Eyelashes make the structure of the eyes and draw the attention of the face and make the eyes more beautiful. Women are now very conscious of the lashes. If the lashes fall out or are thin, they become more aware.

There are many artificial ways to make the lashes more beautiful and attractive named false lashes, eyelashes extensions and mascara.

These things make the lashes weaker. There are ten remedies under here which will aid you to make the lashes longer and thicker for real.

Why do you care about your lashes

Folks joke that this leaves the lashes the drapes. They have a point. The lashes, as delicate as they are, could alter how the eyes appear. On the reverse side, if you do not keep your attention lashes you may wind up looking tired and dull.

It’s very important to look after this sensitive location. Below are a few hints about the best way best to look after your own eyelashes.

Eyelashes, however little they are, have an influence on how a woman appears. Powerful, long, and full lashes usually signify a joyful, healthy, and gorgeous woman. It’s very important to look after this sensitive and subtle attribute. Through these hints, you may do that.

Castor oil

Wonderful, it is one of the best types of home tips and remedies about how to make the eyelashes longer is simple and pure, organic castor oil. It aids to make the lashes longer, thicker and stronger.

It also aids to grow stronger. If you like to avoid getting a thick mess on your eyes, use castor oil on your lashes with a brush before going to bed, keep it for the whole night. This may moisturize and encourage growth naturally.

The oil is very good for softening the lips. If your lips are choppy and dry, do not forget to dab your lip with the finger straight on your lips.

Vitamin E

Using vitamin E is another way to grow your lashes longer. You have already known that vitamin E is a good treating blemish on the skin.

Do you know it will aid in growing the lashes longer or thicker? Break open a couple of vitamins E and use them on your lashes to nourish the, brush them, and thicken them up.

Natural oils

Natural oil may aid in making the lashes grow longer. You can moisturize the lashes with the natural oils: coconut oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, rosehip oil, burdock root oil, argon oil, sesame oil, and linen oil.

How To Get Fuller Eyelashes

Soak the oil on the cotton ball and wipe it on your lashes before you go to bed. Then wash it in the morning, and the natural oil moisturizes, improves and nourishes the growth and makes the lashes healthy and strong.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk also makes your lashes longer, and thicker through its protein and essential fats. Moreover, it adds a beautiful shine to the lashes. Therefore what is the way to make the lashes longer and thicker with the coconut oil?

Take some coconut oil and soak it with the cotton ball. Use it on your lashes and wait for ten minutes, then rinse it off. To get the best result do it one or two times a day for few months.

Lavender Essential Oil And Coconut Oil

Lavender oil has the superb power to grow or increase the hair and aid to remove harmful radicals though coconut oil is soothing and nutrient-rich. Besides, it comprises antimicrobial and antibacterial agents.

How To Get Fuller Eyelashes

You have to mix the lavender oil and coconut oil together. By the help of a cotton swab or the finger, use it on your lashes.

Lemon Peels

The lemon peels are good sources of vitamin B and vitamin C, folic acid and some other nutrients which boost the growth of eyelashes. Since infused with olive oil and Castrol oil, they may aid encourage the cleansing and stimulating properties of the oil.

You have to keep moderate dried lemon peels in a container. Then pour more olive oil or Castrol oil into that container. Therefore the peels get soaked. Set it for a few weeks and then apply the oil on the eyelashes with an old mascara stick prior to taking the bed.

Preserve it for the whole night and in the morning wash them off with warmer water. It is suggested to do the tips for the couples of months.

Shea Butter

In Shea butter, there is vitamin B, and E. All nourish the eyelashes; make them thicker as well as stronger with the passage of time. There is also a potent moisturizing agent which makes the lashes hydrated.

With the help of a cotton swab gently massage a little amount of Shea butter on the lashes. Store them for ten to fifteen minutes and after that wash away the eyes by cooling water. You can do the practice three times every week to see the desired result within a short period.

Almond Oil

In almond oil, there is vitamin E and antioxidants. They help the hair development and growth. The almond oil is a good option to nourish the eyelashes. The oil is rich in vitamin E it also includes antioxidant qualities which allow the lashes to thrive.

How To Get Fuller Eyelashes

All the above-referred home remedies are very good options to increase the fake and false mascara. These home-made remedies are safer, more efficient and cheaper comparatively as they give long-lasting result.

How much effective of the treatment for the poor eye nutrition and hygiene? So, it is suggested to use any home remedy options you like to use with exact eye hygiene as well as a diet.

Daily washing your face will keep the face away from the bacteria and dirt. Besides eating foods having more vitamins A, B and C and rich in protein will give the lashes a nutritional boost. They have to maintain the growth and health of the lashes.

You should not do the activities which accelerate to shed the eyelashes of your eyes. They may have a server to counteract the effects of whatever the growth remedy you like to ensure.

Method 2- Using Makeup to Lengthen Lashes

How To Get Fuller Eyelashes

You can use mascara to create the lashes longer. If you like to get instant changes, you may use mascara or eyelash curler.

  • Wearing eyeliner with mascara can make the lashes very thick. Replace mascara with a new one after four months to ensure that it will not crumble, ruin or dry out the lashes.
  • Be sure all the lashes are separated one from another, and you have applied from the root to the lashes tip. Blot the mascara wand on a newspaper towel or Kleenex to resist clumping.
  • Some people have the notion that using two mascaras on the top of every other ensure more volume and length.
  • You may use false eyelashes. You may buy the eyelashes from the stores, or you may ask the professionals to use them in a salon.
  • At first, measure the lashes, then trim to fit with the scissors. At the time of using glue, be sure the glue is tacky. Instead, it can pings off.
  • Use the glues to the end of the lashes since they are very likely to come off. You can apply tweezers to fix the false lashes. Notice that you are using the false lashes closed. Catch the lashes down till it dries.

How To Get Fuller Eyelashes

Keep baby powder on your lashes. Use a regular coat of mascara on your eyelashes, coating the front side and gently rolling to the back.

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  • Dust the eyelashes with the baby powder. To do so, you can use a finger or a brush. The eyelashes must be whitish color.
  • Remove the excess or baby powder which has fallen around the eyes with the soft brush. Use the second coat of mascara on the baby powder; use an eyelash comb or a small brush to remove any bigger clamps.


Apply product sparingly. Do not make lashes very thick. If you make them thicker, it may damage more.

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  • Give a break to your eyes. It is not better to use mascara every day as it can dry out the lashes.
  • Likely, fake lashes may be more of a temporary boost for the special occasions as the glue may make the lashes brittle and weak. Then lessen eyelash curler usage. Put chemicals on your eyelashes, dry them regularly and make them thinner. Applying an eyelash curler creates damage and breakage.


Use a growth serum. There are many chemical products which claim that they can make the lashes longer and thicker.

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  • Some growth serum comes with the mascara wand. See the mascara that has all the ingredients.
  • You need to use a serum like to apply mascara and use it with mascara may thicken your lashes.


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