Mascara aside, false eyelashes will go a long way in giving you that boost in confidence and boldness. Whether you want to glam in galas, events, or simply want to enhance your beauty, a pair of false eyelashes will do just fine.

There are still some of us out there who have never worn a false eyelash. This is due to either ignorance or uncertainty regarding the type of false eyelash to purchase. If you belong to the category of the latter, then you do not need to worry. That’s because this review is about the best false eyelashes in the market.


Product Image & Name


Arishine Magnetic Eyelashes Kit

Magnetic Eyeliner for Magnetic Eyelashes Set With Reusable Lashes

Aroamas Eyeliner & Eyelash

Magnetic, No Glue Reusable Silk False Lashes, Easier To Use

Eliace False Eyelashes

Handmade False Eyelashes set,very Natural Soft and Comfortable

Arishine Eyelashes with Eyeliner

Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelash Kit without glue

Vassoul Dual Magnetic Eyelashes

Best 3D Reusable Eyelashes with Applicator

Just so that you know, putting on false lashes for the first time can be difficult. Due to the different types of false eyelashes in the market, getting the best false lashes can be challenging. From synthetic lashes to strip lashes, and then to extensions, you cannot but contemplate which one is the right one for you. That is why it's crucial for you to read this guide - to avoid these daunting decisions.

What are False Eyelashes?

False eyelashes are synthetic, sometimes natural, or human hair lashes that you fix on your natural lash line. The aim of using a false eyelash is to add natural beauty to the eye region. Some wear a false eyelash to boost self-esteem and grow with the trends. There is no better way of looking glamorous than putting on a falsie. When it comes to make-up, fixing a false lash ranks pretty much high in terms of complexity.

 What Types of False Lashes Are There?

Strip lashes - Strip lashes are the best false lashes for beginners. Most times, when people talk about false eyelashes, they are most likely referring to strip lashes. They have flexible bands that can secure your upper lash line with an adhesive. Some are rather invisible to add that natural finish.

Strip lashes are somewhat easy, and that is why they are suitable for beginners. Strip lashes work well with rounder eyes. If you want to create that dramatic effect, strip lashes are the ones to use.

Individual Flare lashes - If you want to give your natural eyelashes a more subtle look to boost its fullness, you should use individual flare lashes. They are simply used to add definition to a particular area of the lash line. They come in clusters of strands, about 30 - 60. These types of lashes are most versatile and can create natural looks beyond imaginations.

Eyelash extensions - If you love to have long, thick lashes, but don't have the time to create them, eyelash extensions are for you. They are quite challenging to maintain, and that's the thing about it. You will need to do a lot of home maintenance. While the results are great, they are quite pricey. Unlike the strip lashes and the individual, this type of lash can only be carried out in a salon.

Magnetic Lashes - This type of lash is somewhat new, and is already taking up the world of false eyelashes. The great thing about this particular eyelash is that it solves the stress of applying lashes in a moment of a hurry. That moment where you need to meet up with time and join the clique, and your glue isn't tacky yet; magnetic lashes are the real deal

The downside of this lash is that during the process of removing, you can mistakenly sacrifice a few of your natural lashes. If you are looking for a reusable eyelash that is a suitable alternative to other lashes, this is the false lashes to use.

What Are False Lashes Made From?

False eyelashes are popularly made of human hair, synthetic, and mink fur. Synthetic eyelashes are denser on the eyes and give you a shiner , artificial, appearance. Typically, they are cheaper and suitable for those that want to create dramatic and voluminous styles. When exposed to water, they keep their curl, so there is no need to worry about having them wet.

Human hair and mink lashes are pricier but are lighter and softer. They give you a more natural appearance. However, they can lose their shape when it's not thoroughly dried. So you need to provide extra care while handling this lash.

Top 8 Best False Eyelashes

Magnetic Eyeliner

If you are looking for an easy, fast, natural way of wearing an eyelash, this magnetic liner is the best thing you can gift yourself.

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose this powerful magnetic liner. Since it's a magnetic lash, it will hold well on your lash line and give your eyes that natural look. Charming, bigger, is what best describes the Arishine magnetic eyeliner.

