The magnetic lashes are made of synthetic fibers to human hair. One can use this lashes with mascara. It comes in a luxe box along with a designated magnetic section to keep the lash strips. The lashes are thicker, longer and more dramatic. This is very popular for having nice curl, sheen and hairy look.

3D Mink is a clothing line that specializes in 3-dimensional mink fur. The tagline for the clothing line suggests that it is "The future of fashion."

3D Mink

Though the price of the eyelashes is more, its popularity is growing day by day. Some mink eyelashes last for 7 to 10 days for more if you properly take care of it. The makers claim that one can use it as much as 25 wearing.

Features of 3D Mink False Lashes

  • Eyelashes Material: The eyelashes are made of full strip mink lashes. It is hundred percent Siberian mink fur. Moreover, it is soft and vivid.
  • Eyelashes Brand: There are many brands in the market. The famous brands are Fashion, Professional, Stylish man-made mink false lashes, and Miss Kiss etc.
  • Eyelashes Advantage: Simple to wear, after proper care you can use it 15 times or more.
  • Eyelashes Feature: Wonderfully fit for professional application, party, daily daytime use, night out, wedding event, and photo shoot.
  • Eyelashes Package: It comes with one pair of strip mink lashes without adhesive within a luxury logo box.

How to use Mink 3D Lashes Dramatic Makeup High Quality Strip Lashes

  • Use tweezers to take out lashes from the case.
  • Use glue through the root of the lashes by the cotton bud.
  • Compare lashes with the eye line length, neat to perfect length and width if needed
  • Use pressure on the root of your natural lashes. You can use eyeliner or eye makeup for making your eye natural.

How to care for your 3D mink strip eyelashes

  • Remove strip eyelashes from the foundation of the lashes. Don’t pull the min hair fibers. If you do so, it may cause mink hair to separate from the lash strip.
  • Start from the outer corner of the eye and move to the inward
  • Remove additional lash adhesive from the lashes carefully.
  • The better way to peel away adhesive is to use a cuticle scissor to cut the remaining lash glue carefully. The eyelash fibers or eyelash bands are peeling the lashes adhesive from the lashes if you fail to do so. This is the best procedure for you.
  • You need brush lashes with a spoolie to remove fallout from powder, eyeshadow, other debris, and mink eyelashes.
  • Keep your mink lashes into the protective tray up to the following use.
  • One can use mascara on and over the false lashes. But it is sure that it cuts down the life of your lashes.
  • To get more benefit you need to use eyelash adhesive with your lashes which are made only for the eyelashes. Don’t use the bonding glue which is made for hair extensions.

Why Mink 3D Lashes Dramatic Makeup High Quality Strip Lashes Is Best

These lashes are very luxurious. Moreover, they are full and long. All the materials of the lashes are realistic and look nice. These are hundred percent synthetic man-made mink. One can easily use these lashes.

You have to use eyelash glue before using it. These lashes are very contented to use and have lifelike movement. Use glue on the lash line and press it well when the glue is nasty. The lashes come before you with a small amount of glue to aid you to set it correctly.

What others say about Mink 3D Lashes

I like this more as it is reusable. I like to use a warm cloth to wipe off them softly and remove glue from it. All products come with a case or storage box for keeping safely after every use.

The lashes are so natural that you will feel, look or move these are your lashes. You have the chance to use them with your makeup. I have got many compliments about them.

Besides I am very happy with these lashes. I suggest other to use this lashes. These lashes are wonderful to wear for everyday use. It is also great for pageants, formal events, and special occasions.

FAQs on Mink 3D Lashes

Question: What’s the dissimilarity between 1 and 7? They are the same.

Answer: Really they aren’t the same though it seems. 3do1 is bigger than 07, and 3d01 is the irritated approach of all over the group but 07 is shorter on edge.

Question: Are you eligible for using this hair glue?

Answer: Yes, for this reason, I use it. This is very simple to clean off the lash band. You need pinch your fingers and pull the glue off carefully.

Question: is there any glue with it?

Answer: No, there is no glue with it.

Watch YouTube video for 3D Mink Eyelashes

Final thoughts

The primary feeling of the 2 Lash is unchanged. I have a profound love for the magnetic false lashes. I am waiting to get something new from the manufacturer in future. When i use it, it makes more gorgeous my eyes. I keep them close to the middle of the outer corners. You can buy the lashes without hesitations.

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