Mascaras are a must-have for every woman’s eye makeup kit, but applying them can be tricky. The problem is that most mascaras contain ingredients that dry out and irritate the skin around your eyes. This irritates and makes it difficult to get a smooth product application. This article will show you how to apply mascara without making a mess or irritating your eyes. 

What are some tried and tested hacks for applying mascara without getting it on your eyelid?

Let’s get started.

1. Don’t use too much

If you’re using a thick formula like waterproof mascara, then you’ll want to avoid overdoing it. You don’t need to go overboard with the excess product you use; just make sure you cover each lash and keep the brush clean between coats.

2. Use the right brush

If you want to keep your mascara from running down your face, you need a good quality mascara brush that lets you evenly coat each and every lash.

There are many different types of mascara wands, but the most important thing to think about is whether or not they are soft enough to blend the product into your lashes without hurting them.

3. Start at the base

If you start from the bottom of your lashes, you won’t have to worry about any unwanted fallout. Go from roots to tips. 

This means you’ll also be able to see where you missed out on coating your lashes, so you can correct any mistakes before they become visible.

4. Apply the product slowly

The last thing you want is to accidentally rub the bristles against your eyes, which could irritate. Instead, take your time and apply the product gently.

5. Keep your hands dry

When you’re applying your favorite mascara, it’s easy to forget that your hands are covered in product. To avoid this, try keeping them dry by holding them behind your back or under your armpit.

6. Avoid touching your eyes

As tempting as it might be to touch your eyes while you’re applying a volumizing mascara, resist the urge – it’s better to leave it until after you’ve finished.

7. Cleanse first

Before applying your mascara, ensure you’ve washed your face properly. This way, you’ll remove any dirt and oil that could interfere with the application process.

8. Make sure your lashes aren’t wet

As tempting as it might be, don’t apply mascara to wet lashes. They’re more likely to run than dry ones, which makes it harder to control the amount of product you’re putting on. 

9. Let it set

Once you’ve applied your mascara, let it set for around five minutes before removing it. This gives your upper eyelashes time to absorb the product and helps prevent flaking.

10. Blend away

After letting your lashes set for a few minutes, give them a final look over. You could use a lash primer for that. Blend your lower and upper lashes together using an eyeshadow blending brush, and you should be left with perfectly defined lashes.

11. If you do get mascara on your eyelids, don’t panic. Just wipe it off immediately with a tissue or cotton bud dipped in cold water.

12. If you do get it on your clothes, wash them off immediately.

13. And if you do get it on yourself, try not to panic. Wash your face and body thoroughly with soap and warm water, and then rinse well.

What is the best way to avoid getting mascara on your eyelid in the first place?

1) Buy a cheap mascara (like $1-2). It doesn’t matter what brand, but it has to be inexpensive. The cheaper, the better. This will help you learn how to apply mascara correctly.

2) Use mascara with a waterproof formula. I use Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara because it works and lasts all day long. However, you may need to reapply it throughout the day.

3) Don’t use too much. Too much mascara can lead to clumping and smudging.

4) Brush your lashes first. Using a mascara wand allows you to coat each individual lash instead of just one big blob.

5) Start at the base of your lashes. Applying mascara at the base of your lash prevents it from running down your cheek.

6) Apply only enough to cover your lashes. Do not apply too much.

7) Wait 5 minutes between coats. After applying the first coat, wait 5 minutes before applying another coat. This ensures that the first coat sets properly.

8) Wipe away excess. Once you have applied the last coat, blot your lashes with a clean tissue or cotton ball.

9) Blot again. Blot your lashes once more to ensure no excess mascara remains.

10) Dry your lashes. Allow your lashes to air dry completely.

How do you remove mascara from your eyelid if you get it on there?

1) Wet a tissue or cotton swab with water.

2) Dip the cotton swab into some rubbing alcohol. Rub the cotton swab over the area where the mascara was applied.

3) Repeat this process until the mascara comes off.

4) Rinse the area with cold water.

5) Pat dry with a towel.

6) Apply makeup remover to the area and rub gently.

7) Wash your face and body thoroughly.

8) Try not to panic.

9) If you do get it anywhere else, try not to panic. Instead, simply wash it off with soap and warm water.

10) If you do get any on your clothing, simply wash it off with soap.

