Do you have a hard time keeping your eyelashes clean and free of debris? If so, then you need an eyelash case! You can purchase one online or at a beauty supply store.

Or, if you’re feeling crafty, you can make your own! Here’s how: You’ll need a few supplies to get started.

First, you’ll need a small container with a lid. A pill case or contact lens case works well. You’ll also need some cotton balls or pads and some type of cleanser, like baby shampoo or facial cleanser.

Finally, you’ll need something to apply the cleanser to the cotton balls or pads – a q-tip works well for this.

  • Decide what size and shape you want your eyelash case to be
  • Find a container that is the right size and shape, and clean it out
  • Cut a piece of foam to fit snugly inside the container, and glue it in place
  • Paint or decorate the outside of the container however you like
  • Let the glue dry, and then fill your new eyelash case with false lashes!
How to Make Eyelash Cases


How Do You Make an Eyelash Container?

If you want to make your own eyelash container, you’ll need a few materials. First, you’ll need a container. You can use anything from a small plastic bottle to a mason jar.

Next, you’ll need some way to secure the lashes in the container. This can be done with glue, tape, or even just by tightly packing them in. Finally, you’ll need a lid for the container.

Again, this can be anything from a screw-on cap to a piece of cardboard wrapped in duct tape. To start, gather all of your materials and decide what kind of container you want to use. If you’re using a plastic bottle, cut off the top so that it’s open and wide enough to fit the lashes inside.

If you’re using a mason jar, remove the lid and set it aside. Next, take your lash strip and apply glue or tape along one side. Stick this side down into the bottom of the container so that the lashes are standing up upright.

Continue doing this until the entire inside of the container is lined with lashes.

How Do You Make a Cricut Eyelash Box?

If you want to make your own Cricut eyelash box, you’ll need a few supplies. First, you’ll need a Cricut cutting machine. You can find these at most craft stores or online.

Next, you’ll need some cardstock or construction paper. I prefer to use white cardstock because it’s easier to see the design when it’s cut out. Finally, you’ll need some adhesive and scissors.

To start, gather your supplies and choose a design for your box. I like to use simple designs that don’t have too many small pieces. Once you have your design ready, open up Cricut Design Space and upload your image.

Make sure to select the “print then cut” option so that your machine will know to print out your design before cutting it out. Now it’s time to actually make the box! Cut out your design on whatever color paper you chose earlier.

Then, use the adhesive to attach the sides of the box together. Be sure to line everything up nicely so that your lash box looks professional when finished. Finally, add any finishing touches like ribbon or embellishments before filling with lashes!

How Do You Store Eyelashes Without a Case?

One of the most important things to keep in mind when storing your eyelashes is to make sure they are clean. If you have any makeup or oils on your lashes, be sure to remove it before storing them. The best way to store your lashes without a case is by wrapping them around a cotton swab or q-tip.

This will help prevent them from getting damaged or bent out of shape. You can also put them in a small Ziploc baggie if you prefer. Be sure to label the baggie with the date so you know when you need to replace your lashes.

How Do You Make Resin Eyelash Holders?

If you’re looking for a creative way to display your false eyelashes, look no further than resin! Resin is a great material for creating unique and customized pieces, and it’s actually pretty easy to work with. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make your own resin eyelash holders.

What You’ll Need: -Resin (we like ArtResin) -Silicone mold (you can find these online or at craft stores)

-Measuring cups and spoons -Stir stick -Gloves

-Eyelashes (false or real!) Step 1: Measure Out Your Resin & Hardener First things first, you’ll need to measure out your resin and hardener according to the instructions on your specific brand of resin. For example, ArtResin recommends using a 1:1 ratio of resin to hardener.

Once you have your measured amounts, pour them both into your mixing cup. Step 2: Mix Thoroughly Time to get stirring! Be sure to mix your resin and hardener together thoroughly; otherwise, your finished product may not cure properly.

We recommend using a stir stick or popsicle stick for this step. Stir for about 3 minutes, until the mixture is completely combined and has an even consistency. Step 3: Pour Into Mold Now it’s time to pour your mixed resin into the mold.

