Your eyelashes are just too short, and you don’t have time to curl them, but if there was a way to give you long-lasting curls every time, it would be perfect.

If your life is busy like mine, then I am sure most of us can relate to this feeling at some point. That’s why the best method for creating beautiful lashes is by using an Eyelash Curler regularly so they will stay curled.

This article will cover the best methods for using an eyelash curler and how it can make your lashes look amazing.

How To Use an Eyelash Curler for a Stay-all-Day Curl

Eyelash curlers are one of those things we’ve been told over and over again to do but never really did. They’re expensive, take up space, and seem like something you’d use only occasionally—but that’s just because we haven’t done it properly. So if you want to curl your eyelashes every day without spending hours at the beauty counter, here’s how to do it.

Clean Your Lashes First

A clean face is essential to any skincare treatment and makeup routine, including your eyelashes. If you want to keep your eyes looking bright and awake throughout the day, taking care of your lash line is vital. After washing your face with a gentle facial cleanser, gently pull your lashes through your eye makeup. Make sure no remnants of makeup or makeup remover products are left behind.

Choose the Right Curle

When choosing a lash curling tool, there are many factors, such as size, design, material, price, and even how well it fits your hand. When it comes to curling lashes, it’s important to choose a product that allows you to achieve the desired look without causing damage to your eyes. Here are some tips to help you select the best lash curler for your needs:

  1. Size matters
    If you’re looking for a full set of lashes, start with a curler that holds approximately 50 lashes. For those who want to add length to their existing lashes, go with a curler that can hold up to 30 lashes.
  2. Material Matters
    The type of metal used to make the curler affects the product’s durability. Stainless steel is considered one of the most durable materials, while aluminum is lightweight and easy to maneuver. Titanium is very strong and flexible; however, it isn’t recommended because it doesn’t hold up over time and can easily break.
  3. Grip Matters
    Look for a curler with a firm grip so you don’t have to worry about losing control when curling lashes. On the other hand, a soft grip may be too slippery, making it difficult to get a tight curl.
  4. Design Matters
    Curling tools come in different shapes and sizes. Some are designed to fit into the palm of your hand, while others require a lot of dexterity to work. The shape also influences how much control you have over the curl.
  5. Price Matters
    Curling tools range from $10 to $100+. You’ll need to decide what you’re willing to spend based on your budget.
  6. How Well It Fits Your Hand Matters
    Some people find it easier to curl lashes using a brush than a curler. Others prefer to use a curler because it gives them more control over the curl.
  7. Consider Other Tools
    There are other ways to curl lashes besides curlers. There are lash combers, similar to curlers, but instead of holding lashes, they push them out. Lash combs are great for creating a natural, undone look. Another option is the lash wand, which is a small wand that curls lashes by pulling them through a heated barrel.
  8. Know What Works for You
    Many different types of curlers are available, including ones made specifically for women with sensitive skin. Take note of the ingredients listed on the packaging before purchasing. You should avoid products that contain alcohol, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, and petroleum jelly.
  9. Don’t Forget About Aftercare
    Always remove any residue with a cotton pad when applying mascara or eyeliner. This will prevent irritation to your eyes. If you wear contact lenses, rinse them thoroughly after removing makeup.
  10. Get Into Position
    Once you’ve got a clean lash curler, the best way to start is to tilt your head slightly in the mirror, open up the lash curler, and then just gently lift the curler over your upper lash line. You want to get as close to the lash line as possible without pinching it and then just slowly pinch it while looking in the mirror

Apply a Lash Primer

After curling, we recommend applying a quality lash primer before applying mascara. This helps keep your lashes hydrated, plump up, and add volume without clumping. Use a light hand and apply just enough to coat your lashes evenly. You want to avoid getting too much product on your brush, as it could cause clumps and fall out.

Apply Your Favorite Mascara

Once you’ve curled your lashes, it’s important to go over them again with mascara to seal the curls and give your eyes a fuller appearance. To do this, use a lash curler to push down the roots of your lashes and separate them. Then apply your favorite mascara from the root outwards, working from the bottom up to avoid clumping your lashes together.

A few coats are fine, but don’t let too much mascara sit on your lashes because it’ll smudge and flake off. If your mascara begins to feel dry, opt for a moisturizer to keep your lashes hydrated.

To keep your lashes curled, look for a mascara with a volumizing formula. This mascara is designed to add thickness and length to your lashes, making them look thicker and longer. Also, look for a formula that features a rounder brush, like one with an hourglass shape. This helps to distribute product evenly across your lashes and adds definition to your lashes without clumps.

For extra staying power, opt for waterproof mascara. Waterproof formulas prevent makeup from running, which makes cleanup easier. They’re also great for keeping your lashes curled throughout the day.

If you want to make your lashes even more defined, try applying a black pencil liner under your natural eye color. You can find these pencil liners at drugstores or beauty supply stores.

Comb Through Your Lashes

If you use a mascara brush to apply eye makeup, it might be time to switch things up. A metal lash comb is one of the best tools for gently separating and distributing mascara throughout your eyelashes. Get down low and push through any clumps you find along the way.

That helps to distribute the mascara evenly from the root to the tips. In addition, using a comb like this will help to separate the strands of your lashes, giving you a more natural look.

How to Curl Your Lashes With a Blow Dryer

We love to blow drying our hair, so why not use it to curl our lashes? It works the same way—just blow hot air onto your lashes instead of using a flat iron. The heat from the blow dryer warms up the ends of your lashes, causing them to stretch and curl naturally.

Start by blowing warm air directly onto your lashes. Then, hold the blow dryer about six inches away from your lashes and move them back and forth in small circles until they start to curl.
Don’t worry if your lashes are still wet when you begin curling them; just wait until they have dried completely before continuing.

