Castor oil is the hair tonic for healthier and thicker lashes. Castor helps to grow the lashes and eyebrows that have been waxed or plucked.

You can use it with your eyebrow to make it thicker and darker. It will also prevent the breakage of the eyebrow. The oil will help to grow new eyebrows on your bare areas that have been over-tweezed.

Organic Castor Oil

Castor oil-new

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The product comes with a good mascara tube. You will obtain an Organic Castor Oil Eyelash Enhancer size is 8ml (0.25 Fl. oz). The upper portion of the tube is silver finishing reducing the wastage of the product.

The size of the product is 4.25 inch (10.795 cm) and size 8 ml (0.25 Fl. oz). Follow the instructions well to use the oil the best castor oil for eyelashes.

Features of the best castor oil for eyelashes

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  • Use only at night. The product is not an overnight fix.
  • See the instruction on the package carefully. It can repair long-term damage to hair.
  • Develops moisture and shine.
  • Excite the growth of hair and make the hair thick and condition.
  • Free from Fragrance and paraben
  • Castor Oil – 100% Pure and Cold Pressed Conditions eyelashes food, prevent breakage and brittle



The product is useful, but you should be patient for two weeks to get the benefit. The serum is better than other serums available on the market, and you may use it on your eyes. Simple to carry, easily expands, and reduce the bottle.

How to Choose the Best Castor Oil?

The most crucial thing is that you should remember that the bought oil is the exact type of Castrol oil. You need to see closely the stickers and the label to be sure that the oil is 100% cold-pressed or cold processed. The reason is that there are some preliminary symbols of natural and pure products.

Beauty Secrets of Castor Oil

If you consider the properties, the oil will improve your skin. The Castor oil you will get defeats the other products. The oil contains ricinoleic acid which gives antibacterial properties.

Castor oil is a great product. This product is now being used as a beauty treatment for people.

You would like to have the natural version of the product as most branded products do not have such properties that are used for health benefits. There are some of the beauty benefits of the castor oil that is as follows:

1) Facial Cleanser: You may use castor oil to use as a facial cleanser along with the other cleansers which leave your face fresh and clean. You may use it as a makeup remover, by using water. The result is five times better than the other chemicals in facial cleanser products. If you have no experience using castor oil facial cleanser, now you may try it.

best castor oil for eyelashes

2) Thickening of Eyebrows: Use the ideal amount of castor oil, it will help to grow your eyebrow. The various thing is that you need not spend the time to apply it on your eyebrow. Just touch your eyebrow with a little amount of oil before you go to sleep. Do not use too more on the brow.

3) Hair Growth: Now people have got other benefits of castor oil. They use it to promote the growth of the hair, and they have got a fantastic result. They also function well if you use them with coconut oil. The only best time to use it is one or two hours before you go to bed for sleeping. Message well over your scalp and wait for some time to penetrate deeply. Do not try to use it over. You may wash it the next morning. This will help to regain the lost hair and develop the quality of the health.

best castor oil for eyelashes

4) Growing Eyelashes: Castor oil is enriched with nutrients and concentrated deeply. So only a small amount of oil may develop your lashes. Some people do not like to use it at first. They feel irritation when it enters their eyes at the time of using it. So they skeptically close their eyes. For you, the better suggestion is to use a mascara brush to use it over your eyelashes.

How to apply

best castor oil for eyelashes

So we can say that using castor oil is safe as it is non-toxic. If you are happy with your brittle, thin, and without having lashes. There is no need to fear using castor oil. Moreover, the oil is not expensive.

You will use it only before going to bed. In conclusion, go to bed with castor oil and let your lashes grow at the time of taking a rest.

Things needed

If you like to use castor oil, you should have a clean mascara wand and a Q-tip along with castor oil.


Before using the oil, wash your face and eye area well. Then dip the mascara wand into the oil and remove extra oil from the wand. With the help of the wand, start from the inner corner of the eyes.

You should coat the lashes with the oil completely, but using it from the root is crucial. Need to do it with both eyes. You should remove the excess oil from the eye area with the help of a Q-tip. Then go to bed to sleep.

After that, clean your face with water, and do not forget that the eye makeup may bleed down over your face. Do this for some nights, and I am sure you will be thrilled to see the change result.

When to apply castor oil?

The best time to use it is in the evening when you remove makeup from the face or at least thirty minutes before going to bed. By doing this, you will get more time to absorb it and will not end up on the cushion.

What are people saying about it?

I am using Cammile Q’s castor oil continuously for a few months, and the difference I have got is very unusual.

I have used some other castor oil before, but this one has given me the best result. My eyebrow grows very fast, and I like it as it is organic and cold-pressed.

I suggest this to my friend, and I would like to buy the product again without keeping any hesitation in my mind.


