The Volume Maximizing Brush congeals lashes smoothly or evenly and makes lashes soft with virtually no smudges, no flakes or clumps.
  • Suitable for the contact lens users, affect free on sensitive skin and tested by the ophthalmologist. Allergy free.
  • Free from fragrance
  • Washable mascara.
  • Rapid drying
  • Bold
  • Adds volume
  • Enormous brush
  • Great amount of mascara remains with the brush for all the times

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COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume Mascara

COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume Mascara

COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume Mascara ensures the very attractive volume of your lashes by LashBlast. You will get sexy, big, darkness and bombshell lashes which will stay for the whole day having two-sided mascara. The first side increases volume for excellent looking while another side intensifies to seal for a dark finish. They will remain for the whole day.

Be proprietor of voluminous, bold lashes to win the award. LashBlast’s original volume-boosting hypoallergenic mascara is designed well, and the patent- pending design increases the lashes up to 10x to the volume.

Features of COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume Mascara

  • Bombshell Volume Mascara ensures sexy, large and bombshell lashes.
  • Obtain dark intensity and volume concentration in 1 mascara for top bombshell appearance
  • Two sides brush intensifies or volumizer to closure in 1 coat for the all-day finish.
  • Black shade ideal for eye color or skin tone.
  • Finish the look with the help of Covergirl added me.truNakedor Eyeliner will add more noticeable lash for you
  • The brush is very rigid for having fine teeth and not very feathery, though the first coat is not like it is doing much. Subsequent coats may make lashes wonderfully long but do not have clumps and cheap.
  • It has no cons at all

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Maybelline Falsies Volum Washable Mascara

Maybelline Falsies Volum Washable Mascara

This is not mascara rather it is lash glam with a tube. A pro-keratin fiber, as well as patented spoon brush system, build 8x increased volume except clumping.

Uncommon flexible wand aids separate and lift, ensure 3x more lashes. You will get the lash but you will not able to know about it. The technology is dreamy.

This is black. The real black which makes such drama and concentration in the lashes. The mascara goes on simply – little swipes of the wand as well as your lashes, the name deserve, may seem as falsies.

It costs the lashes except feeling heavy or thick, and difficult to make clumps.

Features of Maybelline Falsies Volum Washable Mascara

  • Rapid false lash glam.
  • No gaps and ensure thirty percent more lashes from one corner to another.
  • Uncommon spoon size lashes with the flexible wand.
  • 300% more visible lashes corner-to-corner, no gaps
  • It looks great, wears well and applies easily
  • For humidity and hot Texas summers
  • All waterproof mascaras do not hold up well, many of them are flake and clump
  • Need time to put in

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Bella Eleganze Mascara

Bella Eleganze Mascara

Bella Eleganze 3D Fiber Lash Mascara aid you to get getting the effects of eyelash falsies and extensions and has no more price tag for looking natural lashes.

The lashes will b smudge free, sweet free and waterproof. Unlike traditional mascara, the lashes will not feel clumpy and thick.

It is not like the raccoon look. It is taken from 100 percent Naturel Green Tea Fibers, non-toxic or safe and has no irritating formula which may be used regularly without harmful effects.

Long customizable, wearing. Apply more coats to make the lashes intense and fierce. Without second the late will be Jane to the goddess. Wash faces with warm water to clean the facials.

With just three steps you will get 300 percent more lashes very quickly. Step One makes a good coat of BE sealing Gel from the root to the top of the lashes. Step Two: use dry fiber while the Sealing gel is wet and finally be dry fiber from middle to the end.

Do not use more get to the area near your eyes. Wait for 20 seconds to dry the BE fiber to add your lashes. Again use the Be sealing get to seal more natural fiber with the same place.

Features of Bella Eleganze Mascara

  • Ensure 300% more lashes, and the effect is entirely natural and enjoyable.
  • Excellent new look. The makeup comes with a new package with the similar super formula for the stylish ladies having desire to get fantastic lashes with less or no efforts.
  • Made from natural, safe and non-toxic ingredients
  • Volumized Lashes
  • Lengthened lashes
  • wash-off or easy rinse
  • Doesn’t bleed

[su_column size=”1/2″][su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#bf000a” radius=”0″][su_list icon=”icon: ban” icon_color=”#bf000a”]

  • Repeated or multiple steps

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Clear mascara uses or what are they used for

There are lots of clear mascaras like the other brands of mascara in the market that works well for the eyes. The best way to get the best mascara in the market such as:

  1. As a top coat

To get messy eyelashes or escape the possibility of smudging, you need to use the best brand of mascara after using the natural brand you apply. Use the best product that will last for a long time and at the same time, it is waterproof.

  1. As a base coat

The first aim to use mascara is to use as a base coat. If you utilized in this way, the mascara would work for the same way a hair gel works and makes the eyelashes thicker, darker and super smooth wet.