Use a little bit of water to get rid of any excess powder on your lashes. Once your lashes are curled, finish off with a coat of mascara.

Tips to remember while curling your lashes:

Using an eyelash curler is the best way to create beautiful lashes. It gives you more control than tweezing your lashes and allows you to achieve longer-lasting results. You can even do it yourself with ease.

I recommend using an eyelash curler that has a built-in comb. The comb helps to separate each lash and makes it easier to curl.

It is important to keep your eyelids closed while using the curler so you won’t accidentally pull off any lashes.

It is recommended to start from the bottom lashes and work your way upwards. If you are new to using an eyelash curler, you may find it difficult to curl your lashes all the way down.

To start, gently press down the curler between your thumb and index finger. Then move the curler back and forth until you see the lashes begin to curl.

Once you’ve finished curling your lashes, remove the curler and gently pat your lashes to set the curl.
To prevent your lashes from drying out, apply a light coat of mascara before curling your lashes.

It should never be used on wet hair. This will cause damage to your hair which will result in breakage.
You also want to avoid using heat when curling your lashes because it will dry out your lashes and make them brittle.

When using an eyelash curlier, it is important to remember not to tug on your lashes. Tugging causes your lashes to become damaged and weak.

When using an eyelash curlier, it is important to keep your eyes closed. This prevents you from pulling off any lashes.

Another great tip is to only use the curler once per day. Using it multiple times a day will cause your lashes to become dry and flaky.

9 Mistakes You’re Making When Using an Eyelash Curler

  1. The curler you’re using isn’t of high quality. To achieve the greatest results, curling your eyelashes requires the highest quality equipment. A slippery-grip curler might catch on your eyelashes and tear them out, so avoid using it. Utilize a product that has a matte finish, good grip, and a silky feel to
  2. Your eyelash curler isn’t being held appropriately. Just insert your thumb and index finger into the grip holes and open the curler till your upper lashes can slide in between the rubber cushion and metal top. Keep your eyelashes as close to the lash root as possible while not contacting the skin. Then, apply the curler to the lashes by squeezing and closing them firmly.
  3. You’re not using the correct method. A final curl can be achieved by pumping your curler four to eight times from the root to the end of the lashes. A “curve” and less of a “crimp” can be achieved by using this method instead of repeatedly pumping the lashes in the same place, he explains. To put it another way, instead of a gradual curve, a crimp would cause the eyelashes to bend into an L shape. Clamp and hold for around five seconds.
  4. The force you’re using is too much. The key to success is to go at a deliberate pace. Colvin advises that you squeeze the curler lightly rather than crimping or forcing your lashes outward. If you have a good lash curler, you don’t need to use much force. Squeezing too hard, on the other hand, might damage or tear out your lashes.
  5. The eyelash curler you’re using isn’t heated. As a bonus, warming your eyelash curler helps keep the curl in place. Holding a blow dryer near your eyelash curler for a few seconds might heat it up before you curl your lashes. Preventing eye burn is as simple as blowing on the metal curler before using it on your lashes! If your lashes are stiff and difficult to curl, try this method. A heated eyelash curler is another alternative.
  6. Before curling your eyelashes, you’re applying mascara. When it comes to eyelash curlers, this may be one of the most common blunders people make. Mascara can make your lashes sticky, which might cause the curler to pull them out instead of adding volume or lift. A good curling and volumizing mascara will help you get the most out of your curl, and applying mascara after curling can help keep the lashes in place.
  7. Your eyelashes aren’t curled because you neglect to do it. It will be more difficult to get to some eyelashes than others. If you’re looking to obtain those hard-to-reach lashes in the corners, you’ll need a small lash curler instead of compressing all of them at once.
  8. Your eyelash curler is filthy. Not cleaning your eyelash curler, like with all makeup products, is a no-no. Mascara that has hardened and crusted over can cause lashes to become damaged or styles to fall out. Instead, use a makeup wipe to wipe down the rubber cushion and aluminium every two months. You may then rinse it with dish soap and let it dry overnight for a more thorough clean.
  9. You’re concerned that using your eyelash curler every day would cause your eyelashes to fall out. It’s fine to use an eyelash curler every day, as long as you’re using one that’s clean and you’re curling rather than crimping.

Frequently asked question

Can you train your eyelashes to curl?

Yes. Experts recommend starting with 10 minutes per day and gradually building up to 20 minutes.

Why do my eyelashes go straight?

It could be because your lashes are naturally straight, but there are some things you can try to encourage curls. First, make sure you’re using a quality lash curler. A cheap one may bend your lashes outwards instead of curling them. Second, try adding a little bit of water to your lashes while they’re still damp from washing your face. Third, try using a different type of mascara. Some mascaras contain ingredients that prevent lashes from curling, like waxes.

Is it okay to use an eyelash curler every night?

Sure. Just remember to keep your lashes moisturized throughout the day to ensure they stay soft and pliable.

How often should I curl my eyelashes?

Experts suggest doing it every other day, but you can start whenever you want. Start small and build up over time.

Does Vaseline make lashes stay curled?

No. But it does help keep lashes moist and soft.

What about eyelash glue?

 Glue isn’t recommended because it can damage your lashes. If you really want to stick your lashes together, try using clear nail polish.

Do I need to trim my lashes first?

Not necessarily. Trimming can actually make your lashes look thicker and longer.


Eyelash curlers aren’t just for lazy girls anymore. They’re great for creating beautiful, natural-looking lashes without spending hours styling them. The best part is that they don’t have any harmful chemicals or harsh ingredients. So if you’ve been thinking about buying one, now’s a perfect time.