Waxing in a salon is very expensive. Sometimes you have to wait there for a long time to do it. There are some alternatives by which you can do it.

Follow the simplest wax recipe and do it at your home to remove those pesky hairs. It will save your time and money.

Besides, you will get your eyebrows to the desired shape as you prefer. It will need only 30 minutes and some ingredients.

Type of wax

Wax by Honey-Based

This original wax recipe utilizes a combination of sugar and honey to eliminate hair. Stir till the sugar begins to bubble. Add one cup of honey and juice of half a big lemon to your sugar. Mix properly. The mix needs to be a bright golden yellow color.

Transfer the mix. Let it cool so the mix isn’t too hot as to injury off you. Use the mix by a wooden stick or plastic knife. If it begins to liquefy, heat it up again at the microwave.

Wax that Sugar-Based

Employing the sugar-based wax to eliminate hair, a procedure called sugaring, may be rather powerful. Sugar wax does not actually include wax, even though it functions in precisely the exact same manner.

When the sugar mix has attained a thick, syrup-like consistency, and it has turned a clear brown, take it off the heat and move into a heat-proof bowl. Be cautious, since the mix is quite hot. Allow the mixture cool to use (cool enough to touch while being hot). Use the mix with a wooden rod or a plastic knife to the direction of hair growing.

Wax of Strawberry Honey

Melt two tablespoons. The beeswax at a double boiler. Since the wax is melting, place 10 room-temperature berries, two room-temperature egg whites, and 4 tablespoons. Process the combination before it creates a thick, sticky glue.

The mix ought to be warm although not hot. Use the mixture to your system with a wooden stick or plastic knife. To get rid of excess wax in the skin, then add a few amount of baking soda into warm water.

Making the Wax

Collect the ingredients to make the wax. The recipe is convenient as these types of ingredients are possible to get in each kitchen. You need to gather some flour, water, salt, and honey.

Mix water, salt, honey and flour in a small microwaveable mixing bowl. You need to use the equal parts of water, salt, flour, and honey.

As you are waxing the eyebrows, you need not use more than two or three tablespoons of each.

Shake the mixture as it is blending well. The yellowish fluid may seem very watery. If you use heat on the mixture, it will thicken somewhat.

On a microwave use heat for 20-30 seconds. See the mixture since it begins to boil up when it gets ready. Take out the wax from the microwave.

Be careful; the wax will be hot

Wait for ten minutes to set up the wax on it. It will make the mixture cool as a result there is no possibility of burning the skin. The mixture may be thickening since it cools giving you a sticky and thick wax.

Applying the Wax

Add gentle cleanser on your face to wash it. It will remove natural oils and some dirt from your hair or skin. Begin on your clean face would help to remove more hairs on your face at the time of doing the process.

how to make wax for eyebrows

Use the wax on the hair which you like to remove. To do so, you can use a Popsicle stick, a Q-tip or a spoon to apply the wax.

Then cover the hair completely. You have to be concerned in this step. It is very tricky. Do not apply the wax on the areas where you do not like to remove the hairs.

Cover the wax with old rag or cloth to give pressure on it. Run your hair over the cloth to the direction where the hair moves. Wait for 15 minutes by keeping the wax to a certain place.

You can do it easily by cutting the fabric into strips which may be kept on the wax. Keeping a small piece of fabric stuck on your face is less significant than the whole rag.

Removing the Wax

how to make wax for eyebrows

Rapidly pull off the puff. Yank it to the opposite location which hair grows. It would remain on the left eyebrow right to the left of your right eyebrow.

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  • It may hurt somewhat. You may just pretend you are yanking off the stubborn bandage.
  • At this point, you must not hesitate. Be sure, the hairs will hang, on the skin and it may hurt more that it would be.


Get a new, clean cloth. Then dampen it with the warm water. Press it onto space where you use the wax. It will resist the skin from the irritation.

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  • You may add some moisturizing product or Vitamin E lotion to lessen puffiness or a redness within a short time.


See the stray hairs which remain. You need to remove the remaining wax from them. If you get 1 or 2, remove them with the tweezers.

Helpful tips

You have to follow the instruction from the guide to start waxing. An easy solution is to fill the brows by the dark eye shadow or with the pencil first.

Wax the remaining area with the brow shape. It would be better to use an eyebrow stencil. They are very good in the theory but it would not take face shape into account.

How To Make Wax For Eyebrows

At the time of filling the brow, please stand back to the mirror. It may offer you a good perspective on what the ultimate look may be.

You will get a shape which would flatter your appearance. Do not fell you like to copy everything else. You can now feel product for the facial structure.

If you like to wax the space between your brows, you have to need guides. The beginning of the brow may line up the top of your face.

Which alternative you like to choose, is not matter, keep the area alone for some hours. You need to settle the skin before you like to add anything else.

We will aid you to demystify the method of eyebrow waxing. You can do it in your home. It is easy and safe. You may obtain the control of the spiraling cost of the beauty routine.

How often should I be my eyebrows? 

Waxing accomplishes the very same effects as tweezing in a shorter quantity of time. When you wax part of the body, you are yanking hair from the hair follicle in the root.

Other methods like shaving or hair removal creams eliminate hair at skin level or just under it, and at times hair will grow back in under a day. Additionally, shaving your eyebrows is harmful, and you must be quite cautious when using hair removal lotions.

In a nutshell, if you opt to wax your eyebrows, then you ought to do this about once every 2 weeks, but it depends upon the individual. Some individuals will need more regular waxing, though some may last much longer until they must get a bit up.

As time passes, specialists suggest that repeated waxing might even decrease hair growth by weakening or killing follicles.

You can find salon-based professionals to wax your eyebrows, however it is likely to do it yourself at home using a kit. Before you do anything by yourself, however, be certain that you read the instructions, and quit using any product which causes irritation.

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