There are many different types of glues available that you can use when applying your falsies. These include toners, gels, and even liquids. But today, we’ll look at the Duo Eyelash Glue and how to apply it.

The Duo is an easy-to-apply glue that comes in two parts. The first part contains the duo adhesive, and the second contains the eyelash glue. You simply mix them before using them. It’s very simple to use and lasts up to 8 hours.

How To Apply Duo Eyelash Glide For Long Lasting Beautiful Lashes?

Step 1: Take the Duo lash glue container and remove the lid.

Step 2: Remove the cap on the top of the bottle and place the Duo Eyelash adhesive inside.

Step 3: Mix the Duo Eyelash Adhesive with the Duo Eyelash Lash Glue until they’re combined into one.

Step 4: You must apply this mixture to your real lashes.

Step 5: Once applied, wait 10 minutes before removing any excess glue.

Step 6: After waiting 10 minutes, gently pull off any excess glue.

You may need to reapply Duo Eyelash glue if you want longer-lasting lashes.

How to Put on Fake Eyelashes in Easy Steps

  1. Take your lash curler and curl your natural lashes upwards. This will help create a fuller appearance.
  1. Next, take a pair of tweezers and pick up one of the individual lashes. You want to place the tip of the
    lash right underneath your eye.
  2. Now, gently push down the fake lashes until the glue comes into contact with your natural upper lashes.

Hopefully, this tutorial has helped you get started with applying fake eyelashes. We’ve given you all the information you need to know, and now you’re ready to create some amazing looks.

How to apply false eyelashes like a pro?

It’s important to remember that false eyelashes aren’t meant to last forever. They’re only meant to give you an extra boost of confidence when you feel like you need them. So it’s best to avoid putting them in every day. Instead, we suggest doing it once a week or even once a month. That way, you won’t end up with any clumps of glue left behind.

Frequently asked question

How long do lashes stay on with duo glue?

Lashes stay on for around 6 hours. However, if you have a lot of makeup, they may come off sooner than expected. So make sure you don’t wear too much makeup when wearing false lashes.

Is there any risk of getting glue on my eyes?

No, Duo adhesive doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals. It’s made from natural ingredients like beeswax and almond oil.

What about the smell?

The scent of lash adhesive isn’t overpowering, so you shouldn’t find it unpleasant.

Are there any other benefits?

Yes, there are several benefits to using Duo eyelash adhesive:
It lasts longer than most other types of glue. It’s also great for those who suffer from allergies as it doesn’t contain any latex or perfume.
It’s also hypoallergenic, which makes it ideal for people who have sensitive skin. It’s also suitable for pregnant women because it’s safe to use during pregnancy.

Why not try Duo Eyelash Glove?

If you love Duo but don’t fancy having to mix it yourself, then why not try Duo Eyelock instead? It’s similar to Duo, but it’s already mixed. Simply peel away the backing and apply it directly to your lashes.

Which glue should I use for faux lashes?

We recommend trying both Duo and Duo eyelock. Both of these work well and have their unique advantages. So whichever type you decide to use, just make sure you follow our instructions above.

Do you use Duo Eyelash Glare?

If you’d prefer something more intense, then Duo Eyelash Glare would be perfect for you. It’s a little bit stronger than Duo but still provides a nice amount of hold.

Where can I buy Duo Eyelash Glue?

Duo Eyelash Glue is available at Boots and Superdrug. However, if you’re looking for Duo Eyelock, then you’ll need to visit


In conclusion, Duo Eyelash Glue is a good choice if you want to save time and effort. However, if you’re looking for something a little more powerful, then Duo Eyelash Glow may be better suited. Either way, they’re both easy to use and provide a very professional look.