Peter Thomas Clinical Skin Care produces Lashes To Die For Night-Time for the length and thick hair for the lashes. The ingredients are very helpful to the growth of the lashes.

The product nourishes the lashes to make them long and strong. Read the detail in Peter Thomas Roth’s mascara review article to learn everything about the product.

The Peter Thomas Roth website has a little information which expresses that about 70% of users have been enhanced and healthier lashes, about 67 percent saw the thicker and fuller lashes; other 64 percent have got longer lashes.

There are no accurate statistics on the result of the users. This is an individual study, and it is not clear how many users took part in the program.

The reviews of the customers who use the lashes to Die for the night have got positive and negative results. Some of the users use the lashes for their thickness or length or both. Some of the users have got only noticeable results though they use the product for a few weeks.

Features of Peter Thomas Roth LASHES

Peter Thomas-new

  • Uncommon brush for adding two special areas such as length and volume and natural curls.
  • You will get flexible, soft clumps and defined lashes.
  • Conditions as well as nourish lashes for the wonderful look.
  • Color: it is Jet Black

Considering the product unavailable in the market, you may find alternatively Premium Organic Mascara, Black | Natural | 85% Organic

Premium Organic-new

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How do Lashes Die For Work?

Peter Thomas Roth Lashes to Die comes with patent-pending growth formula and conditioner that repairs and nourishes damaged lashes. At the same time, it encourages new-looking growth.

When you use conditioners named Vitamin A, C, and E, Actiglide, and Pro-Vitamin B5 daily, you will get stronger lashes.

The cause is that the serum repairs and moisturizes brittle lashes. Additionally, it repairs dry lashes and helps them to grow longer.

Moreover, a patent-pending PTR Lash Complex formula works for the source of the hair.

This is essential to make the lashes fuller and longer. Nevertheless, it makes the eyelashes thicker and more attractive.

Lashes to Die for Night-Time is specially made for anyone who desires to get dramatic-looking lashes. It is useful for those who were born with generally sparse, short lashes.

Die for Night-Time is intended for those who have lost eyelashes for using chemotherapy. Though this product is made to use on the eyelashes, one can use it on the eyebrows as well.


  • Prevents falling out
  • The mess-free and using system is very simple
  • Condition remaining lashes
  • Found readily in all Sephora stores and has no shipping and handling
  • Overnight use is convenient and permits the users to take proper care of their skin. Make up routine for the whole day.


  • It may take 2 weeks or 2 months to see a noticeable change.
  • One may feel itchiness after using it for the first time. It can dry out your eyes.

Why Do You Like Peter Thomas Roth Mascara

Why Do You Like Peter Thomas Roth mascara

The most uncommon thing about this product is the using brush applicator. It is just like a plastic comb. There are two sets of bristles of the applicator. The longer one is for the lengthening, enhancing and separating the curl.

The shorter one is for the thickness and coverage. I use this mascara, and have not touched it. I have natural looking and soft lashes.

The product is being used for the dramatic look of my lashes. If I use the applicator in one way, I will get a full coat of the lashes without seeming clumsy.

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Where to Purchase Peter Thomas Roth Mascara

In today’s market, the serum has a very great demand. The product is very great if you do not desire the non-waterproof mascara. You may get the mascara on the online market or online shops. I always advise the users to read the reviews well, then buy the product.

There are many products on the markets; all are not very authentic. At the time you read it, you can buy it. A good product will ensure you good results keeps it in mind.

Peter Thomas Roth Mascara Review

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Peter Thomas Roth Mascara Review

Question: What natural ingredients does the product contain?

Answer: In the lashes to Die, there are vitamins A, C, E, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Panthenol, and Radish root Ferment Filtrate. There is no paraben in this product.

Question: What are things needed to know?

Answer: The staggered and flexible bristle creates perfect lashes. It also ensures both length and volume. The tapered lashes will get the shorter lashes easily. The goods are examined by the dermatologists as well as an ophthalmologist. Even the contact lens users can use the serum

Peter Thomas Roth mascara review – product information

  • Peter Thomas Clinical Skin Care dimension   : 0.5 x 0.5 x 2 inches; 4.8 ounces
  • ASIN                                                                         : B002Q52YKG
  • Shipping Weight                                                     : 0.8 ounces)
  • UPC                                                                            : 670367516010 885912357875

Peter Thomas Roth Lashes Side Effects

Users have expressed that there are lots of side effects of the Lashes To Die For Nighttime at the time of use.

Some reports are very minor like clumpy lashes. It makes the use of mascara difficult. There are other side effects that are worrisome. Some report that they have got gray as well as white lashes.

Other reports that they have gotten dark skin around the eyes. All these side effects are visible after applying the product for a few weeks.

The review of the Peter Thomas Roth website expressed that users shouldn’t make contact with their eyes.

If accidentally it happens, he or she must use a flush of freshwater. The invention is not suggested for those who are taking chemotherapy treatment.

Final Verdict

There are nourishing elements in the product which make the hair full long, and strong. The product is the best mascara for brittle lashes. There are Aloe Vera, Bamboo, and macadamia nut oil in this product that promotes the flexibility of your lashes.

It has Vitamin A, C, and E that save radical damage to the lashes. Besides pro-vitamins B5 hydrates and nourishes the lashes. It repairs and restores the lashes. It will be a good thing if you buy the product for you and your near and dear ones.