When you wear mascara, your eyes tend to look more attractive! Adding volume to the eyes and giving them a proper shape. As much as I agree that mascara enhances eye beauty, it can also damage eyelashes or fake eyelashes. Eyelash also creates eye infections.

Even though eyelashes are shed more often as a result of using mascara every day, the length of the eyelashes decreases.

Are mascaras bad for natural eyelashes?  No, and yes.It’s not necessarily mascara that damages your lashes – it’s the removal that causes the damage. A makeup artist and lash expert, Saffron Hughes, says wearing mascara every day isn’t bad if you remove it properly. “Use an oil-based remover or solution when removing your mascara to prevent brittle, dry, weak lashes.” According to lash pro-Dionne Phillips, founder of D’Lashes, your best bet is to use gentle pressure. 

The pros of wearing mascara every day

There are several pros of wearing mascara every day. For one, it can make your lashes look fuller and longer. Additionally, mascara can help define your lashes and make them more noticeable. Some women also feel that mascara makes them look more awake and alert.

While there are many pros to wearing mascara every day, there are also a few cons to consider. One such downside is that everyday use can damage your eyelashes over time. If you wear mascara and your lashes fall out excessively, it is likely because of an underlying medical condition like alopecia or trichotillomania.

Mascara has been worn by humans for centuries, and while it has its benefits, doctors warn that women should ditch the stuff at least a few days a week in order to avoid harm like inflammation and infection. Additionally, expired or unused mascara can lead to loss of lashes over time.

The cons of wearing mascara every day

we know mascara is one of the most loveable things to women but wearing mascara at night should be avoided. Several preservatives in mascara can cause irritation, including parabens, sodium benzoate, and quaternion-15 (formaldehyde releaser). 

Wearing mascara during sleep can cause your eyes to dry out, and you may wake up with a puffy face.

The dye may cause an allergic reaction, or if the dye fades out before the 6-8 weeks, 

It’s best to wear it in the morning or before bedtime.

If you do want to wear mascara, make sure that you don’t apply too much.

You only need two coats on each eye.

How long does mascara last?

You might think that since mascara lasts forever, it must be safe to use every single day. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. In fact, most mascara only last about two weeks before they start to dry out and flake away. That means that after two weeks, you’ll need to reapply your mascara.

How long does mascara last?

It’s important to note that the type of mascara you buy matters, too. There are different types of mascaras available, including waterproof mascara, smudge-proof, and curl-enhancing. Each type works differently, so you’ll want to choose wisely based on which ones best suit your needs.

If you decide to continue wearing mascara every day,

Here are a few tips to keep your lashes healthy?

1) Wash your hands well before applying any makeup. This will prevent bacteria from getting into your eye area.

2) Use a clean brush to remove excess mascara. Don’t rub your eyes with a dirty brush!

3) Remove your mascara at night. Otherwise, your eyes could get irritated as the residue remains on your eyelids overnight.

4) Apply your mascara sparingly. Try to limit yourself to three coats per eye.

5) Avoid touching your eyes until your mascara has dried completely.

6) Cleanse your face thoroughly once a week to ensure that no debris gets trapped under your eyes.

7) Make sure to wash your makeup brushes regularly.

8) If you notice any irritation around your eyes, stop using mascara immediately.

9) If you have sensitive eyes, try switching brands. Some mascaras contain ingredients that can irritate sensitive eyes.

10) Finally, never wear mascara during sleep. The chemicals used in these products can actually weaken your eyelashes.

Are your eyes harmed by wearing mascara every day?

Yes, it does. Every makeup products contain chemicals. Putting those on your face every day isn’t a good idea. 

It turns out that mascara isn’t just about making your lashes appear longer. According to Dr Alexis Granite, consultant dermatologist for Kiehls since 1851, constant wear can lead to inflammation and even the loss of your eyelashes!

Are your eyes harmed by wearing mascara every day?

“Cosmetic products should never be worn around the eyes as they could irritate them and cause serious infections. “It’s important to remember that anything applied around the eye area will migrate into the eye within minutes,” explained Dr. Smith- Jayne. “Consequently, you must wash your hands before applying makeup to prevent bacteria from entering your eye.” She added: “If you wear contact lenses, it’s best to remove them before putting on makeup.”

“Mascara is a cosmetic product containing pigments, waxes, oils, alcohols, water, preservatives, gums, fragrances, and dyes. “It is designed to add volume and length to eyelashes.” Mascara contains ingredients that may cause allergic reactions, including fragrance, preservatives, and certain colors.

“They also contain chemicals that can clog pores, lead to acne, and cause other skin problems. “Some mascaras are especially fibrous and will irritant some patients and some cosmetics can disrupt the coating of tears which is supposed to cover your eye as a smooth tear film.

If this ‘tear film’ is disturbed, the tears evaporate faster and the eye becomes dry again, leading to irritation. “Despite the preservatives in the mascara, eventually the bottle will become contaminated with the bacteria living naturally on your skin one study showed 30% of mascara bottles tested had bacteria contamination after just 3 months of use.

It is important not sharing mascara and eyeliner with friends and family members. If you do, you may get an infection. These infections can cause irritation and inflammation if left untreated. You should also avoid using makeup products that you haven’t opened yourself. Not opening them means that you won’t know what bacteria might be inside.

Some bacteria will grow even when there isn’t enough moisture to support growth. The longer you leave them closed, the greater chance you’ll have of getting an infection.

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Frequently asked questions

How often should you wear mascara?

It is generally recommended that you replace your mascara every three months for optimal hygiene and healthy eyes.

What’s the Benefit of a Break From mascara?

I had almost regained control of my lengths.

Getting Rid of Mascara: What’s the Best Way?

It wasn’t long before the experts noticed I saw noticeable results from my mascara detox. “Taking a break from mascara will strengthen your lashes and increase your hair growth,” says Phillips.

Are mascaras harming your lash hair?

The damage caused by mascara is mainly caused by the removal process.

How do I remove mascara?

Take care when removing mascara or eye makeup, as daily rubbing and tugging can result in brittle, dry, weak lashes.” According to lash pro-Dionne Phillips, founder of D’Lashes, your best bet is to use oil-based eye-makeup removers. removed it with coconut oil soaked in a cotton pad. “Condition your natural lashes with castor oil while removing your mascara. Makeup that is waterproof can be easily removed with this product.

What’s the difference between wearing mascara and not?

If you remove your mascara properly, it’s not bad to wear mascara every day,” says Saffron Hughes, a makeup artist, and lash expert.

What are the most common mascara mistakes?

If you don’t remove mascara properly you can damage, strip, or pull out your natural lashes by rubbing too aggressively,” she says


Ladies love to run around with mascara we all know. But it has some consequences which you need to keep in mind. So, use it wisely.