The Best Galaxy Lash Serum Reviews

Galaxy lash serum is the best product for the growth of eye hair and eyelashes. The product used by the industry professionals having patented proprietary peptide blend. The product is tested by the dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested. Within fourteen days you will get a good result. It is the report of 97% women that the product develops the fullness, 100% reported the overall development of the lashes and 98% reported to use mascara.

Galaxy Lash Serum - #1

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This is number 1 and most, famous eyelash growth product. The product is manufactured by patented, proprietary peptide blend and luxurious lashes except for a prescription proprietary peptide blend galaxy lash. It ensures the best quality elements backed by science which gives you with luxurious lashes within 14 days clinical results.

Features of Galaxy Lash Serum

  • Eight week supply
  • Clinically and sensitivity tested
  • Paraben free and has no artificial color
  • Safety sealed
  • Free from fragrance
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Elegant and fuller lashes
  • Patented formula and result in 14 days
  • Advanced peptides develop the lash growth.



The good side of the product is that the dermatologists and ophthalmologist test all the elements before sending it to market. So I love the product very much. The name Galaxy Lash Serum is such kind of product. Along with making the lashes full and length, the product nourishes and feeds the lashes.

Active constituent – highly developed Peptide

I like the product very much as the elements are tested well and designed to make the lashes full and thick. There is a peptide blend which is very useful for those need it.

Easiness & expediency of Usage

You can use the product daily two times. One in the morning and other in the evening for two weeks. The smell is very good. You can keep the product in your vanity bag as the product is small in size and convenient.


It is very minor and little. The directions are not clear.

Galaxy lash serum ingredients

Generally, a product is the combinations of many ingredients. You have to know well about the ingredients of the product. Read the features well to know details about all products.

Accumulating of harmful ingredients bring negative result instead of the positive result. This unique peptide is created only for longer and fuller eyelashes. One can use this peptide without any prescription. But the same type of peptide requires it some other cases.

The instructions on how to use the serum

  • Stir bottle
  • Use twice a day on the base of the lash, not on the last
  • Apply on skin free of eye creams or makeup
  • Use more moisten but not drip into the eyes
  • Make it completely dry prior using mascara or makeup.

For the first time I used the serum on my eyelid, I failed to feel it. This is very easy and lightweight to use. In the morning I wash my face, and it requires more seconds to add Galaxy Lash on my eyelids. Usually, I do the same thing before bedtime, and this is my usual routine. I have no negative effects or any irritation round my eyes.

I have lots of positive effects that I have noticed from the first week of using it.

  • Darker Lashes
  • Fuller Lashes
  • Softer Lashes

Easy To apply Galaxy Lash Serum

The bottle looks like a mascara bottle and very easy to unscrew it. With the wand, you can use it on your lashes easily. The only difference than a mascara is the end of the wand. There is a tiny thin brush. At first, I feel problem to use it. The very carefully use it on the base of the lashes. I like to use it close to the eyes. But I am careful enough to use it. I never let it go to my eyes.

Well-matched with Makeup

If you like to use makeup you need not think much. Use the serum and wait sometimes, and do continue the same using shadow, mascara, and liners. The Galaxy serum will leave no negative effect on your make up and have not any blotches.

Galaxy Lash Serum

Amazing submission Brush

Brush just like eyelash serum can damage it. The Galaxy Lash Serum cartridge sold with a small, sturdy brush. The brush is firm, accurate and pointed to each application of the product. I have tried many products and gathered much experience. Amazing submission Brush is the only product that has a good quality brush.

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Buying Guide of Galaxy Lash Serum

Why you select galaxy lash serum

The product kept in a sealed box. There are also lists of elements in the box. The instruction is very easy to read, and the serums are written well. There is no smell of the serum. It is very easy to use.  Below it, there is a picture of the applicator.

There is a small brush with it. You can use it as eyeliner on your eyelashes. You can use it daily. The way of using is very simple. I love the serum, and so I use it every night. All the result of the product is good to me. So you can try it on your own.

How to Purchase Galaxy Lash Serum?

Galaxy Lash Serum

There are lots of ways to know the best product. You can read the review of the product on online. See the details of the product. You have the chance to watch the YouTube videos and must buy the best product.

You need to be serious to buy the real product.

There are many overseas countries that are producing the same galaxy lash product, and they are some original, and some are fakes. You should choose the original product.

Some fake products are selling with the same price of the original one.

You can read the real visitors review to know details about the product.

Where could I purchase Galaxy Serum?

So Galaxy Lash Serum is the first choice for the users for its effectiveness. The price is also affordable. There are some shops that are selling the same product with two or three times higher than the real price. The reality is that they do not ensure a good result.

It will take only 24 hours, and then you will get the product on your hand.

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Product Info – Galaxy Lash Serum

  • Shipping Weight:3 ounces
  • UPC:025173002002
  • ASIN: B00ICO4F3Y

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Galaxy Lash Serum

Question: How long will you use the bottle?

Answer: You can use the bottle for eight weeks. If you do not use a lot of times, it will remain for a long time.

Question: Will it make the eyes brown? I have green eyes. It is my concern.

Answer:  I have green and haven’t changed yet. I do not understand the question. It has not changed. I am not sure why it will change.

Question: Does it make the eyelashes thick or long?

Answer: I used the product for two weeks, and it seems that the lashes are thicker.

Question: Can I use it on my eyebrow?

Answer:  Yes, if you desire, you can. I have a bushy eyebrow. I never used it on my eyebrow. My mother in law used it and got a positive result.

Question: Do you like to use the product on your lower lashes?

Answer: Yes, if you use the product different times of the day, you will get the best result.

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Final Verdict

Galaxy Lash Serum is the best product on the market now. The dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested the product. There is no real product like this.

About 96% women reported that the product is the best to enhance the lashes within 14 days. It is the report of 96% women that the product increases the fullness of the lashes, 100% has seen the overall dev-tested Ment of the lashes.