Awesome! Mavala Double Lash Review

Maval Double is a product from Switzerland, which ensures the strength and length of the lashes. It is made with a natural formula. You can use it from the base of the lashes to the tip with an applicator.

The manufacturer suggests using it at the bedtime and keeping it at the whole night. Please read Mavala double lash review article to the end to fully understand my review.

Customers are very much pleased to see the result of the Mavala Double Lash. Users say that the price of the product is not much so that people can buy the product easily.

Some people say that it can extend the lashes to a certain degree. If someone uses it, he or she will see the result within several weeks. Though it will take sometimes to see the noticeable result.

Mavala Double lash serum is same as the other serums on the market. It is very much similar to others.

But the only difference is that it brings no peptides which are evident in the ingredient list. There is no doubt that all the ingredients are hundred percent natural.

But the company doesn’t specify that it is safe for the sensitive skin or not. The present ingredient list doesn’t include any natural ingredient to bear this claim.

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This is the view of the most of the users that the Mavala Double is very easy to use. People are in confusion how much product is in the bottle. If someone does not use the Mavala Double continuously, then she will go back to the previous condition.

Some reviews state that the product dries quickly after opening the bottle within a few weeks. Some reviews state that the product lacks safety as there is the possibility of tampering.

Features of Mavala Double Lash

  • For thin, sparse, fragile eyelashes they are very short and grow slowly
  • Use once a day for thirty days to see the best result.
  • Helps to have densely, strong and long lashes
  • A treatment that is very long and tested by the ophthalmologists tested and very effective for the eyebrows

Positive of Mavala Double-Lash

  • Encourages innovative hair growth and lengthens lashes.
  • The brush applicator is very simple same as the mascara product
  • The price of the product is very reasonable. One can get it under 20 dollars.
  • Made with all usual ingredients.
  • Very useful for brittle, repairing dry, conditioning and damaged lashes

Negative of Mavala Double-Lash

  • Very difficult to get it from the drugstores. Found easily on the internet.
  • The product will work within 2 to 3 weeks. But sometimes it takes longer to see the noticeable result.

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How to apply Mavala Double Lash

Use on your clean lashes at night. You can use it from root to the tip. Wait for the whole night to act well. After thirty days you will see the wonderful result.

Why You Like Mavala Double-Lash

Why You Like Mavala Double-Lash

If you use the Mavala Eye-Lite Double Lash Night, your lashes will be long, strong and thick. It helps the growth of the lashes as it nourishes the lashes. You will get silky, luxurious and lovely lashes if you use the product.

For enhancing beauty, there is no alternative of eyelashes. There is protein in the Mavala Eye-Lite Double Lash Night Treatment. All the ingredients are very active and make the lashes healthy, strong and long.

Does Mavala Double Lash really work?

Maintaining a good appearance is the go for the women for everyday beauty tips on the top. These types of eyes are the most important part of a person’s body. Women have a tendency to make the eyes beautiful, sexy and youthful.

This is normal that lots of women are not blessed with gorgeous lashes or would like to make them most attractive. Mascara, fake lashes or cosmetic surgery are very common names which most of the women tried most to get a wonderful result.

How does Mavala Double Lash Work?

Mavala Double Lash is beneficial for those who like to get longer and thicker lashes.

There are several multi-protein combinations into the product. This works for the whole night to lengthen remaining lashes. It splits bonds to produce more hairs.

Furthermore, there are few moisturizing ingredients in it to soften damaged and condition dry, brittle hairs. Finally, the Mavala Double Lash makes the lashes to appear fuller and shinier.

The Evaluation

When you differentiate this product with the other product, you will see that the price of this product is affordable and most of the consumers appreciate this product.

A usual bottle and tube of eyelash enhancing product are affordable. You know it well that a good product costs more. But we can surely say that this product is trying to break the mold.

The women who have used Mavala Double Lash got very positive results and posted positive reviews.

Many of them are using the eyelash enhancer for more than a year to get noticeable changes in the length and thickness of lashes.

Though the company says that the product may take effect after three weeks, many consumers see a noticeable change after 4-5 weeks, or some have to wait for a longer.

You may not call it disappointing as you will be able to get thicker and longer lashes. Think everything from the positive viewpoints. Do not leave the product very soon when you begin to start it.

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Mavala Double Lash Side Effects

Most users get no negative reaction of Mavala Double Lash, only some customers have experienced little eye irritation. Only some users develop a pink eye that needs a trip to the doctor’s office to obtain medication to clear. Some customers warned that users must take care to preserve Mavala Double Lash out of eyes since it stings quite a bit.

Where to Purchase Mavala Double Lash

Mavala comes to you with a small tube along with a wide brush applicator. You can buy the Mavala on online shops or marts or some beauty stores in the whole country.

It strengthens the lashes but does not affect the length of the lashes. People who like to improve the strength of the lashes can use it. But it will not help to get the lashes length. Anyone can use the Mavala to improve the appearance of the lashes. You need to keep this kind of practice of reading the review before buying any product.

Mavala double lash review video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) On Mavala Double Lash Review

Q. Is Mavala treatment ideal for using?

A. For thin sparse and fragile lashes, it is very short and grows very slowly. You can use it for the eyelashes.

Q. Can I use the serum though I use the permanent eyeliner?

A. You may use it without thinking much

Mavala Double Lash Review – Product information

Item : 1 x 2 x 3 inches; 1 pounds

Domestic delivery: found only in the U.S.


Shipping Weight: 1.6 ounces

What People Are Saying

Even the unlucky users sometimes praise it for conditioning their eyelashes.

These women praise the serum most as it ensures stronger lashes. They have no thicker and lengthier lashes either.

They have found that their lashes are falling out less or fewer. It is very difficult to get the positive reviews of the products. Sometimes people don’t get the exact result what they like to get.

There are some complaints against the product. But the number is not satisfactory. Only a few consumers have experienced some significant side effects.

Some reports state that their lashes are falling out or becoming thinner. You must know it well that most eyelash enhancers cause eyelashes to fall out.

Don’t think more in this matter. Falling out makes room for healthier and newer lashes to come in.


If you like to have the growth of your eyelashes, I would suggest you use the Mavala treatment. I believe you have tried it though I may bias. I have used it, and I got a very good result. There is propylene glycol. There is the high level of consumption result which may destroy the red blood cells.

For the human, the high level of propylene glycol is a must for throats as well as eyes. We have studied 50 humans and got the result that there is no allergic reaction. It has only mild irritation for the user of the serum. So the suggestion is that you can use it by keeping no hesitation in your mind.