Drag a thick white line to the upper lid. At the time of utilizing white eyeliner, trace the lash line carefully of the upper eyelid.

The line would be wide enough- maybe twice as thick as the normal eyeliner may be.

You may stop here technically, but the result would be more if you are not habituated to use the white eyeliner.

If you like to use the white eyeliner as a, though, solo liner, think to make the line somewhat thinner rather than to choose a super thick liner.

Make a thinner black line under the white. Start with the black eyeliner and draw the second one carefully, a thin line along the lash line of the upper eyelid.

This line may fall at the base of your white line and may ba a half of the thick. The contrast between the white liner and the black liner may make your eyes stand out.

You may use another color instead of black color. The would-be dark to get a similar effect.

Dark gray, dark brown, and navy blue eyeliners may be the other alternatives worth considering.

Add whiter to inner corners. Light up the dark corner of your eyes by making a diagram of ‘V’ shape with white eyeliner, directly round the inner corner.

This line may be short; it shouts overlaps the inner edge of the bottom and top lash lines.

The inner corner is the darkest place of the eyes. To minimize darkness you can use white eyeliner and make your eye open more.

Please do not use black eyeliner in the inner corner. It is better to use white liner on the inner corner when you have traced the upper lid in black as you can cover the black spot with black eyeliner.

Line Your Waterline

You may use white eyeliner to line up the waterline instantly to lift your eyes and prepare them bigger.

If you use it on the waterline, it makes the eyeball bigger. This is a technique for people with Asian, Oriental set eyes.

how to use white eyeliner

It transfers the eyes and makes the eyes brighter and bigger. If you have a black skin tone, it is better to use white eyeliner to give an unflattering and contrasting look.

You may line the upper lash with the black eyeliner and fill the waterline with the help of a white pencil.

For making a subtle and balanced eye look, apply a black eyeliner with a lower lid’s waterline.

Inner Corner Pop

Use white eyeliner to the internal corner of the tear duct zone to ensure an instant pop to dull and tired eyes.

As you think more for the trend is crazy, would like to add your makeup, after that it may be most to trace to the inner of ‘V’ of your eyes.

You may attempt a white eyeliner except stepping out of your comfort zone.

Eyeshadow Pop

Select white eyeliners and use them on the whole eyelid area. Use a stiff eyeshadow brush or the ring finger as well as blend softly for the good management of the product.

how to use white eyeliner

At present, apply your dear eyeshadow to make an instant pot of color. The White base can resist creasing the eyeshadows and keep it for a longer time.

Brow Bone Lift

You can use white eyeliner to remove eyebrows. You have the option to use natural eyebrows to make them more visible.

Since you will use it just right below the top position of the brow bone to emphasize the eyes softly.

To have an intense and dramatic look, utilize the white liner to the line from the beginning of the natural brow, from the place where starts the eyebrow arch and where it comes to an end. Use this procedure and lift the eyes.

Perfect Cupid Bow

Use white eyeliner on the most cupid brow area to create and highlight illusions of larger lips.

The main thing of the trick is to mix the product seamlessly unless it may stand out as unflattering or stark.

There are five various ways to use white eyeliner. If you are not happy with the white eyeliner, the tips may put your previous white liners to use. Attempt and know that one is the best for your use.

Get Wide Eyes

how to use white eyeliner

It looks incorporated, and the white liners make the eyes more awake and bigger. Use a long-wearing white pencil to line your waterline.

For the first time, it may seem tricky; starts slowly. You would not like to poke your eyes out! Now down softly your lower lid, so the water line becomes exposed and add color softly.

You can continuously pull your lid down to make the liner dry. Adding white may create an illusion of wider eyes and may seem dramatic if you use an enormous amount of mascara to your lower lashes.

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