Using eyelash curlers is essential to achieving long, bold, and beautiful lashes. Use an eyelash curler with your favorite mascara to get wide-awake eyes. A good eyelash curler technique is essential to getting the most out of your curler. So, you need to take care of it properly. But every eyelash curler will eventually wear out, no matter how meticulously it’s stored and cleaned. If that happens, you need to replace the eyelash curler or the eyelash curler pad. In this article, you will learn how to do that.

What is an eyelash curler pad?

An eyelash curler pad is a small plastic disc that sits between the eyelashes and the eyelid during curling. The purpose of the pad is to protect the skin around your eyes from being irritated by the heat generated by the curling iron.

The pad also helps your eyelashes stay curled longer. Because it keeps them from rubbing against your eyelid, which can cause irritation and make your eyelashes fall out faster.

The best way to know if your curler needs a replacement pad is to check the manufacturer’s instructions. If no directions are included, you should be able to figure out how to change the pad yourself.

How to replace the pad on the eyelash curler

Remove the old pad

To remove the old pad, remove the screw at the back end of the curler. Then lift gently on the tab until the pad comes away.

Next, use a pair of needle nose pliers or tweezers to pull the old pad out of the hole in the curler.

Apply new pad

Once you’ve removed the old pad, apply a thin layer of clear nail polish to the area where you plan to attach the new refill pad. Then, using your fingers, press the replacement pad into place. Let dry completely before applying another coat of nail polish.

Fix broken pad

When you first get your eyelash curler, it’s likely to have a small hole in the center of the pad. Cover the hole with a little clear nail polish if it breaks during use. Once it dries, peel away the excess polish and let air dry.

You can also repair the pad if it gets torn. Simply cut a patch of adhesive tape and stick it to the damaged area.

How to a pad on an eyelash curl

Take apart the curler

Take apart the curler by unscrewing the screws located at the back of the curler. Next, lift the tabs at the front of the curler and pull the parts apart.

Cut the pad

Cut the pad by removing the screw at the back and pulling the tab upward. The pad should come off easily.

Attach the pad

Attach the pad by placing it on the metal hook at the end of the bottom edge of the curler. Slide the pad into place until it touches the metal hook.

Use tape to secure the pad.

Use tape to hold the refill pad in place. Cut four strips of tape equal in length and width to where you would like them placed on each half of the curler. Wrap the tape around the curler and across the pad. Press firmly to make sure the pad stays in place.

Reattach the curler

Reattach the curlers by pushing the tabs back into place and tightening the screws.

How to Repair Broken Eyelash Curler Pads

Take apart the curler by removing the screws from the back. Pull the tabs at the front open and lift the curler. Use scissors to cut through the pad. Reassemble the curler by putting the new pad on the metal hook and screwing the curler back together.

How Often Should You Be Replacing Your Eyelash Curler?

Eyelash curlers play an important role in achieving long, thick, and healthy lashes. But just how often do you need to replace yours? A lot depends on what type of lash curler you’re using. If you’re using one of those plastic ones with a spring-loaded mechanism, you’ll want to change it every few weeks. On the other hand, if you’re using a metal tool or silicone curler, you might be able to go much longer without replacing it.

To help you decide whether you need to swap out your eyelash curler every week here’s some information about different types of lash curlers:

Types Of Lash Curlers

There are two main types of lash curlers: metal and plastic. Metal curlers are made of stainless steel and are usually sold as single units that contain only one pad. Plastic curlers are molded from polypropylene and may include multiple pads. Some models even have interchangeable refill pads.

Metal Curlers

Metal curlers are great for people who want to achieve a natural look. They can also give lashes a more defined shape than plastic curlers. However, they tend to be heavier than plastic curlers, requiring more maintenance. That means you’ll probably need to clean them more frequently.

Plastic Curlers

Plastics are lighter than metals, making them easier to use. They’re also less expensive than metal curlers. But because plastics aren’t as durable as metals, you should expect to replace them more often.

Replacement Tips For Eyelash Curlers

If you’ve been using your traditional curler for years, you don’t know exactly when you should start changing it out. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Change It When The Pad Is Getting Dirty

The first thing to consider is whether you should change your entire curler when the pad gets dirty. This will depend on how often you wash your face. If you wash your face daily, you’ll probably want to change your curler after each washing. On the other hand, if you wash your eyes only occasionally, you might be able to use the same curler for several months before needing to change it.

Replace It Whenever The Pad Becomes Torn Or Damaged

Another factor to consider is whether you should replace your eyelash curler whenever the pad becomes torn or damaged. If you notice any tears or holes in the pad, you should get rid of them. Otherwise, you could end up damaging your lashes.

Consider Changing It When You Start To See Signs Of Wear And Tear

Finally, you should consider changing your eyelash curler as soon as you see signs of wear and tear. Over time, the pads on metal and plastic curlers become thinner and lose elasticity. As a result, they won’t curl your lashes as well.

A guide to replacing the pad on an eyelash curler

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How Long Can I Use My Eyelash Curler Before Replacing It?

You can use your curler for as long as you like. However, most people find they can go at least six months between replacements.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Eyelash Curler?

Eyelash curlers can make your lashes appear thicker, fuller, and longer.

When Should You Replace Your Eyelash Curler?

In general, you should replace your curlers every three to six months. However, this varies depending on which type of curler you use and how often you wash your eyes. If you wash your eye area at least once daily, you’ll probably want to use your curler more frequently.
You might not realize it at first, but over time, your curler will begin to show its age. So if you haven’t changed it in a while, now’s the perfect time to make sure it still works properly.

Is there a difference in lash curlers?

There are many different eye shapes worldwide, meaning that not every lash curler will work for every shape. But curlers aren’t like shoes — you can’t just try them on at the beauty counter and hope to find the perfect one that won’t snag your eye.

What is the most popular lash curl?

The C curl is the most commonly used for its versatility among different lash types. It is the safest option if you are unsure which curl to use. It will provide a natural-looking curl.


If you have been using your traditional eyelash curler for years, you may need to start replacing it sooner than you thought. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to determine how often you should change your curler. Curling eyelashes is an essential part of your eye makeup routine. Having a good curler will help you keep achieving long, dramatic lashes.