If you would like to scrub your lashes without needing to apply mascara daily, think about dyeing them. When there are some risks related to lash dyeing, the process is usually safe if it’s performed correctly.

Choose your eyelash dye

You will find tons of different eyelash dyes on the market, except for the article I will be utilizing Color sport 30 Day Mascara in black. This comes from brown if you’d like a more natural appearance: I enjoy my lashes to be as dim as you can so when I visit the gym and do not have any makeup on, I look like I HAVE lashes. In all honesty, I do not think there is a big difference between black and brown dye, but it is your responsibility to determine which color is most appropriate for you.

Do a patch test

And just like with any other dyes, it is essential to perform a patch test 24 hours before using it, and to repeat the test each time, irrespective of whether you’ve done it earlier. You’ll find directions for the patch test in the box, but it essentially entails following the mixing directions below and then applying to your skin in your wrinkle (or some other discreet place) instead of to your lashes.

Mix the eyelash dye

Within the kit You will find:

  • One tube of eyelash dye Lotion
  • One vinyl mixing wand
  • One jar of programmer liquid
  • One plastic mixing tray

First, squeeze Some dye out of the tube on the tray. I use about two inches. Then add a few drops of triggering solution and stir till the mixture is thick and gloopy. Take care to not include a lot of solutions — if it is too runny, it will be tough to employ and will not create a lot of gaps in your lashes. You would like it to be thick enough to keep on the wand, and in your lashes, one or two drops of tripping solution are sufficient.

Apply a barrier cream

First, a few preparations. Those errors will entail getting the dye in your eyelids, face, and God knows where else, and while I have always found it just washes off. And does not irritate the skin, it is ideal to be secure, possibly by employing some barrier cream (Vaseline can do good) on your eyes, or even using the newspaper “protects” which come with a few of the kits.

Apply the dye to your lashes

Apply the dye to your lashes

With this particular kit, you are supposed to use the dye with the same white plastic rod you used to combine the dye. A number of the other packages I have used, nevertheless, provide a little, mascara-style brush with which to apply the tan color.

Go to a Professional

Consult with your beautician

Locate a salon with A beautician who understands about dyeing eyelashes. Discuss your choices with them and listen to some recommendations that the beautician might have concerning color choice and other associated matters.

  • The process is relatively fast and takes approximately 20 minutes. However, you need to still, phone ahead and make an appointment.
  • Not every single hairstylist at each salon will have the ability to carry out this procedure. The salon ought to get the eyebrow and eyebrow dye available because regular hair dye is overly unpleasant.
  • To prevent the dangers associated with eyelash dyeing, be sure you visit a salon that only employs these sterile, semi-permanent vegetable-based tints. A salon that claims to utilize permanent eyelash dye probably uses a product that hasn’t been deemed secure.

Undergo the prep work

Following the Beautician seats you in a workstation, they should use petroleum jelly around the perimeter of the eyes. The beautician may also employ a protective mat on the skin beneath the lashes.

  • The process is relatively fast and takes approximately 20 •The oil jelly and protective pads are utilized to prevent the dye from staining your skin.
  • Close your eyes as the beautician applies the dyeUnless you’re Instructed differently, shut your eyes at the beginning of the process. The beautician will combine the dye and then use it on your lashes as your eyes stay closed.
  • Avoid opening your eyes since the dye is implemented unless the beautician informs you to do so. A trained beautician can inadvertently get the dye to your eyes if you start them if he or she doesn’t anticipate this, the color will bite your eyes when it gets inside.

Let the dye process

Let the dye process

The dye needs to be procedure for just seven minutes. At that stage, another coat may or might not be implemented. Clean upWait as the in this period, the petroleum jelly and also the surplus wet dye should be eliminated.

  • Normally, the beautician will also provide you with a saline solution for your own eyes. Saline options mimic organic tears and implementing the remedy to your eyes following this process helps to ensure that no dye residue will stay stuck within the sight. Head back to the salon as needed even salon-quality Eyelash dyes are just semi-permanent.


  • Ask yourself if This practice is well worth it. Eyelash dye doesn’t make your lashes appear longer or thicker. It will, however, make your lashes especially darker. Therefore, it is sometimes a beneficial beauty clinic when you’ve naturally pale eyelashes.
  • To prolong the color avoid utilizing oil-based lotions, lotions, or wipes. These goods May lead to wrinkle dyes fading and dissolving faster.
  • Mascara on your dyed lashes if wanted, but it shouldn’t be necessary always.