The fuller, natural and denser eyebrows add to the beauty of the regular face. Scanty, light, dull, and misshapen eyebrows fetch the negative points. They do not make the appearance attractive.

You can do it at your home or do it in a salon. You can make natural and perfect brows by doing some tasks.

Though it is somewhat challenging. There are some methods by which you can make denser and darker appearance. They are stated below:

Pluck, Shape and Fill

The practice of over plucking makes the brows thin and hampers the growth of it. This makes a poor frame for the eyes and makes a misbalance of the brows along with the other features of the brows.

Women should not pluck eyebrows very frequently or very much. It makes the brows thin.

At the time of shaping the eyebrows, arching them out make a fuller and a prettier appearance.

If you get extra hair hanging outside the shaped eyebrow, you can think that it will ruin the appearance of the brows. So you think it is a must to remove it.

You are suggested to visit a salon or meet with the expert or professional to pluck the eyebrows.

If someone uses an appropriate colored eye pencil to refine or darken the brow, it will make the brows darker and denser.

Applying filters of a shade lighter than the normal hair color is very effective for the same purpose.

Colour With Eyebrow Dyes

You can make the eyebrow darken if you dye them with the synthetic dyes particularly made for the eyebrows, not for the hair.

Therefore one important factor is that to choose the best shade of the dye. It must be ensured that the brows will seem very natural. Its color will be lighter than the normal hair color.

How To Get Darker Eyebrows

Therefore people must select the best dye that is a few shades lighter instead of normal hair color.

You have to grip in mind that the dyeing eyebrows with the natural eyebrows may seem artificial or odd.

One needs to use dye with caution as the instruction given for the dye kit. This chemical may cause allergy or irritation when it enters into the eyes.

Therefore, you must be cautious at the time of using the dye on the brows. You need to keep the dye on the eyes only for the specified time given in the instruction.

The exact use of dye on the brows may enhance the getup and appearance of the eyes.

Apply Mascara

The best and popular method of darkening the eyebrows in the day time is using mascara on them. The ideal system to use mascara on them is very simple.

How To Get Darker Eyebrows

At first, you need to dip the mascara brush into the tube and coat the brush with mascara as you need.

Then wipe off the excess liquid to the edges of the tube and gently swipe the mascara-laden brush over the eyebrows.

After that, wipe the brush smoothly to be sure that mascara does not smudge, and eyebrow appears very dark.

A little bit touch up after using the mascara aids to make the brows more natural of the eyebrows.

Darkening Eyebrows Through Eye-Shadow

The third way of darkening the eyebrow is an eye shadow. The method is the easiest; there is no doubt. But the downside is that it comes off very rapidly, so one needs to reuse frequently.

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  • Take a good type of shadow brush and enter it to the color which is just same as the color of the original eyebrow.
  • Stroke the brush to the eyebrows to make the brows fuller and darker.
  • Select a lighter shade instead of earlier one and then brush the color on the eyebrow lightly it does not end up with the very dark eyebrow.


Darkening Your Eyebrows Naturally

Crush hibiscus blossoms. These flowers will make curls grow fuller and darker. It is possible to grind a hibiscus blossom with a pestle and mortar until it’s a fine glue. Put on the hibiscus blossom paste for your eyebrows. Leave it for 25-30 minutes then wash it off using warm water.

  • These blossoms are probably secure but check with your doctor if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, have diabetes, low blood pressure, or are considering having surgery.

Use olive oil immediately. There’s vitamin A olive oil which helps hair growth and vitamin E which nourishes hair strands. Rub olive oil on your eyebrows before going to bed then wash it off in the afternoon. Use the oil nightly.

  • You might also add lavender or rosemary essential oils into olive oil to boost hair growth.
  • Be cautious if you’ve got sensitive skin since oil may cause breakouts.

There are enzymes from aloe vera which may moisturize your own eyebrows and make them darker and thicker. Apply aloe vera juices or extracts on eyebrows for 30 minutes then wash off it. Do this every day.

  • Iron and Vitamin E oil assist your eyebrows grow. Coconut oil helps reduce protein loss which makes your eyebrows more powerful. Scrub coconut oil in your own brows and leave it in immediately. Try to do this each evening.
  • This won’t darken the true color of your brows, but it might assist them look thicker, which might make them seem fuller and somewhat darker.


  • You may want to form your eyebrows until you darken them.
  • Utilize a angled brush when applying makeup
  • Should you’re feeling uneasy perishing your eyebrows, have a buddy or specialist do it.


Don’t use permanent hair dye to whiten your eyebrows because it might cause irreversible harm if it warms into your eye

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