There are many of us who love and hate our eyelash extensions. We love the way they make our eyes pop, but we hate the process and time it takes to put them on during regular salon visits.

But now, there is an easy hack that will help you save your lashes without having to go through so much trouble: use clear nail polish.

Once applied, this clever little trick covers each individual lash extension in a thin layer of protection while still allowing your natural beauty to shine through.

How do you protect your eyelash extensions when you sleep?

You should use lash glue to keep them in place. If you don’t want to use lash glue, try putting some clear nail polish over them. It’s not as good as lash glue, but it works pretty well.

The only other option would be to get a pair of glasses with side shields. They are usually made specifically for people who wear contact lenses. You could also buy a pair of sunglasses with a built-in shield. These are great because they cover the whole area where your lash extensions sit.


Steps to keep safe your eyelash extensions while sleeping

After getting a new extension becomes the most beloved thing to any woman. Getting beauty sleep is just as important as not ruining it. I will tell you the way you can do both. You may think the process is complicated and get worried, but the case isn’t that complex. I will try to explain the steps simply to make it easy for you.

Steps to keep safe your eyelash extensions while sleeping
  1. Place your head in the centre of your pillow while sleeping on your back to avoid crushing your lashes. It would be best if you use a silk pillowcase and remove eye makeup. Fluff up the sides of the pillow to cushion your face while lying on your back.
  2. If you cannot sleep on your back regularly, sleep on your back for the first couple of nights after getting extensions unless you can sleep on your back for an extended period of time.[1]X Research source To prevent your eye from rubbing against the pillow, sleep with your face off the edge of the pillow when you sleep on your side.
  3. In order to prevent your neck and head from turning while you sleep, invest in a form-fitting pillow made of memory foam or one with a wave-shaped shape. In the long run, your cheek will damage your lashes as it pushes up against them when you turn your head.
  4. Many styles and types of these pillows are available in the bedding section of most department stores or online. Purchase silk or satin pillowcases instead of changing out your pillow. Due to the slippery texture, your lashes will not be tugged while you sleep. 
  5. While sleeping, lift and slip the cupped eye mask carefully before you rest your eyes. Your extensions will be protected against rubbing against your pillow or blanket, thanks to the cupped design of the mask.

You can find these at your local department store in the sleepwear section or online with major retailers. When sleeping at night, avoid draping your arm over your eyes. Despite the mask, this will tug at the extensions and eventually cause them to fall out.

You should avoid pulling the covers up and over your head while sleeping. Keep blankets and sheets away from your face. The blanket should be placed on top of your arm to prevent you from pulling it up to your face. It will prevent your lashes from being damaged by fabric rubbing against them. 

Those steps above will protect false lashes safe, let alone your natural eyelashes. If you still have doubts, then feel free to ask any lash technician or lash artist.

Best Pillow For Eyelash Extensions

Pillows are a great way to make your bed look more inviting. They can also be used as a decorative element in the room, especially if you have a lot of pillows on display. When it comes to something new and different, you might consider getting eyelash extensions. These are very popular these days, but they’ve been around for quite some time.

Best Pillow For Eyelash Extensions

The truth is, you probably already own a pillow that would work perfectly fine for your eyelash extensions. There are, however, a few things to consider before choosing one. Here are a few tips that will help you choose the perfect pillow:

1) Choose a firm pillow. This is essential because it will support your eyelash extensions and prevent them from falling off at night.

2) Make sure that your pillow has good ventilation holes. This will allow air to circulate freely through the pillow, ensuring that your eyelashes stay moisturized throughout the night.

3) Avoid feather pillows. Feather pillows tend to collect dust and bacteria, making them less hygienic than other types of pillows.

4) Consider the size of your face. A large pillow won’t necessarily fit all faces. It is better to go with a smaller pillow if you have a small head.

5) Look for a washable pillow cover. You wouldn’t want to spend extra money on a pillow only to have to throw it away after a couple of uses.

6) Make sure that the pillow you choose can be easily cleaned. This means that you shouldn’t have to worry about cleaning the pillowcase once it gets dirty.

7) Pick up a pillow protector. This will help you maintain the freshness of your pillow.

8) Go for a soft pillow. Soft pillows are much easier to use compared to hard ones.

9) Choose a pillow that feels good against your skin. This will ensure that you get the best comfort possible.

Can I Wear a Sleep Mask With Eyelash Extensions?

You can also wear sleep masks with lash extensions. These masks block out light and help you get comfortable during the night. However, you should avoid using standard eye masks because they compress your lashes against your face and may damage them.

Instead, choose a 3D eye mask that leaves a small space between the lashes and the rest of the mask. Your eyes will not blink or wink while wearing such a mask.

Can I Wear a Sleep Mask With Eyelash Extensions?

Cupped eye masks are great for sleeping on your side or your stomach, but not so great for sleeping on your back because they tend to stick to your face.

You can also sleep on your side or back with this mask without worrying that it will glue itself to your face. And unlike other types of eye masks, this one doesn’t require you to invest in expensive silk pillowcases.

Bedtime Routine to Follow When Wearing Lash Extensions

Bedtime Routine to Follow When Wearing Lash Extensions If you wear makeup, whether it’s just mascara or even full face, you should remove all of it before getting into bed. Ensure you wash your face well, especially around your eyes, because any residue left behind will get caught in your lashes.

Next, you need to moisturize. I recommend using a product specifically designed for eyelashes, like LASH! Lash Serum contains vitamins and nutrients that promote growth and prevent infections. After applying the serum, you should let it dry completely before bed. Finally, you need to get enough rest. Sleeping helps your body heal, so your lashes could start to fall out if you’re not sleeping enough.