I purchased a bottle of Tamanu oil a month ago and still using it. I am very careful, and aware of what using for my skin or what I am putting on it.

Own facial product. Lastly, I moved to new oil, and that is Tamanu oil. There are lots of benefits to using Tamanu.

But the most amazing thing is that it is antimicrobial and healing as well as helps for the growth of the skin cell. So I ordered it for myself.

Tamanu comes to you with a good quality dark bottle. The packaging is very well, and shipping is very quick. When I open the bottle, I get no smell, and the color is light.

The system authentic Tamanu oil may be. If you apply the oil, you will find it is greasy and soak right in. I use it on my hand and found this is perfect. There is no smell; it is light and quickly quenched on my dry hand. It is a keeper.

The size and the price are best, and you may get out there. I would like to say that the quality is very excellent. Using oil blends, the skin is healthy and glowing. I do not like to write any reviews and would not like to give the order to the same company.

How and where to purchase the castor oil due to eyelashes

best castor oil for eyelashes

Many people like to do online shopping nowadays than real shopping. For it, shopping is very easy. You can use online transactions. If you click the mouse, you can do online marketing.

The main point is that there are many swindlers scattered online. So you need to be serious to do online marketing as you may

So you need to be serious to do online marketing as you may a victim of online fraudsters. There are lots of internet-based shopping markets in the world. So it is difficult to do online marketing.

You are not sure the online business is dependable or a scam. You need to keep a lot of things on your account before taking a final decision. There are some outlines here to do successful online shopping.

The online provider takes an important part if you like to do online marketing. Those who do not like to present the details of web stores; are not legal or original.

You are not sure, but they will give you some fake product. If you like to choose the best product, you should buy from a reliable choice.

How Cammile Q Castor Oil Looks and Feels- User Comments

The jar opened and was greeted with a citrus odor. I reasoned that the oil had gone awful, but my friend said she had the same experience when she’d used oil. I am having doubts about the petroleum at this stage because none of the additional castor oils I have used smelled even like citrus. I braved the oil anyhow, but I have my reservations. I truly believe castor oil shouldn’t smell like this.

It would flow readily into the glass dropper even when I was not squeezing the dropper. It was watery. It felt just like baby oil on my skin. Additionally, it did not absorb quite well. I believe the petroleum was in my own skin 10 minutes once I anticipated it to be consumed. I needed to scrub my hands with water and soap to make them slippery.

I used the oil in my eyebrows to allow them to grow thicker. In my very first program, I learned my lesson and simply used a little drop of oil on my brows. I utilized a Q-Tip to use the oil in my brows and to help absorb oil. In the previous weeks that I’ve been utilizing the exact oil, I feel as if it is not doing anything because of my eyebrows. I guess most of us respond differently to various goods. This just did not do it for me personally.

I didn’t need to have the merchandise to waste, however. I used only a couple of drops to grow my cream and implemented it on my skin every day. The castor oil didn’t appear to have any noticeable results on my skin, but I was grateful knowing I have added a natural product to decide on my everyday skincare regimen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Best Castor Oil For Eyelashes

Question: Is the mascara made of plastic or glass?

Answer: It is made of plastic.

Question: Can you use it before mascara?

Answer: I suggest you use the product before going to bed. This product will help the growth of your eyebrow or eyelashes. It is not wise to mix the product with other chemicals. The mixing will reduce the power of the product. Never try to do so. It is nothing but oil-based mascara.

Question: Are the after and before pictures real? How much time does it take to get these results?

Answer: I bought the product one month ago. I use it daily and got a good result. First I was in confusion to see mine before and after photos.

Question: Will the product remain for a long time if you use it constantly?

Answer: It is the product that you need to use at night. Firstly, it is an oily product, and secondly, you need to reuse it in the morning as you need to rinse your face. As it is an oily product, you need not use it during the daytime.

My suggestion is: when you return home from work or the gym, you have no possibility to go out, you can use it. You will use it before going to bed. Suppose it is 6 pm and you have no chance to go out you can use it. It has a lot of steadiness. In the morning you need to remove the product from your face.

best castor oil for eyelashes

Organic Castor Oil Eyelash Enhancer Product Details 

  • Shipping Weight: 8.53 ounces
  • ASIN: B0195ONK7Q
  • UPC:820103824316

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Final Verdict

The Organic Castor Oil Eyelash Enhancer is impressive to the people for its high quality and reduced price. It is a hundred percent pure, and Cold-pressed lash growth serum. 100% Natural Castor Oil Eyelash Eyebrow Growth has 8ml mascara.

Therefore, it is very dear to the people. Customers are very much pleased to have the Organic Castor Oil Eyelash Enhancer Natural serum. There are some nice touches on the lashes. It has a great value to the people for spending money. Hope you enjoyed reading the best castor oil for eyelashes article and decided to buy the product.

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