You should use only one coat of the best brand mascara, make completely dry to use a color brand mascara.

  1. Natural makeup looks

You have a desire to get luscious eyebrows, but you would not like to wear vivid or visible mascara colors. Select this kind of mascara. Mix, this mascara with the tinted facial makeup, may give you loveable natural get up. There is no way to see or detect that you are wearing mascara at all.

Most of the actresses or actors like to wear colorless or color mascara over the skin. They do not like to use makeup like as they like to be sure they are using natural look but still they are great.

  1. Separating Eyelashes and Eyebrows

People who do not like to use colored or tinted mascara brand for a natural look as this will ensure a natural but polished look by differentiating lashes. Ideal for the groom and discrete brows and lashes.

  1. Touch up with stops flaking

After using the colored mascara, you may use this type of mascara brands to touch up on the normal brand to remove flaking. If you have already applied the colored mascara, you should not re-touch the similar mascara as it may cause clumpy, thick or uneven get up of the lashes.

You should better use the best brand of mascara to touch, or they confirm they look tidy, no rough looking or taking happens on eyelashes.

  1. Taming unruly eyebrows

If you have unruly eyebrows, you may use the mascara with the brush before use fingers make even them, so you aspire. They will prevent from being unruly. You may use it after using the eyebrow makeup or alone. If you use them, you look great for having an arch which is well distinct.

  1. Holding curled eyelashes in place

You may use another mascara to fix up your curled lashes to the fix position. After curling the eyelashes, you can use the coat of this type of mascara to confirm the lashes will remain tidy and curved looking.

  1. Good for contact lens wearers

Colorless or clean mascara is a great product for the contact lens users. They are also perfect for the people who have very sensitive skins as they have no pigments present in the colored mascaras.

  1. On lower lashes

Individuals who do not like to use mascara on the lower lash to make them beautiful, they can use the colorless mascara as it will highlight the bottom lash without making it bold.

  1. On most days or on the beach – best clear mascara

Suppose, it is a rainy day, or you are on the beach, using a clear mascara brand is a good idea as the colored mascara may smudge or give you awful raccoon that you do not like. If the mascara is the clean type, there is no chance to see the smudging on your face while melting or rolling down.

The face is the primary organ of women which is the minor details of the whole appearance. The Eyelash Growth Serum for Thick Long Lashes & Eyebrows Enhancer product is excellent for the natural beauty of the lashes. The Eyelash serum is great for making lashes longer, thicker.

There are some important elements in this serum. The items are Swiss Apple Stem Cells, myristoyl pentapeptide, and Botanical Complex Tricholastyl. You may get the desired result only using best clear mascara for two weeks. Most famous celebrities are using the product for a natural look.

How to use Mascara

best clear mascara
  1. Attempt it to the base coat. As you are same as me, one coat of mascara is not all. Apply a light base layer on the clean and dry lashes and then use the black stuff.
  2. Go for some color. To obtain loose powder shadow is a fun, brilliant color such as electric green, purple, blue, and dip the want on it. The twist in the shadow to cover the entire wand and slightly add to your lashes. It makes a stable hue. Rinse the wand and make the lashes dry. Pop on a coat of sealer to clear.
  3. unruly lashes? Use a little amount of mascara. You are able to make the bright shadow comb well to the perfect shape of the brows. Would you like to add color? Then you may try with the shade we have mentioned.
  4. resist the flyaways. At the time of Pulled pack, this will do great work, and you got little frizz up front. Hairspray may draw bugs and offer you helmet hair, but only just small streaks of the strand close to your hairline.
  5. Make pieces bangs. Let not love that attempts piece bang look that celebs obtain? Do think about the Reese Witherspoon and fabulous fringe. The styling cream makes the bang greasy and the hairspray also stick-like. Use a light line of mascara where you would like to separate them. Do work just like the charm.

What is the point of clear mascara?

One should not use clear mascara for darkening the lashes, therefore what is it used for? It serves the similar aim as brown or black mascara. It has a usual purpose to enhance the lashes a bit of curl.

Clear mascara is a very useful thing if you like to tour on a beach for some days if you are running around to resist the raccoon eyes. There is nothing which can prevent mascara at the time of swimming in the water. In such case, it will be better for you to wear waterproof mascara on your face. It does not have huge black runs or clump for the whole day.

You may apply this mascara for your brows also. Since you have a longer eyebrow, the texture of the fresh mascara may aid to keep the eyebrows in place to resist crazy eyebrows which you can use between waxing.

Clear mascara will be worn everyday or for those time which you don’t want to use the mess of black mascara. Move for the natural look and use clear mascara to the bottom or top lashes and attach some curls.

Clear Mascara –After and before using Clear Mascara

Contamination is usual when you use them over colored or neutral mascara colors. This can make it little dirty, dark or cloudy. Be sure you use a clean, dry wand. You should use a fresh dry wand. Do not return it back the tube after using on eyelashes which have other mascara coats. Keep a little amount of this with a lid such as a container and start to use it from there.

