Eyelash trimming can be a pain, but it’s essential to keep your eyelashes looking their best. This blog will show you how to trim eyelash strips and make them fit properly and last a long time. Also covered are the different types of lash trimming scissors and tips for minimizing eyelash trimming mistakes.

What are the steps to trim eyelash strips to make them fit perfectly?

1. To trim eyelash strips, you will need scissors, eyelash strip adhesive, an eyelash brush, and clean water.

2. To trim the eyelash adhesive strip, place it against the lash line and cut diagonally from corner to corner. 

3. Hold the lash strip against the natural lash line and brush gently across the strip with the eyelash brush to remove any excess adhesive. Repeat until all lash strip adhesive is removed. 

4. Wet the scissors slightly and snip off the lash strip close to the line. 

5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each eye.

The simplest way to Trim Eyelash Strips

It is important to align the inner corner of your false eyelashes with the inner corner of your natural lash line when trimming them. The excess length from the outer edge of your lash band should be trimmed, not from the inner edge. The Lash Band should end just outside your normal lash line for a perfect fit. To make your false eyelash strips fit perfectly, trim the ends a little longer than you think you need to.

Put the false eyelash strip back on your lash line and check to see if it matches the length of your eye. Remove the lash band and trim off the excess with scissors if it’s still a little long. Measuring first and second lash bands is important to ensure they fit perfectly. Use sharp, small scissors when trimming your lash band. If scissors are dull, they may fray fibers or band, affecting how they adhere, look, and last.

False eyelashes that are too long can detach when worn, so trimming them will ensure they adhere better to the eyes and look more natural.

If needed, cut off only a tiny bit until lashes fit comfortably against the skin and measure again.

It is important to trim your false eyelashes before applying them. This will ensure they fit comfortably and look more natural.

Is there a common mistake people make when trimming eyelash strips?

There are a few common mistakes that people make when trimming eyelash strips. The most common is cutting too much off of the strip. This can lead to an uneven lash line and a less-than-flattering look.

Another mistake is trimming the lashes in a curved line rather than a straight line. This will also result in an uneven lash line.

It’s also important to be patient when trimming the lashes – make sure you take your time and cut them evenly. It will be obvious when one side is significantly shorter than the other.

After trimming your eyelash strips, try feathering them out using point-cutting techniques if they still look blunt.

How can you avoid making these mistakes?

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What are some tips for getting the perfect trim every time? 

When trimming your false eyelashes, it’s important to be careful not to damage the lashes in any way. You also want to be sure to trim them evenly and cut the excess off in a straight line. Always cut from the outside edge only – this will give you the best trim every time.

Most drugstores sell inexpensive eyelash curlers, such as Kiss, Eylure, Ardell, Davocy, Miss Kiss, and J.Cat Beauty. Keep in mind that when trimming false lashes, you should do so conservatively so as not to cut them too short. It is always better to start out with a small cut and then make it bigger until you reach the desired length.

If you want to ensure your falsies fit properly, place them on top of your existing lashes and check the line at the top to see if they match. To fit them precisely onto your natural lash line:

  1. Use a pair of scissors to cut a hole carefully.
  2. Don’t damage any lash hairs when cutting – only cut between hair clusters; otherwise, you may lose your falsies.
  3. Always use sharp scissors when cutting precisely with a sharp pair.

These are some essential tips to keep in mind when getting the perfect trim every time.

How do you know if your eyelash strip is too long or too short?

If your eyelash strips are too long, getting them to fit perfectly and look good can be difficult. Several things can be done to fix this problem. First, you can try trimming the ends of the lash strips yourself. If your eyelash strip is too long, trim it to half its original length. If it’s still too long, trim it until it’s the correct length.

It may be a bit tricky, but if you have experience working with scissors, it should not be too difficult. Alternatively, you could try using a lash strip cutter.

Eyelash strips come in various lengths, but you can trim them to fit if they’re too short. First, measure the distance between your lash’s base and the strip’s end. After that, use a pair of sharp scissors to cut off the excess strip. Suppose your eyelash strip is too short; feather it out to create a more natural look. If it still looks too short, try trimming it a little bit at a time until it’s the correct length.

How do you secure the strip once it is trimmed to the perfect size?

There are a few different ways to secure the strip once it is trimmed to the perfect size. One way is to use eyelash glue, which will hold the lashes in place until they eventually fall off. Another way is to use hair spray, which will help keep them in place for longer. Lastly, you can also use eyelash adhesive tape, a double-sided tape specifically designed for false lashes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fit the lash strips properly?

The lash strip should fit snugly against the lash line. If the lash strip is too large, it can slide down the lash line and look false. If the lash strip is too small, it may not hold the lash in place and may come off during wear.

Can trim eyelash strips be used to lengthen or thicken my lashes?

Trim eyelash strips can be used to thicken or lengthen eyelashes. However, the effectiveness of trim eyelash strips as a lash growth agent is not well-documented.

Can you give me any other tips when using lash strips?

According to Sarahjanebeauty.com, other tips to keep in mind when using lash strips are to keep them tight against your lash line, avoid contact with water, and not sleep in them.

What are the different types of lash strips?

As an adhesive and rubber band are placed on the lash line, lash strips hold the lash in place. There are a variety of widths and lengths and come in various colors to match your eye color.

How can I ensure the lashes stay on my eyes all day long?

A lash adhesive can be used to keep the lashes on your eyes all day long.

How to remove eyelash glue residue

You can remove eyelash glue residue with rubbing alcohol.

Why is it better to use disposable mascara instead of the kind that comes in a tube?

Since disposable mascara does not contain alcohol, which can dry out lash follicles, it is generally thought to be more effective. As a result, disposable mascara is designed to be applied more frequently than tube mascara, which makes the eyelashes appear longer and fuller.

Where can I buy disposable mascara or eyelash adhesive remover pads?

The pads can be bought at most drugstores.

How do you trim eyelash strips?

Trimming eyelash strips can be done with scissors, a blade, or clippers.


It can be challenging to trim eyelashes, but with these tips, you can fit them properly and make them last for many lash applications. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to trim your eyelashes safely and efficiently. Thanks for reading.