I have always been fascinated with the art of makeup. I made my first foray into this world when I was 11 years old and started trying to learn how to apply eyeliner.

As it turns out, there’s much more involved than simply drawing lines or dots on your upper lid—especially if you want flattering results.

How to prevent mascara from clumping in the first place?

You can do a few things to prevent your mascara from clumping in the first place. For starters, try using a light coating of eyeliner on your lashes before applying mascara. Then, massaging the liner into your lashes will help distribute the product evenly.

If your mascara starts to clump, use a cotton swab dipped in micellar water to gently remove any transfer. You can also store your mascara in a cool, dry place to prolong its life span. Remember to replace it every 1-3 months for best results.

What are some common causes of clumpy mascara?

The most common cause of clumpy mascara is overuse. Over time, your eyelashes grow longer and thicker. This makes them harder to comb through and brush off. The result? More clumps.

Another reason your mascara may clump is that you’re not wearing enough mascara. If you only put on thin coats of mascara, then your lashes won’t get coated properly.

In addition, if you wear contact lenses, they can affect the way your mascara applies. A thick layer of mascara can actually push your contacts up towards your eyes.

Finally, if you have oily lids, you will also experience clumping. Oily skin traps excess oil on your face, which can interfere with mascara application.

How do you fix clumpy mascara?

Once you notice that your mascara has clumped, you need to act fast. Here are three ways to fix clumpy mascara:

1) Use an eyelash curler.

An eyelash curler is one of the easiest ways to fix clumpy eyelashes. Simply curl your lashes while holding a tissue underneath your lower lashes. Then, blow your hair back so that the tissue stays behind.

2) Apply a new coat of mascara.

The second coat of mascara will cover up any clumps and give you a fresh, clean look. Be careful not to apply too much, since you don’t want to look like you just went swimming in black goop.

3) Remove the clumps with a Q-tip.

Q-tips are great for removing stubborn makeup stains from your face and body. For example, to remove mascara clumps, dip a Q-tip into some micellar water and swipe it across your lashes.

Remember, you shouldn’t use this method to remove mascara that’s already dried down. Instead, wait until the next day when your lashes are softer.

4) Try a different brand.

Sometimes, even the same type of mascara can clump after a long period. Switching brands or styles might work better than trying to fix clumps with a Q tip.

5) Consider switching mascaras altogether.

Mascara isn’t always necessary. For example, some people find that false eyelashes provide more definition and coverage without all the fuss of mascara.

If you decide to ditch mascara entirely, choose a waterproof formula instead of a regular gel or cream. Waterproof formulas prevent smudging and flaking throughout the day.

6) Wash your hands before applying mascara.

Washing your hands before applying mascara helps reduce bacteria that could potentially clog pores and cause breakouts. 

7) Keep your mascara brush clean.

It may seem obvious, but many people overlook this step. When cleaning your mascara brush, wash it thoroughly under running water. This will help keep your brushes free of dirt and debris.

8) Don’t forget about your eyebrows.

Your brows are often neglected during the process of applying mascara. Make sure to comb through them carefully before applying mascara. This will ensure that your brows stay smooth and groomed.

9) Avoid using cotton swabs.

Cotton swabs tend to pull out mascara clumps rather than spread it around. Therefore, you should only use a soft bristle brush for applying mascara.

10) Clean your applicator regularly.

Cleaning your applicator regularly will help extend its life span. A good way to clean your mascara wand is to run it through a sink full of hot water and soap. Let it soak for 5 minutes before rinsing off the excess soap.

11) Know what works best for you.

Some people prefer liquid, creamy, or powdery formulas. Others enjoy the convenience of waxy sticks. Experiment with various types of mascara to see which ones suit your needs.

12) Use a primer first.

Applying mascara over an oily base such as foundation can lead to clumping. Primer acts as a barrier between your skin and the oil on your face. It also helps create a smooth canvas for your mascara.

13) Brush your lashes upwards.

Brushing your lashes upward creates volume and length. Just be careful not to get too close to your eyes.

14) Apply one coat at a time.

A single coat of mascara gives your lashes a natural look. However, if you apply multiple coats, you risk having a heavy, fake look.

What are some common mistakes people make when trying to fix clumpy mascara?

People often try to fix clumpy mascara by using excessive amounts. Unfortunately, this leads to a messy situation where their mascara smears everywhere.

Another mistake people make is waiting too long to reapply mascara. Once your lashes dry out, they become brittle and prone to breaking. Also, the longer you leave them exposed to air, the worse they look.

Another problem people have is forgetting about their eyebrows. Eyebrows are important because they frame your eyes and help define your facial features. They also play a role in making your eyes appear bigger. So, take care of your eyebrows as well.

How can you avoid making these mistakes?

Here are a few tips on how to avoid making these mistakes:

1) Don’t overdo it.

When you first start wearing mascara, it takes a little bit of practice to get used to the amount needed. But once you do, you won’t be tempted to put on more than you should.

2) Reapply every 2 hours.

This is especially true if you wear contact lenses. If you wear contacts, you must reapply mascara at least every two hours. Otherwise, your eyes will begin to feel irritated and uncomfortable.

3) Use an applicator wand.

The best way to apply mascara is with an applicator wand. It makes application easier and prevents the excess product from getting on your skin. You can buy a cheap one at any drugstore.

4) Cleanse your brushes regularly.

Make sure to clean your mascara brushes frequently. After each use, rinse them off under running water. Then, place them upside down and shake them vigorously. Make sure not to touch the bristles directly. Instead, use a paper towel to wipe away any leftover products.

5) Apply mascara only to the roots of your lashes.

Applying mascara to the roots of your eyelashes gives them a fuller appearance. Applying mascara to the outer corners of your eye creates a more dramatic effect.

6) Avoid touching your face while applying mascara.

You don’t want to accidentally transfer mascara onto your cheekbones or chin. To avoid this, hold the applicator wand vertically and gently tap the side of your hand against your face. This allows you to control the wand’s movement without worrying about touching your face.

7) Choose a good-quality mascara.

If you don’t like the results you get from your current mascara, switch brands. There are plenty of affordable mascaras available today. Just make sure to choose one that has been formulated specifically for women.

8) Wash your makeup brushes after each use.

After using your makeup brushes, wash them under running water. Make sure to scrub them thoroughly. This helps remove any residue left behind by previous products.

9) Keep your eyes moisturized.

Moisture plays a big role when it comes to keeping your lashes healthy. When your lashes are dry, they tend to break easily. So moisturizing your lashes before bedtime is a great way to keep them looking beautiful throughout the day.

10) Get enough sleep.

Getting enough sleep is essential for maintaining healthy hair and nails. Your body needs rest to repair itself and grow new cells. Lack of sleep causes your body to produce less collagen, leading to hair thinning.

Frequently asked question

How can you tell if your mascara is clumping?

Clumped mascara looks like small balls of black goo that stick together. It can be difficult to see at first glance, but it becomes obvious once you start noticing it.
You can easily test whether your mascara has clumped by rubbing two fingers along the length of your lash line. If your mascara doesn’t smear, then it hasn’t clumped yet. However, you should probably give it another shot if it does smear.


Mascara isn’t just for special occasions anymore. With a little effort, you can create gorgeous looks all year round. So experiment with different types of mascara until you find the perfect formula.