Awesome! Shiseido Eyelash Curler Review

An eyelash curler can lift the upper lashes and twist hair though it is a hand operated the device to make an eye-opening effect. If you like to get gently curl your lashes by using an eyelash curler, use a coat of mascara for getting a dramatic result.

Some makeup artists advise to heat up eyelash curler for ten seconds with a hairdryer to get a more dramatic result and long-lasting curls. But it may be dangerous if you use more heat. Rather than it is better to use a heated eyelash curler if the conventional curler fails to give you desired result you are looking for.

The product came to the market in 1872. The product has got heritage over 140 years. Shiseido has turned the worldwide landscape of beauty by the pioneering innovation. Our products are best as it has applied the best technology to make the product. The curler is fit for all the people of all ages.

The door of the first Western Style has opened in the year 1872. A company is doing it jobs for 140 years; It is an epic story. They are changing, growing and evolving the product. Shiseido is going forward to get the new ways to do the job which is done before. They have made the ways to feel better, live better and look better.

Who should get Shiseido Eyelash Curler?

Suppose, you are fall in love with a particular eyelash and have a good result. You need not upgrade it. Use it until the pads go worn down or do not buy a new one.

If you use rickety drugstores curlers, cheap curler, you can go for the pricier version having a comfortable handle, better padding, and good matching for your eyes shape. When your present curler is causing lash breakage, pinching, or does not reach to all points of your lashes or you would like to use one for the first time, select our curler for your eyes.

If you chose the best size and model and used them correctly, you will be looked more attractive. We hope there is no pain to process it.

How does eyelash curler work?

There are four key components in the design. Two arms are opened and near a thin, curved piece of metal.

Our experts are of the opinion that the best curler is the metal one, not the plastic curler. The metal curlers can endure more pressures, and the curl lasts for longer time. The metal jaw folds on your lashes not permanently. Think about a paper to the surface on if you put your hand to press it down, bend it over the square table, make a shape, wrap its cardboard, and simply roll it.

Several Top Rated Shiseido Eyelash Curler Review

Shiseido Eyelash Curler

Shiseido Eyelash Curler

Make curl from the root and makes it beautiful. By the help of one catches from the root makes the lashes more beautiful. There is no pinching. One squeeze is enough for board curve curl.

It has a rubber pad. Hold the root of the lashes with the eyelash curler. Move from the base to the tip, to create an angel by squeezing the lashes three times.


  • Between this and the Shuemera one, it does great work for me.
  • This is soft and lighter for the lashes that the shue one.


  • The packaging and the product are different from each other, and this is a factor

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Shiseido taiseido curler and one silicone refill pad

Shiseido taiseido curler and one silicone refill pad

The curler manages to make a curl with a few pumps. There is no curler like this in the market. This is awesome. I hope it will last for a long time.

Faith in the Tarte brand curler. I have used five curlers so far. They all broke down after using four to six months. At last, I decided to use a new one.


  • It is superior to the cheaper brands of the product
  • It can make curl to the root of the body and do not crimp lashes so simply


  • The packing of the product is worst, and the service is very great

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What I Love About The Shiseido Eyelash Curler

  • There is no pain in the upper lids. This is an important thing if the question is a lash curler. I hate my lids for having wrinkles. Besides pinching is very painful. There is a thin metal clamper to the Shiseido. As a result, it does not fold the lids over. I hope it will make you conscious.
  • The Shiseido curler has the biggest width so far I have used. It makes the curls beautiful and even the lashes. Some curlers bunch the lashes together awkwardly.
  • The rim is wide. So I can curl the outer and inner lashes by moving the curler on both sides.
  • The curls will persist for a long time, but if you use mascara, it will not drop as soon as you remove gunk.
  • It has a very comfortable gripper
  • There is an extra pad with it. It is a given one.
  • The stainless steel will remain for a long time.

Care And Maintenance of Shiseido Eyelash Curler

shiseido eyelash curler review

Eyelash curlers require mascara gunk by the side of the metal jaw. The eyelashes may pull out when it sticks to the crud. Clean the curler regularly by using makeup remover to resist this issue. Make curl only before using mascara. It will resist the lashes from getting tugged out.

Most of the manufacturers suggest that you need to change the pad every six to 12 months of regular use. With the passage of time, the metal will affect or break the pad material and makes an indentation that affects the attitude of the curl.

Final Verdict

The Shiseido Eyelash Curler possess a great curve along with a soft rubber pad. It promises that there is no twist in your lash. The curler is made to catch the lashes from the root to ensure most curl and lift as much as possible.

Besides the curler possess flatter curve than some other eyelash curlers which make ideal for all eye shapes. The reason is that it permits you to go closer to the root without pinching the skin.

The special combo deal can save you lots of money at last as it includes a total of 3 refill soft rubber pads. Some beauty mavens compare the Shiseido Eyelash Curler for the famed Shu Uemura curler as this may give better and similar result. This was proven true by many reviews on online. Along with that many reviewers told that the eyelashes remain curled longer after applying the curler compared with other products in the market.

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