Making a lei out of eyelash yarn is a fun and easy project that you can do at home. All you need is some yarn, scissors, and tape. First, cut a piece of yarn that is about 18 inches long.

Then, fold the yarn in half and tie a knot at the top. Next, take the two ends of the yarn and tape them to a table or counter so they are secure. Now, start wrapping the yarn around your fingers until you have made a coil.

Once you have made a coil, carefully remove it from your fingers and tie another knot at the end. Repeat this process until you have used all of your yarn. When you are finished, trim any loose ends and enjoy your new lei!

  • If you are using a hula hoop, secure it around your waist
  • If you don’t have a hula hoop, you can make do with holding the yarn in your hands or draping it over a chair
  • Start by tying the end of the yarn to the hula hoop (or chair)
  • Wrap the yarn around the hula hoop until you have reached your desired thickness/length
  • Once you have wrapped the yarn around enough times, cut off the excess and tie it off to secure it in place
  • To make the “lei” part, start by threading one eyelash through the wrapped yarn and tying it off at one end
  • Continue threading eyelashes through until you have reached your desired length/thickness
  • Tie off at the other end and trim any excess lashes if necessary
How to Make a Eyelash Yarn Lei


How Do You Make Lash Yarn Leis?

There are a few different ways to make lash yarn leis, but the most popular method is using a crochet hook. To start, you will need a crochet hook and some lash yarn. The size of the hook will depend on the thickness of the yarn.

Once you have your materials, you can begin crocheting your lei. Start by making a slip knot in the end of the yarn, and then chain stitch until your lei is as long as you want it. To finish, simply tie off the end and cut any excess yarn.

Lash yarn leis are a fun and easy way to add some flair to any outfit. They can be made in any color or pattern, so get creative!

How Do You Crochet a Lei With Eyelash Yarn?

Crocheting with eyelash yarn can be tricky, but it’s definitely possible! Here are a few tips to help you get started: – Use a small crochet hook.

This will help prevent the yarn from slipping off of your hook. – Be careful not to pull the yarn too tight. Eyelash yarn is very slippery and can easily break if pulled too tightly.

– Work on a smooth surface. Again, because eyelash yarn is so slippery, it can be difficult to work with on anything other than a smooth surface. A tablecloth or piece of fabric placed underneath your work will help to keep things in place.

With those tips in mind, here’s how to crochet a lei with eyelash yarn: 1. Start by chaining 30 stitches. If you want your lei to be longer or shorter, simply adjust the number of stitches accordingly.

2. Next, single crochet in each stitch across the row until you reach the end. Be sure not to pull your stitches too tight! 3. When you reach the end of the row, turn your work and single crochet back across in the opposite direction (this time working through the back loops only).

Again, take care not to pull your stitches too tight.

How Do You Make a Two Colored Eyelash Lei?

Two-colored eyelash leis are a fun and festive way to dress up any outfit. To make your own, you’ll need two colors of crepe paper, scissors, and glue. Start by cutting strips of both colors of crepe paper into thirds.

Then, accordion fold each strip and glue the ends together to form loops. Once all your loops are made, alternate between the two colors and thread them onto a length of string or ribbon. Tie the ends together to secure the lei in place and you’re done!

How Do You Make a 3 Straw Yarn Lei?

This is how you make a 3 straw yarn lei: 1. You will need: 3 straws, scissors, and yarn. 2. Cut the straws into 3 equal pieces.

3. Take one piece of yarn and tie a knot around one end of the straw. 4. Thread the yarn through the other end of the straw and pull until it is tight against the first knot. 5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the other two pieces of straw until all three are tied together with yarn.

6. Trim the ends of the yarn so that they are even with each other. 7. Your lei is now complete!

How to Make a One Straw Eyelash Yarn Lei

Eyelash Yarn Lei 2 Colors

If you’re looking for a unique and fun project, try making an eyelash yarn lei! This craft is perfect for summertime and can be made in any colors you like. You’ll need:

-1 skein of eyelash yarn in each color (you can find this at most craft stores) -Scissors -Ruler or measuring tape

-Lighter (optional) Start by cutting the yarn into lengths. You’ll want to measure out about 18 inches of yarn for each lei strand.

Once you have all your strands cut, tie them together in the middle so they form a loop. Now it’s time to start braiding! Take three strands of yarn and begin braiding them together, adding in additional strands as you go.

Once you reach the end of the braid, secure it with a knot and trim any excess yarn. If you want to add a bit of extra flair to your lei, try lightly singeing the tips of the strands with a lighter. This will give them a nice, even finish.

Wear your new lei proudly and enjoy all the compliments you’re sure to receive!

Hawaiian Eyelash Yarn

Looking for a fun and unique yarn to add to your stash? Check out Hawaiian Eyelash Yarn! This type of yarn is made from the fibers of the hibiscus plant, which is native to Hawaii.

The hibiscus plant has long been used in lei making, and the fiber is soft and silky. Hawaiian eyelash yarn is available in a variety of colors, including natural white, black, pink, red, purple, and green. It can be used for any type of knitting or crocheting project, from sweaters to scarves to hats.

And because it’s such a lightweight yarn, it’s perfect for summer projects! If you’re looking for a special yarn to create something truly unique, give Hawaiian eyelash yarn a try. Your finished project will be sure to turn heads!

Crochet Yarn Lei

Crochet yarn leis are a fun and easy way to show your Hawaiian spirit! Made with brightly colored yarn, these leis are perfect for luaus, parties, or just to wear around the house. Best of all, they’re very simple to make.

All you need is some yarn, a crochet hook, and a little bit of patience. To start, cut a length of yarn that is about three feet long. Fold the yarn in half and then tie a knot at the center.

This will be the center of your lei. Next, take one end of the yarn and thread it through the loop of your crochet hook. Then, pull the end of the yarn through the loop on your hook (this creates a “slip knot”).

Now you’re ready to start crocheting! To do this, simply insert your hook into the center knot of your lei and pull up a loop of yarn. Then, yo (yarn over) and pull through both loops on your hook (this creates a “single crochet” stitch).

Continue working single crochet stitches until you have used up all of your yarn. When you get to the end, cut off any excess yarn and tie another knot to secure everything in place. Your Hawaiian-inspired crocheted lei is now complete!

You can wear it as-is or add some extra flair by attaching flowers or other decorations. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy this festive accessory!

Eyelash Yarn Michaels

If you’re looking for a fun and unique yarn to add to your knitting or crocheting project, look no further than eyelash yarn from Michaels. This type of yarn is made with long fibers that resemble eyelashes, giving your finished project a bit of extra texture and dimension. Eyelash yarn comes in a variety of colors, so you can find the perfect shade to match your project.

It’s also available in both regular and bulky weights, so you can choose the right thickness for your needs. And because it’s made with synthetic materials, it’s easy to care for – just machine wash on gentle cycle and lay flat to dry. Whether you’re looking to add some fun flair to a simple scarf or want to create an eye-catching afghan, eyelash yarn is the way to go.

So head on over to Michaels and pick up a skein (or two) today!


This crafty tutorial will show you how to make your own eyelash yarn lei! This stylish accessory is perfect for luaus, pool parties, or any summer event. With just a few simple supplies, you can create a one-of-a-kind lei that will have all your friends jealous.

So grab your crochet hook and let’s get started!