A Very Quick Guide On How To Do a Smokey Eye For Brown Eyes

Would you prefer to go out including your friends? Do you like to have a stunning Brown Smokey eye tutorial? We are ready to give answer step by step Smokey Eye Tutorial which emphasis on beautiful brown eyes and ensures sexy look.

For the beginner, an easy brown smoky eye tutorial provides necessary guidelines and suggestions which make easy smoky eye makeup in the real sense of the term.How To Do a Smokey Eye For Brown Eyes

A brown smokey eye tutorial a kind of makeup trick well proof, very convenient to carry. It becomes a great thing to highlight the face.

The most important thing about the makeup is that you can play with the switch, experiment, and the colors.

To make an imperfection eye perfection, it does not take time. If you are specially gifted and have got a pair of brown eyes, the smokey eye look becomes a notch for the sensational graph.

Things You Required To Do Brown Smokey Eye Makeup

The things you need to have for the Smokey eye tutorial

  • Primer
  • Matte light brown eye shadow
  • Light matte eye shadow for highlighting
  • Shimmery brown eye shadow
  • Black eye shadow
  • Gold eye shadow
  • Mascara
  • Black eyeliner pencil
  • Blending brush
  • False eyelashes
  • All over shadow brush
  • Tapered blending brush

How To Do a Smokey Eye For Brown Eyes

Step 1

At first use light color to the inner corner of your eyes as well as brow bone which works as a lightening agent for your eyes. The color I used is great for keeping the eyes open up.

They would not look very small by the high concentration of dark colors which appear later. This may aid your eye’s pop.

Step 2

To expand the eyes more, you like to use soft brown shade and use it to your crease. You can use it all through the crease except inner corner which you have dusted with ivory colors.

Do not touch the color to the brow bone. If you do it for the first time, you will see that the eyes are bigger as well as more attractive to view at.

Step 3

Take a darker brown shade and concentrate the color on the outer part of the eyes. You like to blend this with the formal warm transitional color to make it seamless.

You may pick up the brush to create the color and dab it to the corner to blend the colors along with. Or you may use the fingers to make the color mesh.

I take the color carefully and use it to the bottom lash line. It opens up the eyes more and adds more definition.

Step 4

Now you like to use a dark brown liner on the inner rim of the eyes and the top lash line. It is a must to avoid the space between lash line and eyelid which may diminish the appearance of Smokey eye.

This can be bit tricky also. Do it slowly and blink now and then if you are not an expert, one. If you like to use a black liner, you must remember that it can make the small eyes smaller.

Step 5

Lastly, This is all for making the eyelashes curled or bold. I apply few coats of mascara to ensure for all my lashes are covered with colors and remain right out.

I would like to use more lashes to increase the extra volume. Adding more to the outer lash line have a finishing touch.

The five steps mentioned above are not very hard. Though there are no alternatives to get this look in a pinch.

You have more fun with the smokey eye by adding more colors or play with intensity.

Besides, a brown smokey eye is great to go on, gorgeous and flawless for any women. Now you may get it by following five steps.

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