As far as the application is concerned, you can effortlessly apply this magnetic eyeliner with the lash. It will enhance your beauty and complement a wide range of skin tones. Unlike some eyeliner and lashes, wearing the Arishine product will give you natural beauty, especially around the eyes. Now you can have that thick, long, and natural eyes that you have been dreaming about.

Arishine just knows how to do something great, and there is no mistake with this product. It is made with top-quality ingredients that are FDA approved. The ingredients are also 100% non-toxic, so you shouldn't worry about your fake lashes triggering one allergy to the other.

Pros & cons of Arishine Eyeliner and Eyelashes kit


  • It is comfortable around the eyes - you shouldn't feel any pain while wearing this eyelash, despite being thick
  • Waterproof and holds well on your lash line - this magnetic lash is durable, strong, and lasts for a full day upon wearing
  • Easy to apply - there are no special skills whatsoever needed to use this liner. Just snap on with your tweezer and get started with the application
  • Certified safe for use with its non-toxic and latex-free ingredients


  • You need to be careful while removing it. Removing it in a hurry can cost you a few of your natural eyelashes
Aromas Eyelinder

This is another magnetic eyeliner, but this time, it's from Aroamas, one of the most trusted brands in the world. If you want magnetic eyelashes that will give you natural looks, the Aroamas is here!

Fake lashes that will give you natural looks can be hard to find these days, but you can’t go wrong with the Aroamas. Besides giving you natural looks, this eyeliner is durable and will last for a full day of wearing. It has all the natural properties that will easily attach and stay on your lash line.

It's waterproof and contains eyeliner liquid that is convenient for putting on. Just snap with a tweezer, and your eyelash is ready to be unveiled.

Pros & cons of Aromas Eyeliner and Eyelashes


  • It's affordable - It's quite difficult looking for an inexpensive eyelashan inexpensive eyelash. You don't need to break the bank to purchase this powerful magnetic kit
  • Quick and easy to use - that is just the thing about magnetic liners. They are quick to wear and quite simple to use. Apply the magnetic liner wait a few minutes for it to become tacky, and then apply the eyelash. That’s easy
  • Guarantees comfort - despite its thickness, it wouldn't weigh your eyelids down. You can carry it all day and not feel a single weight
  • Gives you natural looks - Many wouldn't know you are wearing a fake lash. This is due to the natural appearance the super eyeliner brings to the table


  • The magnets may irritate the lash line
False Eyelash

Affordable, soft, comfortable is what describes the Eliace eyelashes best. If you are looking for ultra-thin fiber lashes that will give you a beautiful look, this is the one to go for.

Whether you are going for a gala, party, or ball, wearing this eyelash will inspire confidence. You will look gorgeous and more attractive with this on that some eyelashes out there.

You don’t have to panic about the weight if you intend to wear it longer. Eliace false eyelashes are soft and comfortable around the eyelids. It makes your eyes bigger, brighter, and easy to remove.

Pros & cons of Eliace False Eyelash


  • Great value for money - this false eyelash is good for its little price tag. It contains everything you need in an eyelash kit
  • Cruelty-free - this eyelash is made with 100% natural ingredients that won’t cause you any rash along your lash lines
  • Durable - this product is super strong and lasts long on your lash line
  • Lightweight and comfortable - worried about whether this product is heavy? No, it isn’t. It’s as comfortable as your natural eyelash


  • It doesn't come with glue—however, it comes with an eyelash tweezer
Arishine Magestic

Another product from Arishine. This one comes with no applicator but can create different styles of magnetic lashes.

Whether you plan on hanging out with your friends, going to work, or occasion, this eyelash kit is perfect for you. It will create that gorgeous and beautiful look that you ever dreamt of.

Like all products from Arishine, this one is 100% non-toxic, cruelty-free, and latex-free. That means that there are no allergies whatsoever that would come from wearing it. What makes this product unique is the fact that it comes with five pairs of magnetic eyelashes for different styles.

Pros & cons of Arishine Magnetic Eyelinder Kyelash Kit


  • No glue is needed - Since it’s magnetic, you don’t need any form of adhesive to stick the eyelash to your lash line
  • It's resistant to water - Water does not affect this eyelash. It holds well on your eyeliner
  • Easy to apply - It's magnetic, and you don't need any special skill to wear it
  • Comfortable - It carries no extra weight on your eye


  • Since it’s magnetic, you need to be extra careful while removing it. This is to avoid pulling away your natural lashes too
Vassoul Dual

Made of synthetic material, this powerful magnetic eyelash is all you need to look beautiful and attractive.

