Various types of fake lashes are available on the market. These are particularly natural-looking due to the fact that every individual lash is different in length. Individual lashes carry their own type of beauty.

Women wear them more often for a night out instead of just for special occasions. “False lashes have become almost as essential to a makeup routine as a foundation in the last few years.

That’s why the only thing that matters when it comes to false eyelashes is how they look on you. But it’s such a hassle to use false eyelashes. Sometimes they don’t stay still, and sometimes they fall apart. So to make false lashes look as natural as possible, you can use some tips and tricks to apply them with grace. This post will show you 13 of our favorite tips for applying fake eyelashes.

13 Tips to Apply False Eyelash With Grace:

In addition to enhancing your natural beauty, false eyelashes can be applied easily and gracefully, making them the perfect accessory for any occasion. Here are 13 tips on gracefully applying false eyelashes:

1. Measure:

 Before proceeding, you should measure your natural lash hairs against the false eyelash strip. Then, in order to match your natural lash line, snip off the end (outside) of the false eyelashes completely with small cuticle scissors, says Grace Mahoney, owner of Blushing Brides. “Be sure to bend the ends of the false lashes a few times towards each other and hold for a few seconds to ensure they conform to the natural curves in your eye by taking the ends and bending them to form a “C” shape and hold them for several seconds. If the strip is applied this way, it takes the straightness out of the strip and enables the false lash to stay in place without the ends lifting up after being applied. You can now apply false eyelashes like a pro.” says Mahoney.

2. Strip vs. individual:

 Whether you want a bold or natural look, you can choose a strip lash or individual clusters. Strip lashes offer a bolder appearance and may be easier to apply yourself. 

Nevertheless, strip lashes may be a little trickier to apply on your own, as you will need to use tweezers to place them, then pinch your natural lashes together to secure them. When applying individual clusters, place them a few ways apart and fill in as they dry. You can add more or just a few to add volume to your eyelashes. You have more control over how full you want them to look.

3. After applying mascara, apply lashes:

 Make sure you use your favorite mascara before applying false lashes. This will help elongate and harden your own eyelashes, giving you a solid foundation for placing them. Then, put the false lashes into your natural lash line with your middle finger and gently push them in.

4. Beauty falsie fail:

 Even though most beauty advisers recommend applying false lashes after applying eye makeup, I always recommend applying them before applying your makeup to prevent the glue from getting all over your eyelids and ruining your shadow and eyeliner,” says Williams. After that, it’s time to redo your eye makeup.

5 Boost your lashes with double the fun:

 A technique called double up is one of the secrets of celebrities who have long, dramatic lashes. If you want a dose of glamour, try wearing double-strip lashes. In addition, the Absolute New York FabuLashes Double Lash come already customized with one eyelash on top of the other. “They come with an eyelash applicator for seamless application,” Williams says.

6. Be careful when removing:

 In order to take the strip off, peel the outer corner, pulling inward, and then clean any leftover glue or residue with a gentle eye makeup remover. Do not reuse the same strip more than twice, advises Brian Dean, the PRIV makeup artist.

7. Use a lash applicator to help you apply false lashes.

  • Lift your upper eyelid and look in a mirror.
  • Use your lash applicator to place the false lashes at the base of your natural lashes, ensuring they are even.
  • Press down on each end of the lash strip with your finger, pressing it into your real eyelashes. This will help glue stick better to them and hold them in place longer than if you didn’t do this step.

8. Prepare your natural lashes by curling them with an eyelash curler before you apply the false ones.

Before you apply false eyelashes, curl your natural lashes with an eyelash curler. It’s important to have your lashes curled so that they’re slightly pointing up before you apply the false ones. This will allow them look more natural and prevent them from getting stuck under the plastic of the fake lashes.

9. Dust some translucent powder over your eyelid area after curling to help the glue set better.

  • Dust some translucent powder over your eyelid area after curling to help the glue set better.

Use a thin layer of glue on your false eyelashes and apply them with an applicator like this one. Once they’re in place, dust some translucent powder over your eyelid area, which will help the adhesive bond better and last longer.

10. Apply a thin layer of lash glue, not too much and not too little,

all over the lash band before you apply it to your eyelids. Remember that you’re working with a wet and sticky lash band here, so use caution when placing the glue on it, particularly if the lashes are sitting on a surface you don’t want to get sticky. 

  • Apply a thin layer of glue, not too much and not too little, all over the lash band before you apply it to your eyelids.
  • Remember that you’re working with a wet and sticky lash band here, so use caution when placing the glue on it, particularly if the lashes are sitting on a surface you don’t want to get sticky.

11. Wait for about 30 seconds after applying lash glue the lashes to let the glue set before applying the lashes on top of your natural eyelashes.

False eyelashes are a stunning and effective way to add volume, length, and definition to your natural lashes. But they can be tricky to apply. So follow these five tips for applying false eyelashes with grace:

  • Apply a thin layer of glue on the false lash band at the root and wait for about 30 seconds before applying it on top of your natural lash line. This will ensure that the glue has dried completely, which helps prevent smearing onto your natural lashes or premature falling off during application (a common occurrence if you’re not careful).

12. . Prime with black.

We love black mascara; the darker the lashes, the more appealing they look. As a result, primers (mascara bases designed to extend lashes, increase volume, and condition lashes) are almost universally popular. Unfortunately, there aren’t many eyelash primers available, but if you’re a fan, try It Cosmetics Tightline Full Lash Length Black Mascara Primer, one of the few inky options available.

13. Beat the heat.

In humid weather, hair becomes flat, which also goes for your lashes. When moisture hits your water-laden lashes, they droop. Like one from Japonesque, a heated lash curler will give you even more hold. As opposed to a traditional clamp curler, a heated version does not tear or break lashes since it gently presses against them. Here are three types of curlers: a full-clamp curler, a heated curler, and a half-clamp curler.

The Best Way to Apply False Lashes | Grace Clark

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the biggest lash mistake you see women make?

Curly lashes first

What’s the best eyelash curler?

Shu Uemura eyelash curler

What’s the best way to get a full lash line?

“It’s important to apply mascara from the roots to the end.

How do I get my lashes to look lusher?

The easy workaround for extra lush roots: Dip the It Cosmetics Tightliner 10-in-1 Dual-Ended Brush into your mascara and gently push it into your lash line.

What is the best eyelash brand?

Magnetic lashes.

Can extensions hurt real lashes?

I have seen my clients’ natural lashes break by lash extensions.


In conclusion, false eyelashes are a great way to enhance your natural beauty and make you look more attractive. But it also comes with a prize. The prize is the struggle of applying eyelashes. That’s why we gather those above 13 tips to help you out. If you still have doubts, you easily ask any makeup artist or lash adhesive.