Well-groomed eyebrows fulfill the makeup look and make it polish. When speaking about the eyebrows we normally think about the traditional methods, threading, and plucking. There is another method which is becoming a trend for more years.

Eyebrows shapes are a tool that is used to shape, trim or comb the brows. They have an eyebrow razor or a brow comb to give the eyebrow the desired shape.

how to use eyebrow razor

There are two types of eyebrow types. One follows the waxing method, and the other has razor attached and shave and trim the brow to get the liked shape.

If your brow brings an eyebrow razor, it may use to make the brow shape. These brow shaping kids are used in combing or trimming brows to get the desired shape.

Steps On How to Use Eyebrow Razor

This is the right step to use the eyebrow razor exactly and has the most attractive arches for the brows:

how to use eyebrow razor

Step 1

Begin to prepare the eyebrows for the shave. At first, you have for taking a warm shower to become lose the brows.

If you use the lukewarm water, the steam opens the hair follicles and pores found around them. So it is easier to trim the shape and stands up the brow correctly.

Step 2

Moisture the area around your eyebrows. You may use every daily moisturizer or regular facial moisturizer which you may use for the body.

Use it on the creases of the eyes and the upper portion of your brow. You have to cover the skin of the brows.

It gives protection of your skin at the time of shaving. Besides, the lock strands may get somewhat plumper that makes the system effortless.

Step 3

Now the time comes to set a stencil by using the brow razor. To do this, you need an eyebrow pencil. If you have no brow pencil, you may use a white pencil or eyebrow comb or separate brush.

Brush both brows upward by chasing the dark using the brow pencil to fill the arch.

At the time of shaving the marking area need to be filled with the pencil. Use feathery and short strokes to make it as short as possible to have the expected shape.

Step 4

Your target is to trim down something present outside of stencil especially the space filled with the brow pencils.

Since the strands of hair are not straight, it is simple to determine that have overgrown and require to make the shape.

Step 5

If you do it once, begin shaping the brows with the razor. At first, take out the fine hair strands growing between the brows.

You require gripping the razor straight up to do it and use the vertical comb attachment.

Be sure you must use small strokes to move it from one place to another to the position opposite to the hair growth.

Step 6

To remove the trimmed hair strands from the razor you can use a soft towel.

You have to alter the wide tip of the razor by the small one that is rectangular and square in shape. At present, you are prepared to go forward with the remaining shaving.

Step 7

Normally we have not outgrown hair to the upper parts of the brows. If you possess any, you may normally remove them by the razor.

To do it, catch the razor direct down and lead it to the area of the growth of hair- to the line of the natural shape of the brows.

Step 8

Shave you’re underneath brows. You need to begin from the top points or the arches. Carefully cut off the stray hair remaining below.

The razor must move along the lower section of the penciled marked area in tight or small strokes.

You have to use little pressure when you like to drag the razor against your skin.

Step 9

When you have complete both of the eyebrows, notice the eyebrows very closely.

From all angles, it may seem even as well as symmetrical. If you see any stray lock strands sticking out, normally trim them down.

Step 10

Finally, wipe off the whole area of your both eyebrows with a warm washcloth and use a good brow get. It will help to get back the shape of your brows by holding the hairs to the places.

A well-groomed eyebrow makes your polish your look and completes the makeup. As we talk about eyebrow, the traditional methods come in our mind.

Eyebrow razor good or bad

The superior Of Eyebrow Shaving:

  • The main merit of it is that it is fast, quick time effective, and instant
  • All need is a shaving gel and a good blade. No lengthy or messy process
  • The product is very cost-effective.

The dreadful Of Shaving The Extra Hair From Eyebrows:

  • The main disadvantage of the procedure is that the idea to have a blade closest to your eyes. It may be very dangerous.
  • The skin is very thin and sensitive so, you have to take special care for this. A razor may scrape, cut, and cause abrasions that can scar it forever.
  • Although the system will be free from the excess hair and it would not in 2 faithful shapes.

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