If you’re using a silicone mold like we are, there’s no need to worry about sticking—the resin will easily release once it’s cured. Just slowly pour the mixture into each cavity of the mold until it reaches the top edge. You may want to use gloves for this step since sticky fingers are inevitable! Step 4: Add Eyelashes This next part is optional, but we think it adds a fun touch—literally! Gently press one false eyelash into each cavity of the mold, making sure that they’re evenly distributed. If you don’t have any false lashes on hand, feel free to use real ones! Just be careful not to damage them in the process. Step 5: Wait for It To Cure The last step is simply waiting for your new lash holders to cure completely.

DIY Personalized Resin Eyelash Case

Eyelash Box Packaging

As a woman, I know that we are all very particular about our eyelashes. We want them to look perfect at all times! That’s why I was so excited when I came across this new product called “Eyelash Box Packaging.”

This packaging is specifically designed to help keep your lashes looking their best. Here’s what you need to know about it: The Eyelash Box Packaging comes with two different types of boxes – one for natural lashes and one for falsies.

Each box has 12 slots that are sized to fit most popular lash styles. The natural lash box also includes a special slot for your tweezers. To use, simply place your lashes in the appropriate box and close the lid.

Your lashes will be protected and stay in place until you’re ready to use them again. This packaging is great for travel or everyday use. It’s also perfect for gifting!

If you’re looking for a way to keep your eyelashes looking their best, then check out Eyelash Box Packaging. You won’t be disappointed!

Eyelash Packaging

If you are in the market for new eyelash packaging, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, what type of product will you be selling? Second, how many lashes do you want to include in each package?

And finally, what kind of design do you want on your packaging? There are two main types of eyelash packaging: trays and boxes. Trays tend to be more popular because they offer a variety of lash styles and colors in one place.

Plus, they allow customers to try on different styles before making a purchase. Boxes, on the other hand, are more simplistic and usually only hold one style of lash. When it comes to deciding how many lashes to include in each package, it really depends on your target market.

If you’re selling to makeup artists or salons, they may prefer larger packs with multiple lashes so they can create different looks for their clients. But if you’re targeting individual consumers, smaller packs with just a few pairs of lashes might be more appealing. As for design, there are endless possibilities!

You can go for something clean and minimalistic or opt for something bolder and eye-catching. The sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing your eyelash packaging – just make sure it reflects the overall aesthetic of your brand.

How to Make Lash Boxes With Cricut

If you’re anything like me, you love getting your lashes done. They make your eyes look so much more awake and open, and let’s be honest- they just make you feel good. But as anyone who has ever gotten a professional lash application knows, those things ain’t cheap.

So what’s a girl (or guy) to do when they want the look of fabulous lashes without spending a fortune? Make their own lash boxes with Cricut, of course! Here’s what you’ll need:

-Cricut machine -Lash box template (you can find this online or in the Cricut Design Space) -Cardstock or other heavy duty paper

Eyelash Packaging Ideas Pinterest

If you’re looking for some creative and unique eyelash packaging ideas, Pinterest is a great place to start your search. From simple and elegant designs to more intricate and elaborate ones, there’s sure to be an option that catches your eye. One popular option is to use clear packaging so that the lashes are visible.

This gives customers a good idea of what they’re buying, and also makes it easy to see if the product is high quality. You can also add a colorful ribbon or other embellishment to make the package more eye-catching. Another option is to use a box that opens up like a book, with the lashes displayed inside.

This type of packaging can be very elegant and luxurious looking, perfect for high-end lash products. You can even add a mirror inside the lid so that customers can try on the lashes before purchase. If you want something different, consider using shaped packaging such as oval or rectangular boxes.

This can help your product stand out from the rest on shelves, and you can even get creative with how you arrange the lashes inside. For example, you could create an ombre effect by placing darker lashes at the bottom of the box and lighter ones at the top. These are just a few ideas to get you started – there are endless possibilities when it comes to eyelash packaging!

Get inspired by browsing through some images on Pinterest, and then put your own spin on things to create something truly unique.


If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your old eyelash cases, or if you simply want to add a personal touch to your new ones, there are plenty of ways to do so! You can use decals, stickers, washi tape, or even paint them yourself. Simply choose a design that suits your style, and get creative!