Mascara may be used after or before you have curled your lashes. As you use it before, you would like to give you defined eyelashes. Although it may help for ensuring your lash, it will remain in the place. These two uses come with lots of benefits.

Did You Know These Facts About Mascara?

best clear mascara

Only mascara is the product that will remain for a short time. The expiry date of the bottle of mascara after three months of use. If you see the mascara dries, let it throw away. Please do not add water or other liquid to make it moisture for using.

If you use the expired mascara, there is the possibility of the risk of eye irritation or the thinning of the lashes.

Do not lend or borrow mascara as it may invite eye infection.

Keep in mind, do not throw away the mascara wand. You need to clean wand with shampoo and hot water to use it in future for other purposes. They may be utilized for jewelry or some precious ornaments.

Clear Mascara Tips, Secrets, Ideas and Tricks

best clear mascara

The success story starts with the selecting of the best clear mascara from the market. The following step will help you to use it accurately. In this article, you will get some important tricks, ideas, and advice, tips and secrets.

If you choose the best mascara, you must have the surety to get the desired result. Then you need to apply it accurately, and you should follow the following tricks, tips, ideas, and instructions.

Contamination is a common issue of using them in color as well as neutral mascara color. They may make it dirty, dark or cloudy. Be sure you are using the clean and dry wand.

Do not try to back it to the tube after using over the lashes as it has other mascara coats. Use a small amount on a lid just as a container and try to use it from the corner.

You may use it after or before you have curled the eyelashes. If you like to use it before, you desire them to offer the defining eyelashes though this will help you to ensure the lashes.

Using them after making curl, the lashes will remain its place. These two practices will ensure you the best result.

So best clear mascara eyelash serum will do a great job for your lashes. The manufacturers have done a lot of tests and found that their serum is very effective for thick, dark and brows. To see your beauty, other people like to have the product very quickly.

Why You Prefer These Best Clear Mascara

best clear mascara

If you like to be more attractive, you need strong brows and very bold eyelashes. Most of the makeup and wax do not make the lashes impressive. False lashes are not good; they will feel you bad, sometimes they may irritate your eyes. People who like to make a style of the brow, they know well how much difficult to make the lashes styles. It is tough to return the brows if once drop out.

What is the secret information of getting thick, long and beautiful lashes? The answer is Eyelash Serum from Pure Body Naturals! The major their pillars of our beauty products are Swiss Apple Stem Cells, myristoyl pentapeptide, and Botanical Complex Tricholastyl.

Eyelash Growth Serum is our clinical study that the product will increase up to 25% of your lashes within two weeks of proper use. The product prevents the loss of lashes and ensures long and wonderful lashes. The product is not very simple to use like other product. The eyeliner style of applicator helps to use the product safely and naturally.

How do you purchase the best clear mascara?

best clear mascara

There are many Eyelash Growth Serum in the market now. You need to buy the original one. Be smart to choose the Lash. You have many opportunities to choose the product. If you have a lack of knowledge, you can see the reviews of the users on Online, you can see the details of the product, you can watch the YouTube videos, etc.

But you should not buy the fake product. Many stores and shops are selling the same product. But the results of these products are not very good. You should purchase the best quality product and original product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Best Clear Mascara

do the lashes go back to its original condition if does not use consistently?

For my health issue I would like to go back to my thin and hardly lashes.

Do you use eyelash extension?

I have no idea about it, but it does not do anything for my lashes. I decided to buy it again.

is it useful for eyebrows?

Yes. I tweezed little hair from my eyes. I pulled some lashes from my eyes.

Can I use it with the extension?

I used it with extension

when will you see the result?

I have to wait for two weeks to see the wonderful effect. I will keep update to see the consistent effect.

Is it applied to animals?

it is never tested on animals.

Mascara may be used for all eyelashes, though some people like to use it only above the eye.

Wiggling the using brush on the base of lashes may help to look the lashes fuller or to drag it in a zig-zag way reduces clumping.

The second coat of application is the best as the previous coat will help to clump.

Mascara is used to the delicate part of the body. So you should not keep a tube for a long time to use as the old product may invite bacteria into eyes and may cause a serious health hazard.

Most of the mascara contains an antibacterial agent that may be active for six weeks, or anything over four months must need to replace. The product that creates irritation or smell or has a changed texture should be discarded.


Clear mascara may be used just like this on the lash without applying any other mascara products or with the combination of other products like colored or dark mascara. Suppose clear mascara may be used to prep the lashes.

For this, they do not stick to stick with other while using colored mascara. With the color combination, the lashes seem thicker and darker as more pigment may add the lashes. Colored mascara is applied as a top coat to escape from the possibilities of smudging. It may be used to touch up the before the applied layer of colored or dark mascara.