Leaving bed with puffy or swollen eyes may seem uncomfortable and disturbing. But you may solve the problem by using the treatment.

For swollen eyes, you may face an eye allergy, oil gland, a blocked tear, irritation, and an infection. The tissue around the eyes works hard to destroy build-up fluid and make swelling.

Swollen Eyes

A bloated eye may result from injury, infections, or other harm to the eye region. Other symptoms and signs can be related to swelling of the eye, such as excessive tear production or release, eye irritation, redness, dryness, or obstructed or diminished vision, based on the reason.

Just about any cause of inflammation in the eye region can manifest as eyelid swelling, even though allergic reactions are most probably the most frequent cause. With allergic reactions, the eyes may also be itchy and red in addition to swollen.

Paradoxically, systemic conditions (affecting the whole body) can lead to fluid retention, such as fluid retention in the tissues around the eyes. This implies protrusion or bulging of the eyeball inside the eye socket. Puffiness of the uterus may also happen with this illness.

Causes of Swollen Eyes

Excessive Crying

At the time, sleeping and crying also makes swollen for your eyes.

Physical Stress

After a day’s work, you are very tired. You may feel stressed as you have to do various things all day. For this, your eyes become tired and cause swelling.

Change in Weather

A simple alter in weather from cold to may cause your eyes swollen.


Some people may suffer from allergic problems for many causes, which may obtain every day.

Lack of Sleep

At night you have to do many works. Or you have a scheme you need to finish it within the night. So you have to undergo sleep situation for all night. It also causes swollen.

There are many reasons to get the swollen eyes. But one thing is clear that you have to use some remedies to get rid of swollen eyes as quickly as possible.

You will be astonished to know that some creams of puffy eyes are caused by genes. You can take a suggestion from the medical doctors.

But you must keep in mind that there are some homemade remedies you can use to remove them.

What can you do for a swollen eyelid?

This is a normal question that people ask who have swollen eyes. Lots of things can aid for this purpose.

They are putting the recurring measures to avert more swelling. You need to be careful what the cause of swelling is and what is the extent of damage caused by it.

how to get rid of a swollen eye

The cause of swelling is allergies. You may use decongestants or antihistamines to remove swelling.

It may be in the form of oral or drops of medication. We ensure that there are no allergens.

If the cause of swelling is not allergies, you may use homemade remedies to remove moderate or mild swelling.

Besides, you need to remain far from the reason for swelling. Do not rub the eyes as it may worsen the situation.

Keep your eyes as much as you can clean and fresh to avoid infections. If homemade remedies are not enough or swelling is severe or persistent you may consult with a specialist to make better suggestions quickly.

Remedies to Get Rid of Swollen Eyes Fast

Cold Spoons

If spoons are cold, they aid to tighten the skin around the eyelids and relax the blood vessels. As it happens, the eyes become free from swellings.

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  • Take 4-6 spoons and chill them inside refrigerator
  • Take out them once they are chilled
  • Keep the reverse side of every spoon on every eye.
  • When the spoon starts to feel warm, replace with the cold one when all are done.
  • Do the same thing twice daily until you can remove the swelling totally


Warm Compress

Treatments rely on some conditions. Though some need cold or warm compresses, there are some serious antihistamines, surgery, and antibiotics to heal.

how to get rid of a swollen eye

The home remedy may cure sometimes but would not work after a few days, meet with the healthcare experts.

To begins along with warm compress, do the following things:

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  • Wash your hands to remove bacteria from hands so that it can not enter to the infected eyes.
  • Take a fresh piece of cloth and fold it into quarter
  • Take a small dish and fill it with warm tap water.
  • Take the piece of cloth and submerge it in water
  • Use the cloth on the eye after an interval of five minutes. It removes pressure and pain from the eyes. It also removes the infection.
  • Clean all the washcloths, and run them inside the laundry at hot temperatures to resist infection.


Egg Whites

how to get rid of a swollen eye

Egg whites have skin tightening elements that are very effective to make swelling around the eye area go down. Moreover, it may free from wrinkles and bags, which can be stored around the eyes area.

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  • You can use two small eggs and one large egg.
  • Separate the yolk from the egg white
  • Use a couple of drops of witch hazel
  • Use cotton ball on the eye area
  • Keep the skin for ten to fifteen minutes
  • Every day does it two to three times.



Is it known to you that potatoes are a good kind of home remedy instead of cucumbers?

how to get rid of a swollen eye

It has anti-inflammatory properties which may reduce puffiness around your eyes. You may use potatoes if you have the desire to remove black spot around your eyes.

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  • Apply medium size potatoes
  • Grate potatoes and keep it on a clean cloth
  • Keep it on the eyes for sometimes
  • Do it several times for some days to see a good result.



Turmeric is another type of home remedy that has high anti-inflammatory properties.

If you use it regularly the swollen skin around your eyes will improve gradually tremendously.

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  • Mix turmeric powder with the rose water
  • Keep the paste on the affected areas
  • Wait until the reusing time comes
  • You can keep it for the whole night to see the best result.


Drink Water

Water may help to lessen puffy eyelids and swollen eyes. It is told in the BestlnCosmetics. Com website that if a man dehydrates the body, it begins storing water for a defense process.

It may add to puffy eyes. So better to drink water from eight to ten glass per day to avoid puffy eyes.

Salt Water

how to get rid of a swollen eye

Some people think that saltwater is not very effective for the eyes. The reality is that saltwater lessens fuel retention which is the cause of the swelling. You may be sure that the remedy may be very simple for you.

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  • Be sure the water is warm
  • Use more salt in water
  • You have to soak cotton ball in water
  • Use it on eyelids for about few minutes
  • Do it for twenty minutes.


Already you have known the various ways to get rid of the swollen eyes. Suppose already you have brighter eyes for which you are always proud of.

Eyelid Swelling in Children

The normal cause of eyelid swelling is the allergies and trauma. However, children may develop a swollen eyelid from eye condition like pink eyes.

how to get rid of a swollen eye

Some symptoms are also found in children, like burning sensation, redness, pain, and watery eyes.

When a child always rubs his or her eyes, it is a sign that the child is suffering from an eye condition to some extent.

The treatment system of the children varies from the root of the problems. Sometimes children are also given the same type of treatment like an adult. Famous treatment options are:

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  • Antihistamines
  • Antibiotics
  • Ointments
  • Eye drops


Please do not provide child over-the-counter medication without taking advice from the healthcare provider, eye care specialist, or pediatricians.

As a child has swollen eyelids, they are painful or warm to the touch accompanied by fever. Take her or him to a doctor as early as possible.

Talking to Your Eye Doctor

Write these question and get ready to ask the specialist before your appointment:

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  • What is the cause of my swollen eyelids?
  • What are the things that aid in determining the cause?
  • Does my medication cause the swelling? If it happens, what are the other medication I may attempt? What are the side effects of medications?
  • What is the way to follow at home if my eyelid starts to swell?
  • What products work best for eyelid swelling?


The bottom line

These methods ought to help alleviate your symptoms after a great cry. They might help you feel a little better, also. Self-care and love are all significant in times of despair or anxiety.

Take some time for yourself every day, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes. Even better, talk to your ideas or simply unwind with a reliable friend or relative.

A professional therapist is yet another great alternative. They will be able to help you sort your feelings out and prescribe medicine if necessary. Just do not forget you don’t need to go through anything you are facing independently.

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