This product comes with dual magnetic eyelashes that are lightweight, easy to wear, and ultra-thin. Your eyelashes are secured in the right place with no glue or adhesive required - that is why it's made with premium synthetic fibers. This is what makes this product unique.

Vassoul magnetic eyelashes are easy and convenient to put on. Reason being that it arrives with an applicator that beautifies the eyelash.

Pros & cons of Vassoul Magnetic Eyelashes


  • Allergy-free - no skin irritation is associated with the use of this product. By this, you are protecting your natural eyelashes from getting damaged
  • Easy-to-use - it’s magnetic - that simplifies the ease of use
  • Lightweight - If you are afraid of using a fake eyelash because of its heavyweight, don't worry. Vassoul dual magnetic eyelashes won't feel heavy on your eyelids


  • It may take some time to put it on the first time. During subsequent use, it would no longer be a problem
Veleasha 5D

Every woman desires perfection, and that includes looking the best way they can. You can't have that perfection without some powerful eyelashes. This is why you need to get veleasha faux mink natural eyelashes - to complete that perfection.

Veleasha is 100% handmade, flexible, mink lashes that will add that extra beauty that you have been craving. It's lightweight, soft, natural, and comfortable. Above all, it's reusable and can be used for up to 15 times. What else do you need in an eyelash?

Are you planning to go for an event? This powerful lash will compliment your looks even better.

Pros & cons of Veleasha 5D Faux Mink Lashes


  • Reusable and cleanable - Unlike some lashes that you don’t use more than once or twice, you can use this one repeatedly. With proper care administered to it, you can use this lash for up to 15 times
  • Comfortable and soft to wear - It's not heavy, and you won't feel like you are even wearing any lash. It creates that natural sensation that you would typically feel if it's absent
  • Durable and sturdy - it’s made with the most natural mink lashes to give you a subtle look


  • They can lose their shape when wet. You should let the glue properly dry before applying

Jimire eyelashes is a brand in Korea that makes synthetic fibers to give you that voluminous appearance.

This product is so lightweight that you would assume you weren't wearing anything. Using it with an exquisite make-up will give you a full face stunning effects.

It’s a soft, patterned eyelash, with thickness that will add that extra glow and seductiveness around your eyes and face. Looking to boost self-confidence, you shouldn’t miss out on this one.

Pros & cons of Jimire False Eyelashes


  • Add natural looks to your eyes - this eyelash is perfect for ladies who are looking for voluminous looks
  • Lightweight - It's not bulky as one would expect. It's also soft around the eyes so that you won't feel any pain after long hours of wear
  • Easy-to-apply and remove - the natural fibers make it possible for the lash to blend with your natural lashes easily. It's also simple to remove if handled with care
  • Suitable for all eye shapes - whether you have smaller eyes, round eyes, or bulging eyes, this eyelash would suffice


  • It’s lengthy. You would have to trim to suit the length of your eyes
  • It may not work with many types of glue

Fake eyelashes are the parts of makeup routine which most people like to skip over as most of them think that they may not pull them off… Or fail to put them on. They are all time part of You Tube tutorials and almost all gurus like to omit over the application.

I have got lots of requests and messages for help if it comes falsies lately, what with the prom and Spring and wedding seasons coming up! Therefore I would like to let the guys know that falsies may be done easily, quickly and correctly, whenever you are a beauty guru or a usual lover of lush lashes.

You will get Ardell’s best-selling lashes with a great pack with affordable price. You need not run after different lashes if you have this four lashes value pack with you. If you use the lashes carefully, you can use it many times. You will get very funny eyelashes. The lashes are very simple to use. You will get very fantastic lashes by applying the lashes. So go ahead to get a good impression of the best cheap false eyelashes.

To find individual reviews on Ardell Wispies False Eyelashes, you ma visit here.

