Eyelash are human hairs on the upper and lower eyelids. Each eyelid has layers of eyelashes within a row, we can have three to five layers of eyelashes in the eyelid which protect and frame the eyes. It can be enhanced by using different serum.


Eyelash Growth Serum

The solution of best lashes of how to make eyelashes longer is to use a good kind of eyelash growth serum. The products will help you to get eyelashes naturally. There are some elements of the eyelash growth that will help to strengthen the lashes naturally and resist breakage or disorder of damage. So you should be cautious to choose a product as there are so many unsafe and ineffective products in the market.

Eyelash Growth Serum - Do they work?

Eyelash serum is a product that is used to help promote the growth and length of eyelashes. There are both prescription-strength versions of eyelash serum as wel as versions that can be purchased over the counter at a drug store.

You need to search for some enhancer that will provide long full and thick lashes. One question always haunts them if the eyelash enhancer really works or not and how to make eyelashes longer.

Among the different eyelash enhancer, only a few Eyelash Growth Enhancer is the best one which is proved by the FDA and is only one suggested eyelash enhancement for the people who possess few eyelashes. If the product works for the people who gathered experience eyelashes for alopecia is not verified enough. Some reports prove that only Smartlash contains prostaglandin effective elements. Truly increase eyelashes.

The question eyelash works or not, this is a debating one but reports say that some people use the product for 3 months and they have got long thick and dark lashes. But there are reports that some people have not got any positive result. So the best thing is to read the reviews before buying a product named eyelash growth enhancer.

How to make and eyelash serum to grow Long eyelashes

Castor oil-new

Step - 01

Add one tea spoon castor oil to a small container

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Step 02

Add one tea spoon coconut oil to the container

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Step  - 03

Add additional oil like jojoba, sweet almond or a vitamin E capsule

Step  - 05

Apply the serum to your lashes with a cotton swab or a spoolie brush

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fysiko eyelash growth serum review

Step - 04

Mix the serum with a small spatula or toothpick

Step - 06

Apply the serum every night before bed, so that, it can soak in overnight

Step  - 07

Wipe the serum off your eyes in the morning

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