If you are a makeup artist, there is no doubt that you must now know the importance of an eyelash curler. Even if you are not a makeup artist, this tool is equally important. An eyelash curler will do well enough to brighten your face. Raising your lashes away from your eye area. This effect makes a mascara appear even better.

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Shiseido Eyelash Curler

Cost effective cheaper brands comes with refil kit

Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler

With Satin Bag & Refill Pack 

PETUNIA Eyelash Curler

Designed for No Pinching or Pulling

Kaasage Eyelash Curler

Advanced Silicone Pressure Pad & Tweezer

JAPONESQUE Eyelash Curler

This cosmetic tool is a great travel product 

An eyelash curler like the Shiseido eyelash curler prevents risks like pinching. This tool also comes with an eyepiece, a pad, and handles to give you a perfect makeup treat. We understand the importance of this product to every stylish lady out there. We have, therefore, created a review of the top eyelash curlers out there for your shopping ease.

What is an Eyelash Curler?

An eyelash curler is a cosmetic tool that works mechanically to create eyelashes curling effect. This cosmetic tool works manually, and it works majorly on your upper eyelashes.

There are two significant types of eyelash curlers. We have heated curlers and the traditional curlers. The difference between both is in the length of their curls. For the heated curlers, the coils they create lasts for an extended period. But the unheated or traditional type only produces natural curls.

Who made Shiseido Eyelash Curler?

This product was born of a brand's focus and desire to satisfy the taste of their customers. Shiseido, makers of this fantastic eyelash curler, have built a reputation for themselves. They are leading makers of amazing cosmetic products, not just eyelash curlers.

Top 5 Eyelash Curler Review

Shopping for your cosmetics always comes off as a task. It is a task, especially when you do not have a particular brand in mind at all. You set out to get the best eye curler. If not the best, at least, a good eyelash curler that would not damage your skin. But, not knowing the best one for you may lead you to make a wrong purchase.

This situation is what led us into creating a list of the best eyelash curlers to ease our shopping rigors. Here is a list of the best in this category. So, when you go out to shop for its cosmetics, have these in mind. Take your time to comb through every information provided for your interest in this best eyelash curler review.


The Shiseido eyelash curler is sure to provide you a great makeup experience and safety while at it. The following features offer this work quality. Dive in.

The Shiseido eyelash curler is a definite selection amongst top eyelash curlers. The curler comes with every essential element in any eyelash curler kit. The Shiseido eyelash curler considers your comfort and safety while considering your glam also.

The kit contains intrinsic properties that make this piece stand out. This cosmetic product includes a refill set, which means you will enjoy this for much longer.

The price of the product makes it even more enticing. This eyelash curler comes at a very affordable price. The Shiseido eyelash curler is an excellent option for Asian eyelashes. It is one of the best Asian eyelash curlers. The fit might be because the product in itself is a leader amongst Japanese eyelash curlers.

The Shiseido eyelash curler will bring back that long lost relationship between your eyelashes and your eyebrow. For every Caucasian out there or anyone with a flat face, this eyelash curler is the best fit for you.

Pros & cons of Shiseido Eyelash Curler


  • The product comes with a refill kit to support efficiency
  • Quality materials used to make a highly durable product
  • The product's price is reasonable and affordable
  • The product is perfect for flat faces
  • It is the best Asian eyelash curler


  • The product does not come with a warranty
  • There are many more fake versions of this product

Only Brilliant Beauty eyelash curler can deliver optimum lash curling experience in just seconds. How is that even possible? Check out features that give this cosmetic tool that appealing work rate.

Without tugging, broken lashes, or any pulling, this eyelash curler swoops up your lashes into a perfect curl. This top eyelash curler works with perfection. It curls your lashes with precise calibration to give you an even and broader curling effect.

The frame is of high-quality stainless steel, which makes it suitable for use at home or anywhere else. The design of this good eyelash curler makes it a perfect curler for every hair or face type.

This product package contains the main curler, the satin pouch should you want to travel, and two different pads for a refill. These are not all. The pack also comes with a manual to guide you through the product’s usage. Lastly, your satisfaction as a customer is sure with this product's lifetime warranty.

Pros & cons of Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler


  • Top-quality materials used in making this cosmetic tool
  • The product comes with a travel pouch
  • The curler comes in a package with two different refill pads
  • The eyelash curler has a manual for easy usage
  • The product comes with a lifetime warranty
  • The product is fit for all face and lashes type


  • It is not the best for Asian lashes
  • A bit expensive, but worth the price
Petunia Skincare

Your eyes are a lot more than just a tool for vision. They are the platform to radiate your flawless glam. Keep those eyelashes and eyebrows radiating beauty with this fantastic curler.