Pros & cons of ARDELL Wispies False Eyelashes


  • make a good-looking, attractive appearance
  • Paris has designed the eyelashes for all types of eyes to enhance beauty. It is fit for large, narrow and small eyes. If you use it, your eyes will be smooth, curly and new
  • Use false eyelashes with glue and you will get gorgeous eyes within seconds
  • Look excellent and very premium standard


  • Do not use more than 4 times

How to Find the Right False Eyelashes for Your Eye Shape

There are many things to consider when finding the right false eyelash. These include:

  • The type of style that you demand - you may want to create a dramatic style, voluminous, natural, or would want to wear lengthy eyelash.
  • Sensitivities - Some eyelashes trigger certain skin reactions when they come in contact with the eyes. You need to be wary of such type of eyelash. If you experience any allergy while using it, replace it as soon as possible. Most times, it's the glue that triggers the allergic reaction. If the glue contains latex, you are likely going to react.
  • Size of the lash band - Some eyelashes come with thicker bands, while others come with less dense bands. Thicker bands are easy to pull away from the lash line. So you may need to apply extra glue on it.
  • Your shape and size of the eye - Rounder eyes may need different lashes compared to smaller or broader eyes.
  • Eyelids - Monolids and hooded eyelids are the two most popular types of eyelids. They may not suit all styles, so observe before choosing any eyelash.

Features at a glance of False Eyelashes

  • Have the high quality and made by specialized hands
  • Use it and make yourself more attractive
  • Excellent design, easy to use and very comfortable to wear
  • Ten pairs of false eyelashes
  • Eyelashes are neatly adjusted to the curve of your eyes
  • By the professional glue, you can quickly set the lashes
  • Easy to remove from eyes
  • After removing and using the lashes, you can use it many times
  • Suitable for different occasions and images
  • Fit for people who desire to have a good result
  • Suitable for home use and professionals


The lashes are gorgeous to look. The size is adjustable and does not seem to false looking. They do not appear to make of plastic, as they are more natural. There is no possibility of losing the shape.

How to Apply False Eyelashes

Like I said at the beginning of this article, it may take you a while to get fixing false eyelash right. But when you eventually get it, congratulation! And welcome to the world of glamming.

Follow these quick steps to apply your false eyelash:

best false eyelashes review
  1. Make sure your false and natural eyelashes are clean and dry.
  2. You can reduce the length of your false eyelash by trimming the ends if you feel it's long enough.
  3. Use an eyelash curler to curl your natural lashes.
  4. Apply some eyelash glue on the band. Leave it to dry for 20 - 30 seconds or as instructed. This will make it tacky and ready to stick.
  5. Carefully press the eyelash on your lash line.
  6. If you wish to wear make-up, apply a coat of mascara and liquid liner to hide all the gaps that the eyelash may have created. This is to keep it natural.

What Glue Should I Use?

Most, if not all, false lashes come with glues. However, if yours didn't come with one, purchase one from a verified seller. Tarte Tarteist Pro Lash adhesive is suitable, and that's what we would like to recommend. It offers a more natural look and gives more definition to the eyelash.

Other glues come in clear and black. Clear is better at offering a natural look while black offers extra intensity.

How Do I Remove and Clean My False Strip Lashes?

That depends on the type of material. When removing mink and human hair lashes, handle it with care because any drop of liquid will cause them to lose their shape. Try to pull away as much glue as you can gently. Clean the lash line with a cotton bud and avoid the strands if possible.

For other types of materials, use clean hands and peel the strip away from the lids carefully. If you are finding it difficult to remove it, soak cotton in an oily make-up remover and place it over each eye for some seconds. This practice is to loosen the glue.

The next step is to place the falsie on a clean surface. If there is any left-over glue, use tweezers to pull it away. Soak a ball of cotton wool in a make-up remover. Place it gently over the lashes for 20 seconds, swipe to remove any residue, dirt, or glue on it.

Is it Safe to Use Flash Lashes?

Usually, with care, flash lashes shouldn't damage your lashes. If you seldom wear flash lashes, use a quality glue to press them, and remove with care, your natural lashes will not be affected. However, if you are an addict wearer while removing the lash from your lash line, you can remove your natural lash. The strain associated with removing the fake lashes may cause mild irritation.