To avoid waking up with bags under your eyes, apply an eye cream first in the morning, then go to sleep. Stretch your body out for about 10 minutes before going to sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep, try placing pillows around your head and arms to keep your body comfortable.

Rinse your lashes with water and gently pat them dry using an eyelash comb. Then, apply lash primer and mascara to help keep your lashes looking healthy and full.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

With lash extensions, you can add length and volume to your natural lashes. They can last anywhere from four weeks to six months, but it is important to have them maintained every two to three weeks by a specialist. Health and genes play a role in eyelash growth this may be different for everyone, so it is important to find the style of lash extensions that works best for you.

how to take care of your eyelash extensions?

When you first get your eyelash extensions, be sure to follow the instructions of your licensed and certified stylist. They will give you a list of dos and don’ts, such as how often to condition them and how to avoid pressure on your eyes.

You can avoid putting pressure on your eyes by using a sleep mask that is either adjustable or designed for lash extensions. The Slip Lovely Lashes Contour Sleep Mask is made explicitly for this purpose and is very comfortable to wear.

Eyelash extension wearers should avoid oil based products since they can dissolve lash glue.

In the same way, cotton pads are not recommended for removing makeup around the eyes; cotton pillows are also not recommended.

Another way to protect your extensions is by being gentle when applying them. Don’t tug on them or rub your eyes this could cause them to fall out prematurely. Lastly, ensure you wear an eye sleep mask every time you sleep so that the lashes are not under any unnecessary stress.

What are the most common problems with eyelash extensions?

There are a few common problems that people experience with eyelash extensions:

One issue is that the extensions can fall out over time. This may be due to how they were applied, or it could be due to natural lash loss.

Another problem is that the extensions can cause your lashes to become brittle and break off. This can happen if they’re not applied and removed correctly or if you’re not using a good conditioning serum.

Finally, some people experience irritation or infection from the glue attached to the extensions. If this happens, you should consult with a professional before continuing to use them.

Frequently asked questions

How do I keep my lash extensions longer?

Get yourself a contoured eye mask made for eyelash extensions. Read more about keeping your lash extensions on longer! lash extension retention

How do I protect my lashes?

Usually, it consists of using less makeup, daily brushing, no touching, and thorough cleansing of the lashes.

How Can Eyelash Extensions Benefit You?

The fullness and plumpness of sparse lashes can be achieved by applying eyelash extensions.

How do I keep my eyelash extensions looking healthy?

Keep your eyelash extensions healthy by switching out your oil-based skin care products and sleeping on your back.

How do I sleep with lashes?

Sleeping on your back will prevent your lashes from being crushed. Part 1: Developing Lash-Friendly Sleeping Habits Download Article 1. While lying on your back, position your head in the center of your pillow and fluff up the sides to cushion your face.

Is setting my lashes properly the best way to tell?

After you have gotten extensions, you should not sleep on your back for long periods of time; sleep on your back for the first few nights.[1]X Research source You should not sleep on your back for long periods of time after getting extensions.

How do I sleep on my side?

This will give your lashes enough time to be set appropriately.[2]X Research source if you have to sleep on your side for comfort, sleep with your face off the edge of a pillow to keep the area around your eye from rubbing up against the pillow.
Research source 2Invest in a form-fitting pillow that will keep you from rolling onto your side. Use a pillow made of memory foam or one that has a styled wave shape to keep your neck and head from turning in your sleep.

What Are The Best Products To Protect Your Lashes While You Sleep?

The slippery texture will reduce any tugging that occurs to your lashes while you sleep. Advertisement 3Purchase a cupped facemask to protect your lashes while you sleep. Carefully lift and slip the cupped mask over your eyes before you lay down to go to sleep.

Where can I buy a sleep mask?

Avoid wearing a flat sleep mask to keep your lashes from getting crushed.[5]X Research source can be purchased at your local department store in the sleepwear section or online with major retailers. Don’t drape your arm over your eyes when you sleep at night

How do I get my lashes looking good?

1 Use a spoolie brush to comb your lashes before you go to bed—work in an upwards motion along your top lashes, and a downwards motion on your bottom lashes.

What products are oil-free?

You will have more control using a cotton swab over a cotton pad to remove the makeup and won’t bump your eyelashes as much.[10]X Research sources oil-free makeup removers like micellar cleansers to remove the makeup from around your eyes.
If you use a cotton pad with the cleaner, dab your eyelids instead of rubbing them to remove the makeup, as excess rubbing will damage the lashes and cause shedding. Apply mascara to your eyelash extensions sparingly to avoid weakening the follicles.

How do I remove eye makeup?

3 Use a cotton swab with makeup remover to carefully wipe off eye makeup. Put some cleanser on a cotton swab, and gently pat the skin around your eyes to remove makeup or dirt.

What are the benefits of mascara?

This will set your lashes in the proper shape and minimize their tangling while you sleep.[8]X Research source avoid poking your eyes with the brush, close one eye and brush upwards on those lashes.

Can You Sleep on Your Extensions?

Add New Question QuestionCan you sleep on your eyelash extensions? Melissa JannesLicensed EstheticianLicensed EstheticianExpert AnswerSleeping on your extensions can crush them, so try to sleep on your back.


Extensions are pretty expensive, so we understand that you don’t want to ruin it while taking your beauty sleep. I hope our guide will help you get your sleep in speech and your extensions in speech too.