This eyelashes curler gives you that bold, long, and beautiful curl without any crease. Using this fantastic eyelash curler works in just a snap—no delay for you on your busy days. Just snap and go!

The structure of this product is made from top-quality steel to keep it sturdy and robust. This quality allows the curls the curler gives last for much longer and give enough result for your money.

All of the parts of this product has been made with all carefulness for your satisfaction as a user. Whether your eyelashes are short of flat, this eyelash curler still works just perfectly. The package comes with a lot of fantastic content to make the usage even more comfortable and more durable for users.

Pros & cons of Petunia Eyelash Curler


  • It comes with a clamp to keep the curler protected
  • This cosmetic tool is a highly durable product
  • The product comes from the best quality materials
  • It comes with refill pads
  • There is also a pouch to help you when you travel


  • It can take off your eyelashes if you are not careful
  • It is not returnable after purchase

Give your eyelashes just that perfect curls within the shortest time with this fantastic eyelash curler. Be sure to get easy usage and optimum performance whenever you make use of this product. Why? Check this out!

This top eyelash curler made fro the best quality materials to meet the taste of highly professional makeup artists. The work of this eyelash curler brings the best out of your mascara after use. Once you apply this curler within 10 seconds, you get for your lashes that professional look. The product gives your lashes curls to last the whole day without any pull or clip. 

The cosmetic tool comes out of the latest cosmetic technology. This product is one of the best eyelash curlers out there. The structure would last you a long time. The product comes with five different silicone pads. These pads are very soft, and they will help you get the best from your lashes for much longer. The brand combines a blend of high-quality stainless steel to give you a spring eyelash curler.

This product is a perfect fit for all hair types, ages, and a cosmetic tool for the best professional effect. To top it all up, the curler comes with a lifetime warranty. So, whenever you are not happy with the product, you can contact for help, replace or return it. 

Pros & cons of Kaasage Eyelash Curler


  • It comes with five different silicone pads
  • Made with extra sturdy steel material
  • Long-lasting curls from a sustainable product
  • Lifetime warranty and easy access help service
  • The professional effect in less than 10 seconds
  • A perfect product for different hair types, ages, and races


  • An expensive product but better than cheap good drugstore eyelash curlers in quality
  • You can lose your eyelashes if you do not maintain a reasonable distance between the buffer and your hair

Get your lashes sweeping deep with this fantastic product quality performance. This quality delivery is due to certain features inputted by the brand, Japonesque, from their vision and passion for beauty. Let’s take a look at them.

This product was born out of the ingenuity of the makers. They have dug out from their pool of reputable expertise to create this fantastic product. The product work in a unique way to give curls to last you a very long time. This top eyelash curler design comes in such a way that it never pinches your hair.

The product also contains a lash pad as part of the package. This pad helps with the replacement to make the product last for a more extended period. This eyelash curler comes from the best available quality stainless steel.

This curler comes with an excellent pouch to aid the use of this product on the go. The curler can also go with you in your pocket. It comes with a lot of parts that come together to give your hair a perfect curling experience.

Pros & cons of Japonseque Eyelash Curler


  • It is an on the go quality product
  • The product produces lasting curls
  • Usage of this product gives no pinches at all
  • It has a free pad to extend curler’s life
  • This cosmetic tool is a great travel product


  • It is not returnable after purchase
  • Easily breakable if not taken carefully

Is The Shiseido Eyelash Curler worth it?

It is an undeniable fact that there is a significant need for you to take good care whenever you want to get a good eyelash curler. It is no small business getting a new lash curler. You have to be careful with this purchase.

When it was my turn to make mine, I chose the Shiseido lash curler. And from that time till now, I have never regretted getting this top eyelash curler. Some reasons endear me to this fantastic product. First off, is the excellent price of the product. The cost of this product is not enough reflection of the curler’s incredible output. The long-lasting, deep curls the product gives is way over the $20 price mark.

This Asian eyelash curler is one of the top-rated eyelash curlers due to its thrilling work rate. It is also a high curler for Asian hairs and flat faces. That does not make it a lousy product for other hair types, however. This product is by far the best eyelash curler I have used in a long time—no need to repress or reposition this curler to get the best from it.

Get the best from this highly durable product. This curler is a leader amongst other Shiseido hair products. 