However, you should never panic about the loss of your natural lashes. They usually tend to grow back in a couple of days to weeks. So your sparse lash line can look full again.

Tips and Precautions to be Taken While Applying Fake Lashes

For some people, wearing false lashes is like a walk in the park. You are aware of all the dos and don’ts, but how about those wearing it for the first time? Don’t worry because we ‘ve got some handy tips to make it easier for you to wear, remove, and even store it.

  • You can always trim the length of your eyelashes if you find them long. You can start reducing by cutting the ends of the lashes.
  • Make sure you carefully remove your eyelashes before going to bed. Use a falsie remover or place a piece of cloth in warm water over the lashes to loosen the glue.
  • Avoid removing it forcefully. Pulling hard may remove the natural lash hairs. Use petroleum jelly to remove it from its hold.
  • Store your false lashes in their original case in a dry, clean environment.
  • Avoid over-applying the lash glue. You will have to wait for a longer time before it can get dry - it may hamper your final looks.
  • Stick to glues that will give you a more natural appearance. Top it with a black liner to add extra intensity.
  • Don’t use eyelashes belonging to someone else.

Fake Eyelashes FAQs

What are the best fake eyelashes for beginners?

There are many fake eyelashes in the market for beginners. However, not all of them will be suitable for use. Some of them are also lacking in quality, hence, not good. All the eyelash products reviewed here are suitable for beginners.

Do I Put Mascara on Before Fake Lashes?

Yes! It’s recommended that you apply a thin coat of mascara to your natural eyelashes before using the false eyelashes. Immediately you apply the false lashes, apply mascara to your lower, natural lashes as usual to add that natural, extra eye effect.

Is It Okay to Wear False Eyelashes Every day?

It's perfectly fine to wear false lashes every day. If you want to be wearing it every day, apply some lash serum while putting it on. You just need to be extra careful while removing it, as any tugging might damage your natural lashes.

Can you re-use false eyelashes?

You will get a long life if you use falsies, especially the synthetic one if you know the proper care of it. If you like to remove the lashes, you should clean the makeup well. Then sanitize them with the dig of a cotton ball saturated in chafing alcohol.

Cleaning is crucial. Otherwise, bacteria will take its ground on your lashes, and it may affect your eyes. If you get the right shape, you can use it until it falls apart.

Is there a way to make my falsies look a bit more natural?

Shear them in half. Use false lashes outer corner of the eyes and it will make your lashes wide and flirty and will boost your lashes. The lashes will be more natural and would not seem bulky at all.

How Long Do You Think I Should Leave My Lashes on?

Many false eyelashes will stay on your lash line for as long as you want them to. Usually, the stay days ranges from 3 - 7 days. It is recommended that you take them off after you are done working or at night.

Why Is My Eyelash Glue Not Sticking?

When you apply a lash glue onto the lash strip and press it on, your false lashes are likely to go the other way. They are also expected not to sick because the glue needs some time to dry.

Why Are My False Eyelashes Falling Off?

Sometimes, it's inevitable not to avoid rubbing your eyes. Excessively rubbing your eyes, especially around the extension, can loosen the adhesive and cause it to fall-off. It's also possible to end up losing your natural eyelashes too.

Can You Put Eyelash Glue on Your Eyelid for Glitter?

Lash glues are safe to use around the eyes. So you can put eyelash glue on your eyelid for glitter.

Can You Use Lash Glue on Your Face?

Absolutely. You can use lash glue on your face. It is the perfect Halloween make-up that you should use in place of liquid latex. Lash adhesive offers extra texture to scars and wounds should you have them on your face.

Can You Swim With Eyelash Extensions?

You most definitely can. Just make sure you give the extensions time to dry before getting them wet in the pool.

Final Words & Recommendation

The best false lashes are usually hard to find, owing to the different types in the market. However, with this best false eyelashes review, we believe that it has provided you with all the information that you need to purchase the right eyelash.

False eyelashes are increasingly getting popular due to the natural effects it creates on women's looks. It also boosts self-esteem and makes you stand out in events. The power behind its use is incredible.

Based on the review so far, I recommend the use of Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit. It has everything that you need, despite coming at a reasonable price. If you want to go for eyelashes with a minimal budget, Jimire Volume False Eyelash is not a wrong choice.

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