11) Finally, pat dry with a towel and proceed to step 12.

12) If you do get anything on your skin, try not to panic. Just wash it off with soap, and you should be fine.

13) If you do get something on your hair, shampoo, and condition as usual.

14) If you do get mascara anywhere else, repeat steps 1 through 13.

What are some of the most common mistakes people make when applying mascara?

1) Not using enough product.

2) Overdoing it.

3) Putting on too much product in one go.

4) Smearing it around the eyes.

5) Getting mascara on their eyes.

6) Reapplying too often.

7) Not waiting enough time after applying the first coat.

8) Not wiping off excess.

9) Trying to remove it by themselves.

10) Taking too long to remove it.

11) Not knowing how to remove it.

12) Not washing their hands properly after applying makeup.

13) Touching their eyes.

14) Using products that aren’t suitable for their skin type.

15) Not following directions.

16) Not taking the time to understand what they are doing.

17) Not understanding the difference between waterproof and smudge-proof mascaras.

18) Not understanding the difference among different types of mascaras.

19) Not being able to see clearly while wearing mascara.

20) Not knowing how to use a brush correctly.

How can you tell if your mascara is starting to dry out and needs to be replaced?

1) It starts to flake.

2) You start seeing black specks all over your face.

3) Your mascara looks clumpy.

4) The formula becomes thick and sticky.

5) Your mascara no longer holds up well against sweat.

6) It feels heavy on your lashes.

7) It takes more than one application to cover your lashes.

8) Your lashes look like they have been plucked.

9) You notice that your lashes are falling out.

10) Your lashes look spidery.

11) Your lashes appear short and sparse.

12) Your lashes feel scratchy or rough.

13) Your lashes begin to fall out.

14) Your lashes become brittle.

15) Your lashes break off.

16) Your lashes turn into wispy strands.

17) Your lashes appear to be fake.

18) Your lashes appear to have been glued together.

19) Your lashes appear to grow out from your eyes.

20) Your lashes appear to stick out.

What are some tips for choosing the right mascara for your needs?

1) Choose a mascara with an easy-to-use applicator.

2) Look for a mascara that has a good hold but doesn’t make your lashes feel stiff or crunchy.

3) Try a few different kinds until you find one that works best for you.

4) If you wear contact lenses, ask your eye doctor about using a special mascara designed for people who wear contacts.

5) Ask your friends which kind of mascara they prefer.

6) Make sure you know how to remove any mascara that gets in your eyes.

7) Be careful not to rub your eyes when removing mascara. Rubbing your eyes can cause irritation and damage to your cornea.

8) Brush your lashes gently after applying mascara. This helps prevent clumping and smudging.

9) When removing mascara, use warm water and gentle soap. Don’t scrub your lashes.

10) Use cotton swabs to clean under your eyes.

11) Avoid rubbing your eyes too much. Rubbing may irritate your eyes and cause redness.

12) Never put anything other than water on your lashes. Anything else could hurt them.

13) Keep your mascara container closed tightly so that air cannot enter and contaminate the product.

14) Store your mascara in a cool place where it won’t freeze.

15) Replace your mascara every three months.

16) To avoid drying out your mascara, don’t store it near heat sources such as radiators or stoves.

17) After each use, rinse your mascara brush thoroughly under running water.

18) Do not use makeup remover containing alcohol. It will dry out your lashes and cause them to flake.

19) Remove all traces of makeup before bedtime.

20) Consider wearing colored false eyelashes if you want to try a new color. They’re inexpensive and easy to remove.

How do you properly care for and store your mascara to extend its lifespan?

1) Always keep your mascara in a cool, dry place.

2) Shake it well before opening the cap.

3) Close the cap securely after each use.

4) Store it upright in a cool, dark place.

5) Keep it away from sunlight, heat, and humidity.

6) Never expose it to extreme temperatures.

7) Throw away old mascara.

8) Wash your hands immediately after handling mascara.

9) Discard unused mascara containers.

10) If you have trouble removing mascara, soak a cotton ball in acetone (a nail polish remover). Then dab it onto the affected area.


Mascara is a very important part of any woman’s beauty routine. But, make sure you are applying it correctly and using the right products. Remember, sometimes less is more. So, don’t go overboard with it. Just apply as needed and rock the look.