Do you hate how clumpy your mascara looks every time you wear it? Well, there’s a solution. This post will show you ten easy tips to make your mascara less clumpy. Whether you’re using a new mascara or you’ve been using the same one for years, these tips will help to make it look better and last longer. So if you’re looking for ways to make your mascara look better and last longer, read on. 

What are the 10 lash-perfecting tips for making mascara less clumpy?

When it comes to mascaras, you should keep a few things in mind to ensure your lashes look their best. 

1. First and foremost, always use a new wand when applying mascara. This will help avoid getting bacteria into the formula and onto your lashes. Additionally, apply only mascara to the tips of your lashes – if you put it on the base, it will also look clumpy.

2. Another important thing to remember is that mascara has a short shelf life and should be tossed after just two or three months. This is because it’s a liquid formula that can contain more bacteria than powder or solid variants. All of these tips are important to keep your lashes looking their best – stay tuned for more information on how to avoid contracting eye infections while using mascara.

3. Apply mascara before you start to blush or any other makeup. This will help to keep the mascara on your lashes and prevent it from becoming clumpy.

4. Use a light coat of mascara instead of a heavy one. Too much mascara will make your lashes look heavy and clumpy.

5. Wait until after you’ve applied your lipstick before you apply your mascara. This will prevent the lipstick from smearing and make the mascara appear more clumpy.

6) Don’t rub the wand against your lashes – just flick it gently in a straight line across each lash. This motion is less likely to cause clumps.

7) Hold the wand slightly when applying the mascara to coat each lash evenly.

8) If your mascara is starting to get clumpy, try using an eye shadow primer before applying your makeup to help smooth out the surface for better eyeliner and mascara.

9) Always remove mascaras with a remover specifically designed for eye makeup – do not use anything else. This will avoid any harsh chemicals that could damage your eyesight. 

10) Finish off by blotting excess moisture with a tissue or paper towel, then repeat steps 2-7 if necessary.

How to make mascara less clumpy step by step

If you’re looking for a way to make your mascara less clumpy, here are a few tips that will help.

1. Apply it evenly to both lashes and wait until it dries down before applying any other products. This will ensure that the mascara is applied smoothly and evenly to each lash.

2. Use an eyeliner or eye shadow first to achieve a more dramatic look, and then apply your mascara afterward. This will help it stay in place better and look more natural.

3. If you’re using a water-based mascara, try adding some light moisturizer before applying it so that it doesn’t become too dry and clumpy. Alternatively, use an oil-based mascara if you want something that will stay put all day long.

Which of these tips is the most effective in reducing clumping?

There are several ways to reduce clumping, but the most effective method is probably using an eyeliner designed specifically for lash enhancement. This will help create a more even base for your mascara and prevent it from balling up and becoming difficult to apply.

Another tip that may work is using a primer before you apply your mascara. This will help keep your lashes looking thinnest and longest throughout the day. And finally, make sure that you’re using the right type of mascara – one designed specifically for reducing clumping.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the ingredients in mascaras that can cause clumping?

Some ingredients in mascara that can cause clumping are beeswax, petrolatum, and oils.

What is the best way to make mascara less clumpy?

Makeup is always a big part of any woman’s life, and it can be hard to find the perfect formula that doesn’t make your eyes look like balloons. One of the best ways to make mascara less clumpy is to apply it in layers.
This will distribute the product more evenly throughout your lashes and reduce clumps. Invest in a quality waterproof mascara that won’t flake or smudge

What are some tips for making my mascara less clumpy?

To make your mascara less clumpy, use a wand that is wide enough to coat each lash and comb through the formula after application. Avoiding excess eye makeup is also key – start by wiping off your eyelids and mascara wand with a dry cotton ball before applying.

Can a mascara’s formula affect whether it clumps or not?

Unfortunately, a mascara’s formula can affect whether or not it clumps. Some formulas are designed to be more water-resistant, while others are designed to be more easily removed.

How often should these tips be used to achieve the best results?

These tips should be used regularly to achieve the best results. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, as the frequency of use will vary depending on your personal needs and how your skin reacts to products.

However, it is important to remember that these tips were created with overall skin health in mind, so you can expect some improvements over time if you use them consistently.

Which of these tips should be avoided if one has sensitive eyes?

Avoid using too much mascara on your lashes. This can cause clumps and irritation in sensitive eyes. Use a water-based formula instead of an oil-based one. This will help keep your eyes hydrated and less prone to irritation.


Following the above-listed tips will make it easier for you to apply mascara without making it clumpy. While some tricks can make this happen more easily, such as applying a small amount and then going back with a second coat or using an eyelash comb to separate lashes before applying the mascara is not always practical. In case you still face issues while trying out these tips, just stop by your nearest beauty store and get some professional help.