Hair dye has a tendency to remain on the skin of the hand or the hairline for a long time. Though you may take precautions, it may happen.

It is possible to remove all types of commercial dyes from household products. Below there are some different techniques; you can try them to get the desired result.

Dying the hair in your home is a good way to make it attractive. But too much dripping dye may leave a dark stain on the skin.

Going out of the home with eh innovative hair color that may stain the skin, is the view of the Hair Finder Website.

You may get salons or beauty stores’ products to remove the stain, but there are some homemade stain removers that work great to remove it.


This is the view of the Curly Hair Salon website; you may use toothpaste to remove hair color from the skin at home. Toothpaste, there is mildly abrasive which aids scrub away dried hair dye.

Use toothpaste for hair color and scrub by using an old-type toothbrush or fingers. The process of healing website implies Applying white toothpaste and not a gel toothpaste.

Soap and Water

The way to the Healing site gives suggestions to use a wet washcloth as well as antibacterial soap to remove the dried lock color.

Buffing the skin with water and a soft type of cleanser may remove the hair dye or dried skin cells, view of the Curly Hair Salon sites.

It can take a few scrubbings to eliminate the dye. More scrubbing may lead to dry skin. Therefore better to use the moisturizer when finishing this treatment.

Hydrogen Peroxide

You may eliminate hair color by using a hydrogen peroxide view of the Hair Finder site. Use 2% hydrogen peroxide to dry the dye. Peroxide gradually lightens and removes it.

Be cautious, to applying the technique- when you get contact with hydrogen peroxide on the hair, it can remove dye from the lock shaft also.


To have stubborn hair color stains, the Hair Finder site demands that you may use chlorine bleach to remove the dye. People having sensitive skin can not use bleach as bleach contains high chemicals.

Do not keep bleach on the skin for a longer time. You may use a cotton ball to eliminate hair dye.

Use water to remove bleach from the skin and rinse the skin with soap and water to eliminate the bleach. Then follow the bleach treatment with the moisture to resist over-drying the skin.

Baking Soda

how to remove hair dye from face

Mix the same amount of liquid detergent and baking soda. Add two tsp baking soda with a two tsp liquid dish or with the laundry detergent. Stir it until mixed well.

  • The baking soda has a very abrasive effect and scrubs the dead skin cells stained with the dye, aids to reveal the clear skin under it.
  • The detergent draws the dye molecules and rinses the skin by removing the dye.
  • Use soft detergent having no dyes or fragrances, if you can, it reduces the possibility of irritation.
  • Do not use it near to the eyes. It is safe when you use it other than the face.

Rub the mixture into the dyed skin. Apply a cotton makeup remover pad to remove the baking soda solution from the dyed skin, using a circular motion. Rub the mixture on the dye by applying normal pressure.

  • Use a little bit or much baking soda to cover the total stained area of the skin.
  • Rub it for thirty to ninety seconds. Do not do it if you feel any burning, tingling, itching or other signs of irritation.
  • You may use a clean rag or a cotton ball rather than a cotton pad.

Wash with warm water. Rubbing the dyed skin with the baking soda, rinse the area with the damp washcloth as long as the baking soda removes completely.

  • It is very easy to wash the skin with running water. Rub the area with the finger to loosen the baking soda. Then keep it under the flow of water to remove the baking soda totally.

Do the process again if needed. As the dye seems lighter but not completely removed, you can do the same process again and again.

  • As the method is not useful for you, you can apply another method to get the desired result.

Baby Oil

how to remove hair dye from face

Rub some baby oil on your stain. You need to use your finger to use the coat of baby oil on the dyed skin.

  • You may use oil with the cotton pad, cotton ball, or a clean rag.
  • Use more oil to coat the stained skin. Be careful not to use more oil as it may drip the other areas of your skin.
  • Baby oil has no side effects on your hands and face. Do not let it enter your eyes.

Keep it for the whole night. Wait for the whole night or eight hours to see the desired result.

  • If you like to soak not the pillowcase or bedsheets, use a cover on it with fresh cotton bandages.
  • If you use it on your hands, you may cover the hands with disposable gloves for the whole night.
  • Choose the covering made of breathable materials such as cotton, over them made of plastic. It poses a suffocation hazard and is better not to use at the time of sleeping.

Wash with lukewarm water. Rinse the space with the lukewarm running water; rub it gently with the cotton ball or with your fingers.

You need to use little soap or shampoo to eliminate oil from the skin

  • Dye removes the oils. If the result is not satisfactory, you can use another method of dye removal.

Using Rubbing Alcohol

Purchase cotton balls and rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol may be bought cheaply from the grocery shop, pharmacy, or convenience stores. Which brand you have bought is not mattered at all? Buy the cheapest options found in the market.

Soak the cotton ball in rubbing alcohol. Keep the cotton ball to the opening of the rubbing alcohol bottle. Tip the bottle as the rubbing alcohol soaks into the cotton ball. Be conscious not to spill it all over the space. Do not build jerky movements.

Stroke the drenched cotton ball on top of the dyed skin. It is up to the type of dye that is gotten on the skin and for how much time it rests on the skin. It may take a few seconds, or sometimes it may require a few minutes of rubbing.

  • Swap out and refresh old ones for the new balls as required
  • When your skin starts to burn or to feel uncomfortable, do not rub at your stain.

Use lotion. If the stain is removed, wash your hands with the soap after that use a moisturizing lotion to soothe the skin after all rinse with alcohol.

Using Salt and Lemon Juice

Prepare a fresh paste. Make a mixture of clean squeezed salt and lemon juice in a small bowl. For using this method, you must be very careful not for any open cuts because both salt and citric acid may cause burning pain if they get in contact with an open wound.

Expand the paste on the stained area. To make an even layer, you can use your finger to be sure the total stain is thoroughly covered. Then you may wait for at least 20 minutes; do not get the paste on clothes or another surface at the time of waiting to dry.

If you like to remove the stain completely, it is better to rub the stain with a clean dishcloth as quickly as it comes off totally. Be sure to rinse the skin off totally and moisturize to calm the skin.

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