Ultimate Guide to Makeup Sponges

What originated in triangle shape right back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth (or sometimes just then ), has taken on curved curvy fresh shapes and colors.

But what the hell is the difference between all of them? We requested makeup artist Ashleigh Ciucci to split it down. Here is your shorthand manual for which sponges to utilize how and when.

Avon Triangle Makeup Sponge

The triangle sponge has been a part of the very first generation of cosmetics sponges from way back when. They are disposable, so they are fantastic for the idle girl on the move (or the idle girl not moving anywhere but that simply does not wish to be bothered cleaning her makeup sponges).

They get the work done. However, the stiff lines and points may make it difficult to distribute the product evenly compared to curvier choices. “Be sure to receive it to get a more controlled program,” provides Ciucci.

Earth Therapeutics Precisso Cosmetic Blending Sponge

This curvy over-achiever is produced out of bamboo charcoal, that helps to draw out pollutants from the skin at the same time you dab and mix away.

Additionally, it has a little divot that could assist in a more precise program. “Holding from the round underside provides a milder application, whereas peeking in the form of the sponge, the program will be intense,” Ciucci states.

Jane Iredale Flocked Makeup Sponge

This is one that is fantastic for anti inflammatory products, particularly mineral makeup. “The kabuki-like brushes frequently employed for this kind of application may produce a hefty finish. This flocked sponge is very good for buffing a powdery end or dabbing on loose powder at a high-shine situation,” states Ciucci.

Beauty grinder Micro Mini

Besides being cute (it is about the size of an almond!), this little man is really quite functional. It is just like a detailer for your tiny areas around the nose and eyes.

“I have a tendency to use this when heading for a complete coverage since you are in a position to construct a perfect finish with no rough edges in those tiny places,” states Ciucci.

“It is also really good to tap cream highlighter beneath the cheekbones, brow bones, and bridge of their nose” Since the guideline also goes to your OG beauty blender, be sure to wet the sponge then stipple (beauty-speak for “scatter”) the item on. “If you do not wet the sponge prior to using it, the item sinks right into it like a dark hole,” warns Ciucci.

Beauty Blender

You have probably seen the iconic first pink colored sponge, well, everywhere. The gentle latex-free foam ball uses a smooth coating of gel, liquid, and lotion formulas leaving skin perfect rather than clumpy and coated.

However, the rainbow of colored beauty blenders currently available in naked, black, black, white, crimson, and purple are only for aesthetic purposes.

“Flesh tone goods are less observable with a sponge that is nude, as are darker foundations, bronzers, and cream dyes, which are inclined to stain the milder sponges,” states Ciucci.

“If only slightly moist, you are in a position to develop moderate to full coverage if very moist, you can find a dewy, absolute finish.”

Some of you are acquainted with the egg-shaped or colored makeup applicator or wondered. What am I supposed to do with it?

Most of you have already in makeup kit just now, stained along with the foundation.

Makeup brush is a great thing for a makeup game, our MVP of late must be the makeup sponge.

It takes all things for your morning beauty routine, and it makes blending everything a breeze if you use the right product.


In the previous years, makeup sponges came in 50 packs to the drugstores and meant no time to use. Sponges are made to exist for a longer time, each one lasts for one month.

The sponges soak up additional liquid makeup so that you do not use it over.

As you use it on your face to blend the makeup, the sponge acts to blot and feather away from the proof that you are wearing makeup.


The purpose of using face makeup is to make the skin naturally flawless.

The makeup sponges are the best way to obtain the desired result. To ensure smoother, you can use sponges along with powder makeup to make them more natural look. In some cases, you may dampen the sponge first to have a wet application.

How to Use It

How to Use a Makeup Sponge

Step 1

Before using makeup application, make the sponge wet well and squeeze out or saturated more water.

Step 2

Take a small amount of liquid on the back of your hand, dip the round end of the sponge into the makeup, and start to use it on your face.

Please do not drop or rub the sponge on your skin. Gently blot or dab the area as soon as the foundation is totally blended.

At the time of using concealer under the eyes as well as a cream blush on your cheeks. You may use the sponge to blend contouring highlighter or products.

How to Keep It Clean

There are some particular types of cleanser made for makeup sponges, but you may use a mild soap to do the work.

Keep the sponge under warm water at that time use a few drops of soap and massage the stains as long as the water comes clear.

To remove moisture roll it with a clean towel and lay it flat to dry on the towel. Keep the practice once a week and replace the sponge every couple of months.

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