How To Choose Shiseido Eyelash Curler?

When you are ready to make your choice for the Shiseido eyelash curler, watch out for these fantastic features.

  • Comfortable Price Range

A true Shiseido eyelash curler will fall within an amazingly soft price range.

  • Thrilling Packaging Quality

This product always comes with a sturdy and robust package that contains a soft refill pad.

  • The Usage Ease

Make sure that when you use this product, you do not feel any strain on your lashes or brows. Be sure the curler does not rub too roughly on you. Follow these tips also:

  • Know your kind of lashes and what it needs exactly. Go for a Shiseido hair product that satisfies these needs.
  • Your short lashes should also get curled.
  • Go for a heated curler. 

Be on the lookout for all of these parts from this fantastic Japanese eyelash curler. These features mark the curler out as the best eye curler.

How Do You Use Shiseido Eyelash Curler?

The first few times I made use of the Shiseido lash curler, I had no idea how to use it accurately. And until I got the use adequately, I was never able to work my way around it. This situation might be similar to yours. If not, maybe you might still face such a similar situation. Avoid it by following the step listed out in this best eyelash curler review.

  • Clean up the eyelash curler first, preferably with alcohol.
  • Give your entire lashes the curler touch. Start from the root to the tip of the lashes.
  • Lift the outer part of our lashes to have a higher secondary curl.
  • Lock in the created curls with a good mascara.

And there you have it! Your long-lasting Shiseido eyelash curler inspired curls.

Safety Measures While Using Shiseido Eyelash Curler

Whenever you step up to your Shiseido lash curler to use it. Ensure you follow these tips to stay safe. Remember, even before you look good, you have to be safe first.

  • Curl your eyelash first before any other step.
  • Go for the best quality that provides safety also.
  • Hold the eyelash curler properly.
  • Go through the right technique.
  • Reduce the force you apply. It is not about the r used.
  • Do not use mascara before curling.
  • Use a clean curler always.

All these tips will ensure your safety.

What I Love About The Shiseido Eyelash Curler

  • There is no pain in the upper lids. This is an important thing if the question is a lash curler. I hate my lids for having wrinkles. Besides pinching is very painful. There is a thin metal clamper to the Shiseido. As a result, it does not fold the lids over. I hope it will make you conscious.
  • The Shiseido curler has the biggest width so far I have used. It makes the curls beautiful and even the lashes. Some curlers bunch the lashes together awkwardly.
  • The rim is wide. So I can curl the outer and inner lashes by moving the curler on both sides.
  • The curls will persist for a long time, but if you use mascara, it will not drop as soon as you remove gunk.
  • It has a very comfortable gripper
  • There is an extra pad with it. It is a given one.
  • The stainless steel will remain for a long time

Care And Maintenance of Shiseido Eyelash Curler


Eyelash curlers require mascara gunk by the side of the metal jaw. The eyelashes may pull out when it sticks to the crud. Clean the curler regularly by using makeup remover to resist this issue. Make curl only before using mascara. It will resist the lashes from getting tugged out.

Most of the manufacturers suggest that you need to change the pad every six to 12 months of regular use. With the passage of time, the metal will affect or break the pad material and makes an indentation that affects the attitude of the curl.

Eyelash Curler FAQs

Do Eyelash Curlers Damage Your Facial Skin?

No, not if you use them correctly. You only damage your facial skin when you use the wrong technique or apply too much force.

What Is The Best Replacement Interval For Your Curlers?

Every product should get replaced frequently. This change will ensure that you get the best result always. For daily use of this product, change every six months.

Will Using The Curler Everyday Make My Lashes Fall Out?

It is safe always, as long as you keep it clean always. Apart from keeping it clean still, be careful with your technique and the way you handle it.

When Should I Curl My Lashes?

Curling your lashes should be the very first step. Do not curl your lashes after you have applied mascara. That will affect the result adversely.

Which Is Best? Silicone, Rubber, Or Plastic?

Go for a plastic insert to avoid having your lashes chopped out. The rubber or silicone inserts do not leave good curls most times. They even chop off your lashes most times.

Final Words & Recommendation

Nurture your eyes! They are the foundation of every great look. These eyes are the window to the heart. If you genuinely want to wear a great look, you have to go for the best eyelash curler you can find. To help you with this search, we have drafted out this Top 5 Eyelash Curler Review.

On top of that list is the leading Asian eyelash curler, the Shiseido eyelash curler. With a fantastic price, the curler gives you premium curling delivery with ease. Get yours today!

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