Every day you are facing many problems. You do not know how next time you become a victim to lip gloss. There are some women who are not more conscious about gloss. They brush it with the clothes many times.

And finally the end of their work with the gloss on the clothes. People are not experts in lip gloss stains.

A glossy light kiss on the cheek may exempt glossy stain when they touch the face absentmindedly. Lip gloss stained clothes may seem like a greasy mess. You can remove it or avoid it with proper care.

Lip Gloss From Clothing Removal Steps

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  • Scrape off more lip gloss to use the plastic utensil or the edge of the credit cards.
  • Wash the lip gloss stained cloth with hot water.
  • Pretreat the stain with pre-treat detergents or solvent detergent which aims at oil stains or grease.
  • Pre-treat gloss stain with solvent detergent as long as it removes entirely at the time of first laundering target.
  • Re-wash the clothes with the hottest water to get in your washer
  • Dry the clothes with an air


Rubbing Alcohol

Begins with alcohol. It does work well. Please do not rub it. Take a piece of white or clean cloth and soak it with alcohol. After that blot the lipstick stain that may vanish.

Liquid Dishwashing Detergent

How To Remove Lip Gloss From Clothing

Another homemade remedy is a mild liquid dishwashing detergent formulated to fight grease and Dawn. To remove lip stain quickly, dab on a little Dawn, keep it for ten minutes, then the stain started to remove from the outside edges inwards.

You may use shampoo, detergent, or other kinds of cleanser as long as it has no bleach, brighteners, or lighteners.


The other ways of removing lipstick stains are ammonia. Everyone has ammonia in the home for cleaning it. It is found in every grocery stores by spending few dollars.

Use water to remove stains from the clothes as much as you can. Then plunge a cotton swab into ammonia to dab the stain. If it becomes faded, wash it with warm soapy water.

Tips- how to get lipgloss out of clothes after drying

I have used it and removed lipstick stains from my cotton-blend dress or cotton shirt by following the procedures. Does it work for other materials or stains, I cannot say?

What you need

  • Excellent old fashion rubbing
  • A clean cloth or two
  • Liquid Dish Soap


  • Damp a part of the cloth with alcohol
  • Blemish stain with a damp section of cloth. Constantly blotting applying clean wet cloth section as long as stain lifts
  • Then blot the area with launder or some liquor dish soap

Keep in mind

Read the care tag on the shirt (Dry Clean Only – take to your Dry Cleaner)

  • Do not rub- only blot
  • If the stain remains for a longer time- it will be very difficult to move from the cloth
  • When the shirt with stain is laundered, it is very late
  • Do not use the heat dry or hot water on the shirt

Tips & Warnings

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  • If there is a gloss stain on the silk cloth, use adhesive tape rather than scraping it with a plastic utensil. The tape is softer on the fabric instead of the friction left by the scraping.
  • When you wash it once again, attempt pre-treating in different ways. Use dry cleaning solvent to clean white clothes and blot stains. Apply another stand to remove possible treatment for the other section of the clothing.
  • Please let not lip gloss stained articles in the dryer except removing the stain first. It may get trapped on your dryer and transfer onto later loads of clothes.
  • Do not dry clothes stained by the lips gloss using more heat. More heat may set the stain more actively


Dish detergent, hairspray, rubbing alcohol, WD 40, vegetable oil are some of the best types of home suggestion to remove gloss stains. Some of these products are great to remove lip gloss stains from the clothes. Though there is the possibility of making the stain worse. Lips glosses are a combination of oils and chemicals. It is not possible to express well how these chemicals react to compounds not made well to treat stains.

I have been there. My youngest son was infamous for leaving a ChapStick in his pocket (see below to learn more about his outstanding way to solve the problem) so that we became true pros on eliminating those stains.

ChapStick or some other lip balm produces a mixture stain of wax, acrylic, and sometimes dye whether the jelly is tinted.

The secret to the positive elimination of cushioned clothes is to handle each one of the elements whenever possible. If the ChapStick has sprayed to a garment that’s tagged as dry, clean just, point mark, and establish the blot to your cleaner.

If you’re a strategy to utilize a home dry cleaning kit, make sure you take care of the stain with the supplied color remover before placing the garment from the dryer tote.

Remove Chap Stick Stains on Washable Clothes

  • Scrape

When there’s any observable melted wax onto the surface of cloth, then dull knife,catch a spoon or the edge of a credit card and lightly scrape it off the cloth. This will keep the wax from getting more deeply embedded into the fibers.

  • Wait and Treat

Carefully assess every region of the stained clothing and treat every area with an enzyme-based pigment remover such as Zout. If you don’t have a stain remover, then use a few thick laundry detergents such as Persil or Wisk that comprise enough enzymes which can cut through the greasy residue. The stain remover in the stains with your hands or even a soft-bristled brush – a classic toothbrush works well. Allow the stain remover to sit the stains for a minimum of thirty minutes.

  • Check and wash

Following the stain remover has an opportunity to operate, rewash the stained clothing from the hottest water recommended on the care label. When the stains have yet to be removed, repeat the steps BEFORE you throw the clothing in the dryer.

In the event the ChapStick was colored and you see traces of color left, then this is the opportunity to catch some oxygen-based bleach that will get rid of the lip balm shade but maybe not damage your secondhand clothes. Completely submerge the stained garment and let it soak for at least 2 hours overnight is much better. This will get rid of the dye. Rinse well and allow clothing to wash.

  • Dryer and Washer

So, carefully assess your dryer and washer to recover the offending ChapStick and try to find any residue attached to the inside drums.

If you find some residue from the washer, use a little bit of laundry detergent in an aged snowy rag to eliminate the waxy coating. Dip the rag in warm water and scatter with detergent and wash off.

For residue in the drier, wet some old rags and throw them in the dryer. Put the dryer to heat and let it operate for approximately five minutes.

  • Lip Balm Stain Prevention Solutions

Obviously, the first step to avoiding this melting tragedy from happening again would be to empty and check every pocket prior to garments going in the hamper or oven.

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