Prolash Eyelash Growth Enhancer is made with purely natural elements. All are 100% pure. The product is safe for the lashes, and leaves no damage to the eyes. There is no harsh chemical ingredient in the Prolash Eyelash Growth enhancing serum. 

It is tested carefully to offer safety for the eyes. You are suggested to read the article on Prolash eyelash growth enhancer review in detail to know about the product.

Like other enhancing products, it has some specialties and properties. There is a peculiarity of the Prolash, which will remain for 24 hours, day and night. The natural eyelash growth serum helps to make the lashes long and thick and strong.

Within a month you will see a noticeable result. The latest technology is applied here to make the product. It enhances the growth of the eyelashes which will enhance your confidence.

In Prolash there is enough natural solution which gives the necessary elements for the eyes and boosts the growth of the eyelashes. Only within a week, you will get very thick lashes up to 30% longer and thicker with proper care. There is no side effect of the product. The ingredients of the Prolash will stimulate the eyelash scalp.

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  • All elements are proven effective clinically.
  • The product is very much effective, and it is clinically proven.
  • Pro Lash Eyelash Conditioner ensures the natural growth of the eyebrow.
  • You can use it on the eyebrow.
  • Approved and tested by the Dermatologists.
  • Appears to you with cash back warranty


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  • It has some negative reviews of the product, but all are not very serious.
  • The product has no clinical test so far to test the product.
  • Pro Lash Eyelash conditioner has some elements which are not clinically proven.
  • All the elements are not purely natural.


Features of Prolash Eyelash Growth Enhancer


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  • Easy use- you can brush your base of the lashes every day by 2x a day.
  • You will get long, thick, and strong lashes within one month
  • Biology Enzyme Technology along with 100% Natural Conditioner
  • This serum is free from any hormone for enhancing the lashes. There is no discoloration of your skin or your eye color.
  • Approved and tested well by the Dermatologist


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How to use Prolash Eyelash Growth Enhancer

The system of using the Prolash Eyelash Enhancers is as following:

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  • Wash your face well then remove all kinds of makeup before using the product. Be sure your skin is well clean and dry properly.
  • Use a few drops of eyelash fluid, and use it on the liner of the skin of the eyelash roots.
  • For best absorption, you can keep your eyes closed for two minutes after application.
  • If one or two drops go into your eyes, do not worry as all the elements are natural and have no side effects
  • Use the product twice daily, and then use the product only once a day, and so on
  • You can do it two times one in the morning and the other at night
  • To absorb properly, you need to close your eyes for two minutes


Why do you like prolash eyelash growth enhancer

The main element of the Prolash conditioner is the Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17. It is proven clinically that it helps the growth of the lashes. This is the study of the users that will help to grow about 56% of the lashes within four weeks. If you look at the before and after pictures, you will see the difference in who has greatly benefited from the product.

Does Prolash Eyelash Enhancer work?

prolash eyelash growth enhancer review

The most important element of Prolash is the Bristol pentapeptide-17. It is clinically proven that it can be the growth of eyelashes.

The test indicates that the eyelash enhancer can increase lashes up to 56% within four weeks. See the before and after picture that is the real picture of the users who have used the product.

To know the details of the product better, the manufacturer analyses the matter with the help of the growth phases of the eyelashes as follows:

Phase I: The name of the phrase is Anagen Phase, where the lashes begin to increase from the lid and remain for about thirty to 45 days.

Phase II: The phrase is known as Catagen Phase where the lashes move to the transition level that indicates the last of the lash increase.

Phase III: The lashes follicles start to change into the stage of the rest.

Phase IV: The name of this phase is Telogen phase which is the last phase that marks the rest period of the lashes.

Prolash Eyelash Growth Enhancer does its function in the Anagen phase or the beginning phase of the growth lashes and makes the lashes strong of the epidermal junction that is accountable to hold the lash in its place.

User review of prolash eyelash growth enhancer

prolash eyelash growth enhancer review

One of the best products on the market

I have been doing my work in the beauty industry for two and half years. I am trying to get a product just like this serum. I have been to Sephora and attempted various brands that will help the growth of lashes.

This product does more work than the other products in the market. I have got a coupon for this, and I have tried it. I am using the product for a week, and I have seen the wonderful result… the result is very amazing. I do not think it will help my lashes as my lashes are healthier, longer, thicker, and strong.

I have seen the best result within four weeks… the system look just now. The product is very simple to use, and I have tried it at night and by day.

Some people got the reviews that it has irritation in my eyes and I have no objection to the product. I would like to use the product continuously, and the result is awesome.

You won’t be disappointed

The stuff does work well. I am very skeptical, and I am convinced to layout my cash. I am very happy to see the amazing result. I have very sensitive eyes, and I am very anxious about it.

However, I feel no reaction in my eyes about it. I used it for some time and got my lashes are thicker and longer looking. I have been using it for two and half weeks, and I think the product will remain for two to three months.

I would like to suggest it for some people who would like to have fuller, longer, thicker, and healthier lashes.

I am trying to find a lash enhancement product as I do not like to use eye makeup that is sweaty during the summer season. Just use the product and do not be hopeless.

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Where to purchase prolash eyelash growth enhancer

Pro Lash Eyelash Conditioner is a safe product. It is tested clinically and there is no harmful effect of it. It prevents the breakage of the lashes. Vitamins, peptides, and plant extracts are used to make the conditioner. One bottle will remain for a month. You can use a bottle up to one year after opening it.

The use of the product is very easy. You should use only a thin layer of the conditioner where the here meet the skin on your eyes. You will get the product on all the supermart or online markets.

If you read the review this will help you to select the best product for you. At the time you read it, you can buy the conditioner from the online market. If you are pleased with the product, buy the product now for a better result.

Prolash eyelash growth enhancer review

Pro lash before and aftercare

Before Care

Before using the eyelash extension application, you have to clean your eyes well.

Additionally, you must remove all the makeup debris and oil from your eyes. It is better to use an oil-free makeup remover so that there remains no oil around your eyes.

This will prevent the expansion of adhering accurately to your usual lashes.

Kindly approach for your appointment with very clean eyelashes that is free from make-up. There remains no eyeliner or mascara on your lashes.

After Care

Use an oil-free makeup remover every day to expand the life of your eyelash extension.

Cleaning prevents the building of natural skin oils on your eyelashes. It also protests excess skin bacteria and infestation of eyelash mites around your eyes.

These feed oils and waxes of old skin or old makeup. So take proper care of your eyes daily. Then it will help you to keep the eyelash extension or natural eyelash to its position.

You can use an oil-free makeup remover daily to remove applied eyelash extensions. This makeup will help to break the bonds of attaching them with your usual lashes.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on prolash eyelash growth enhancer

Question: What are the main ingredients?

Answer: vitamin E, Bitter orange flower oil, and vitamin C

Question: How long can I use the better solution?

Answer: It is better to use more than four weeks

Prolash eyelash growth enhancer review – Product information

Shipping Weight:                                        1.6 ounces

Prolash Eyelash Enhancer dimensions: 0.6 x 0.6 x 5 inches

UPC:                                                               702565909100

ASIN:                                                              B00KOSJS10

Final Verdict

Women desired to have long thick and full lashes. It enhances the beauty of the women and makes them more attractive and enriches their personalities. Most women are not gifted with beautiful lashes. They have lashes but they are very thin. They need to wear mascara to enhance their beauty.

It helps to have fuller lashes. If someone has this thin type of lashes, he can use it. It does not make them more youthful and dull. So you can try to have this Prolash for the enhancement of the beauty of your lashes.

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